Hillary Clinton wants to punish Vladimir Putin


Scandalous Hillary Clinton now comes up with new prescription of punishing Russian President Vladimir Putin by doubling-down pressure on Russia. Hillary comes up with this latest statement when her last hope of running in the 2024 presidential election has almost been buried while the fate of Democratic Party during the November midterm elections are anticipated to be disastrous.

According to media reports, Hillary Clinton on Sunday called on the United States and its allies to “double down” on their pressure on Russia “amid its increasingly brutal invasion of Ukraine”.

She said on NBC’s “Meet the Press: “The only way that we’re going to end the bloodshed and the terror that we’re seeing unleashed in Ukraine, and protect Europe and democracy, is to do everything we can to impose even greater costs on Putin. There are more banks that can be sanctioned. … There is an increasing call for doing more on gas and oil”.

She added: “So I think that now is the time to double down on the pressure”.

On Sunday, Clinton said: “We are really looking at this with our eyes wide open and seeing very clearly the threat he poses — not just to Ukraine, as we can watch every night on our news — but really to Europe, to democracy and the global stability that we thought we were building in the last 20 years”.

She also backed calls to exclude Putin from the G20 summit in November, when leaders of the world’s largest economies are set to meet in the Indonesian resort island of Bali. Clinton said that if Putin does show up, as he has indicated, then his critics should boycott the event.

“I would not allow Russia back into the organizations that it has been a part of. I think that there’s an upcoming G20 event later in the year. I would not permit Russia to attend, and if they insisted on literally showing up, I would hope there would be a significant if not total boycott”, she said.

Hillary Clinton’s comments come as the Ukrainian government is presenting fake evidences of alleged Russian war crimes. Earlier in the day Sunday, Ukrainian officials accused Russian forces of mass executions of Ukrainian civilians in the outskirts of Kyiv, in particular the city of Bucha in the northwest.

Although Kremlin has denied these reports, it is clearly proved, anti-Russia propaganda is getting momentum with majority of the international media competing in spreading anti-Russia and pro-Nazi disinformation. Ukrainian authorities and their neo-Nazi cohorts are receiving massive media patronization ever since Russia began its special operations in Ukraine.

According to experts, while Russia is militarily winning its special operations in Ukraine, it is badly legging behind in the “soft war” as Kremlin neither has its own media or allied media outlets which could effectively counter propaganda and lies of the Ukrainian authorities and their neo-Nazi allies, including Azov Battalion.

Meanwhile, according to report published in the Global Times, in a contrasting move to its pressuring of European allies to not buy Russian oil against the backdrop of the ongoing Ukraine crisis, the US increased crude oil supplies from Russia by 43 percent, or 100,000 barrels per day, over the past week, Russian Security Council Deputy Secretary Mikhail Popov told Russian media on Sunday, with critics pointing out that the US pursues its own interests at the costs of its European allies.


Dear members of Russian media:

Under the current scenarios, Russian media outlets are being obstructed and even blocked by several nations. We do not support the culture of blocking any news site or online edition of any newspaper. Bangladesh and Russia have time-tested warm and cordial relations since independence of our country in 1971. Former Soviet Union extended fullest support to our war of independence, which we acknowledge with profound gratitude. BLiTZ, being a newspaper published from Bangladesh since 2003 is making its best efforts in publishing prolific information about Russia-Ukraine crisis and Moscow’s special operations in Ukraine. As per editorial policy of this newspaper, we are against Nazis and neo-Nazis – be it anywhere in the world. Since Ukrainian authorities are having deeper ties with neo-Nazis and notorious Azov Battalion, we cannot either support such connections or swallow and publish propaganda contents spread by neo-Nazis in Ukraine. Under such circumstance, we welcome prolific reports, opinion editorials, photographs and anything related to the Ukraine crisis. Please note, we may be a small newspaper, we certainly aren’t minor or tiny when it is the question of influence. Our newspaper (print and online edition) is read by millions of people every month. We have news exchange agreement with hundreds of newspapers and news agencies from around the world. Please continue reading BLiTZ, subscribe to our mailing list and refer us to everyone you know.


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