We do not support Nazis anywhere in the world


For almost two decades, this newspaper has been vigorously confronting Nazis, anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial and radical Islamic militancy, and terrorism. Our editorial policy is – we do not support Nazis anywhere in the world. That is one of the main reasons, we have been consistently exposing the ugly agendas of Ukrainian president Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelensky alias Zelensky’s extreme intimacy with neo-Nazis, especially the Azov Battalion and other terrorist devils, which have united under his leadership with the nefarious agenda of spreading terror throughout the bordering nations of Ukraine and the world. Many people are making frantic bids in buying sympathy for Volodymyr Zelensky by projecting him as the “Jewish Superman” or a Jew. But, with our experience, we are aware of plenty of Jews in this planet who are actively working as the worst enemies of Jews and the State of Israel. For Zelensky, we cannot and should not show sympathy to him just because he bears a Jewish name. We need to understand who are his cohorts in confronting Russia’s special operations in Ukraine. We have to realize, Zelansky’s behavior is extremely disturbing as if he bears the rotten soul of Hitler in him.

During these weeks of Russia’s special operations in Ukraine, we are observing cruel media offensives against President Vladimir Putin and other officials and policymakers in Kremlin. Although Moscow is military in advantageous position in Ukraine, it has been greatly failing is countering the ongoing media offensives, propaganda and lies. Currently, major segment of the international media is engaging in demonizing Russia, while domestic media outlets in Russia, such as RT, TASS and others are being suffocated and their voices are being unheard outside Russia.

Most importantly, US president Joe Biden and majority of the members of his administration are busy in falsely glorying Zelensky and showing Russia’s special operations in Ukraine as an “invasion”. What we need to understand, for Biden, Ukraine is an important issue which would help him in avoiding the possible humiliating defeat of the Democratic Party during the November midterm elections, as well hiding Biden administration’s failures in tackling the ongoing economic crisis.

According to media reports, skyrocketing inflation brought on by Joe Biden’s economic policies will cost American households an additional US$5,200 in 2022.

“Inflation will mean the average US household has to spend an extra US$433 per month compared to last year for the same consumption basket”, wrote Bloomberg economists Andrew Husby and Anna Wong.

In the US, inflation reached a 40-year high in January, accelerating to a 7.5 percent annual rate.

According to the Bloomberg economic team, “accelerated depletion of savings will increase the urgency for those staying on the sidelines to join the labor force, and the resulting increase in labor supply will likely dampen wage growth”.

Biden’s economic policies are hitting low-income Americans the hardest. Such households have the least savings to cushion against rising prices, and wage growth is set to slow as the workforce continues to grow from pandemic lows. Even if a worker experienced a 10 percent growth in wages, food and energy inflation could completely offset the raise, the Bloomberg economists said.

Inflation gauges, such as the Consumer Price Index — which measures what consumers pay for goods and services — have already recorded prices soaring at the highest rate since 1982.

This January’s rate of 7.5 percent topped December’s 7 percent annual rate, with both figures well above the 1.8 percent annual rate for inflation in 2019 during the Trump administration.

Due to failed economic policy of Joe Biden, prices have increased sharply for several everyday household items, including food, cars, housing and electricity.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) found that food prices in January reached record highs. This was according to the Food Price Index, which has increased by 20.7 percent since February 2020, according to a report which was submitted before the conflict in Ukraine expanded.

Food and energy costs, which includes gasoline and home heating, account for US$2,200 of 2022’s inflation, the Bloomberg Economics team said.

On March 24, Biden warned that food shortages could be imminent as a result of sanctions imposed on Russia by the US and its allies. Biden made the remarks during a press conference at a NATO summit in Brussels.

“With regard to food shortage, yes we did talk about food shortages, and it’s gonna be real”, Biden said following a meeting with multiple world leaders. Biden went on to say that the sanctions would cause hardships for Americans in addition to Russia. “The price of sanctions is not just imposed upon Russia”, he continued. “It’s imposed upon an awful lot of countries as well, including European countries and our country as well”.

It may be mentioned here that, Russia and Ukraine produce 25 percent of the global wheat supply, according to the Observatory for Economic Complexity. While neither of these countries export wheat to the US directly, their absence from the global market is expected to strain supply and push prices higher.

For the survival of Joe Biden, a man with sinking approval ratings, keeping the Ukraine crisis alive is one of the key elements. Biden would not let neo-Nazis defeated in Ukraine and success of Russia’s special operations. The way he has been appeasing the Iranian rogue mullah regime, Biden is not desperately playing the Ukraine card thus pushing the world towards the risk of a WW3.


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