Acting is life and passion for Anamika Juthi


In small screen Anamika Juthi though is now a regular face, she still waits for getting better scope in her passion for acting. According to her Facebook profile, Juthi is an actress, entrepreneur and model. As an entrepreneur, she runs an e-commerce business named ‘Tukri Bazar’. Currently Juthi is spending busy schedule as local entertainment industry is busy in making dramas eyeing on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr, which will take place in May this year.

About her future plans and dreams, Anamika Juthi told this correspondent, “Acting is my life and passion. Moreover, it is my main profession. By now I have worked in dozens of single-episode dramas and TV serials and feel fortunate of getting opportunity of working with many famous and talented directors as well as popular artists”.

In response to a question about being occupied with her acting profession, why she has also decided to run her own business, Anamika Juthi said, “I think many of the artists like me do sometimes suffer from financial insecurity, especially we have witnessed a real nightmare during the pandemic. Although the pandemic is no more a big concern in Bangladesh as it has been greatly contained through vaccination and health consciousness, I think, it will take some more time for the local entertainment industry to overcome the challenges posed by this pandemic. This pandemic has taught us a great lesson of surviving under extreme adversities. Now, with a family and children, I do want to at least ensure, my family does not suffer even if my acting career sees any more challenges in the future”.

When reminded, Bangladesh entertainment industry is seeing a possible boom with local and international OTT platforms releasing Bangla contents in an increased volume, Anamika Juthi said, “I think, for OTT platforms, it may take another one or two years to emerge as an alternative or addition to the TV channels and digital platforms such as YouTube channels. Currently, viewers and sponsors are showing more interest in YouTube channels for multiple reasons. This is a time when YouTube channels will see a real prospect and may be boom. But for OTT platforms, it will take some time”.


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