Bangladesh should remain alert about fresh conspiracy centering Rohingyas


While the international community is doing nothing about repatriation of over 1.20 million Rohingyas from Bangladesh to their homeland in Myanmar, a fresh conspiracy has recently started with the nefarious agenda of finally letting these Rohingyas melt within the Bangladesh populace. It was earlier reported in the media that unscrupulous elements within the Election Commission in Bangladesh has issued NID (National ID) to more than 55 thousand Rohingyas. We are yet to know if the government took any punitive measures against those in the Election Commission and if the NIDs issued to Rohingyas had been revoked.

Now, Amnesty International and 25 organizations signed an “open letter” to Bangladesh government asking it to “stop policy of closing-down community-led schools in the Rohingya camps”. This “open letter” is part of a broader conspiracy of finally forcing Bangladesh in “integrating” illegal Rohingyas into Bangladesh society. Bangladesh should not step into such traps. Additionally, as majority of the Rohingyas are radical Muslims, it would be dangerous for Bangladesh’s national security in allowing such a huge number of people to be integrated within the society. Bangladesh already is a densely populated country, and for us, integrating Rohingyas within the society would be almost impossible.

Although Saudi newspaper Arab News has published an opinion editorial supporting Amnesty’s please of integrating Rohingyas within Bangladesh society and provided link to Amnesty International’s website page where details of the so-called open letter was published, it was later found that Amnesty International has removed that page, possibly after it realized, any process of integrating Rohingyas within Bangladesh society would be illogical.

Some Western nations as well as Pakistani scholars are making foul bids in letting Rohingyas consider Bangladesh as their “new homes”, meaning, these elements are now serving the purpose of Myanmar’s military junta or those who had committed genocide on Rohingyas in 2017. In my opinion, any party talking about integrating Rohingyas into Bangladesh society instead of sending them back to Myanmar are to be considered as puppets of Myanmar’s dictators and abettors of genocide on Rohingyas.

As the United Kingdom recently has decided to send all asylum seekers to Rwanda, we also need to shift Rohingyas in Bhashan Char and there should not be any Rohingya camp either in Chittagong or other adjacent districts. We need to remember, a large segment of Rohingyas are directly connected to militancy, terrorist, criminal activities and narco-trade. We should not let these over 1.20 million radical Muslims ultimately pose serious threat to regional security.

Our policy is – Rohingyas must go back to Myanmar. If international community will not take immediate steps in forcing Myanmar authorities in letting their Rohingya nationals return to Arakan, at one stage Bangladesh should drive-away these people and push them back to Myanmar. In such case, Bangladesh government will surely get whole-hearted support from millions of Bangladeshi nationals. We have endured enough of trouble and sufferings because of this Rohingya issue. Now it is time for us to take some serious steps, even if that sounds cruel. To us, Bangladesh is first. So, we need to send a strong signal to the international community forthwith. They must do the needful in compelling Myanmar in letting their Rohingya nationals return. Otherwise, Bangladesh will push-back these people. We can’t anymore ensure sufferings. Enough is enough!


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