Russian President Vladimir Putin is dying


Russian President Vladimir Putin is dying and has been suffering from and according to British newspaper Mirror, the health of Putin remains under intense scrutiny amid swirling rumors that he is critically unwell and could be set for surgery. It said, the 69-year-old leader has some kind of central nervous system condition, such as Parkinson’s. Here in this article, we are going to reveal shocking information about Vladimir Putin, which is yet to be covered by any of the international media.

Another news site named Marca quoting British tabloid The Sun said, Vladimir Putin will “soon” undergo cancer surgery and in his absence the current intelligence chief, Nikolai Patrushev would take over from the Russian leader.

Another newspaper Metro said:

“Vladimir Putin may be forced to hand over control of Russia as he disappears to have cancer surgery, a ‘Kremlin insider’ claims.

“The Russian president, 69, allegedly already delayed the operation which was scheduled for the second half of April.

“But his doctors have insisted on it happening ‘in the near future’ as ‘the course of the disease is progressing’, according to popular Telegram channel General SVR, which claims to have a well-placed source in Moscow.

“Now, Putin is said to have hurriedly nominated his hardline security council security secretary Nikolai Patrushev, 70, to take over while he is incapacitated”.

On April 1, 2022, Russian news site The Moscow Times in a report said:

A large group of doctors including a thyroid cancer surgeon had accompanied Putin on his trips to his residence in the resort city of Sochi from 2016-2019.

The Russian investigative outlet Proekt matched the dates of Putin’s official visits to Sochi or unexplained disappearances from public view with local hotel accommodation contracts published on the government procurement website to make the connection. An average of five doctors had accompanied Putin in 2016-17 and nine doctors in 2019, it said.

“Over the course of Putin’s 23-year rule, the country doesn’t know a word of truth about the physical and emotional condition of the person ruling over it,” Proekt editor-in-chief Roman Badanin said in a video

“We can affirm that by his current presidential term, the Russian leader is not in good health,” Badanin said.

According to Proekt’s investigation, a group of presidential hospital doctors, nurses and senior executives “may have performed surgery” on Putin in November 2016. At least two members of this group were later reportedly awarded and promoted.

Proekt reported that a “reinforced group” of presidential hospital neurosurgeons and other staff joined Putin to treat “a likely relapse of his trauma” in late November 2019.

“A serious manipulation is performed on a man with the nuclear button while we’re told he’s healthy,” Badanin said.

Proekt said the records showed a surgeon specializing in thyroid cancer had spent 166 days in Sochi between 2016 and 2019. This was the longest period spent there by a presidential hospital doctor with the exception of an ear, nose and throat doctor whose visits totaled 282 days.

Proekt’s report did not directly state whether Putin was diagnosed with cancer or any other illness.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov denied the report suggesting Putin, 69, had undergone surgeries for thyroid cancer.

“Fiction and untruth”, Peskov was quoted as saying by veteran journalist Alexei Venediktov on his Telegram messaging app channel.

Is Vladimir Putin critically ill or is he dying? This is the lead question in the minds of majority of the people – especially pro-Ukraine and pro-Zelensky people throughout the world. For them, here is the exact answer!

The rumor of Vladimir Putin suffering from Parkinson’s disease or cancer is a delusion of those who already are feeling frustrated at Russian force’s advantageous position in Ukraine. Their delusion is so intense that they want to get orgasm of fantasy by imagining that the Russian president is genuinely ill. This clearly reflects their bankruptcy of thoughts. Such delusions can only come from the mind of Old Joe, a person suffering from dementia for years. Old Joe and his cronies are already feeling frustrated seeing their sanctions of Russia and Russians have fallen flat, while following proclamation of sanctions, Moscow has stopped supplying gas to a number of Western nations which has already resulted in serious gas shortage. According to analysts, Russia’s suspending supply of gas to Western nations may paralyze industrial productions and cause massive sufferings to the people. Under Biden’s rule, America already is witnessing unmanageable inflation. Now suspension of gas supply from Russia will further intensify the situation.

Joe Biden and his cohorts are replicating the notorious behavior of Adolf Hitler while applying numerous forms of evil tactics in making neo-Nazis in Ukraine victorious. But, according to my assessment, as Hitler’s evil agendas had finally got bogged-down in the ocean, Bidenites ambition of defeating Russia in Ukrainian front will face a similar fate. As I have mentioned earlier, Joe Biden and his allies could not sustain Afghan Taliban jihadists, which merely has any military power of fighting a “mighty America” and its allies. How in the world Joe Biden or his allies can even dream of winning a battle against mighty Russian army? They may say, decades ago the United States won a war in Afghanistan against Soviet forces with the help of the Taliban. Well, those days are already history. Russia has strong allies such as China and India in its war in Ukraine. Moreover, America cannot continue supporting Ukrainians and neo-Nazis in that country indefinitely as Biden’s own fate will face serious challenges immediately after November’s midterm elections. Once Republicans gain majority in the Congress and Senate, first thing they are going to do is impeach Joe Biden.

For those who are still fantasizing Vladimir Putin’s illness should note, their fantasy soon will turn into nightmare with Biden’s own fate being rattled and Russian mighty army winning victory over Ukrainian neo-Nazis. Those who do not want to agree with me can take a bet.


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