House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy pledges a plethora of probes


House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is pledging a plethora of probes if Republicans retake control of the chamber after November’s midterm elections, which many political analysts expect will happen based on surveys and President Joe Biden’s tumbling approval ratings. Writes Jon Dougherty

According to the Daily Caller, which was provided a list of priorities noted by the California Republican, Biden’s Justice Department, Education Department, and current COVID-19 policies “are prime targets.”

“We have already sent preservation notices and document requests and will be ready on day one to use the various tools at our disposal to get the answers Americans are demanding,” a spokesperson for McCarthy’s office told the outlet, which added:

McCarthy’s office cited “politically motivated actions by the DOJ” and the Department of Education’s “collusion with the school board association to target parents as domestic terrorists” as oversight priorities. The entirety of President Joe Biden’s covid response is also on the table. McCarthy plans to pursue answers on the origins of covid, failures in the Biden’s testing regime and continuing school closures, and the refusal of Biden health officials to accept natural immunity in its guidance.

“Biden protects liberal activists but turns a blind eye to rising crime. Biden has opened the border, supported mandates that have hurt students in the classroom and parental rights, allowed Big Tech to silence conservatives, and has overseen leaks of private information on American citizens under his watch,” McCarthy told the Daily Caller.

In addition to the aforementioned areas of interest, McCarthy’s office said Republicans will also examine Biden’s border policies “that have led to record illegal immigration and crime along the border” as well as the actual number of Americans who were left behind in Afghanistan thanks to “decisions” that also led to a “botched Afghanistan withdrawal” resulting in the loss of 13 members of the U.S. military.

McCarthy’s office rounded out the top end of the list with pledges to investigate border policies “that have led to record illegal immigration and crime along the border” as well as how many Americans were left behind by the “decisions” that led to the “botched Afghanistan withdrawal” and 13 dead service members.

“Democrats in Congress have skirted real accountability for too long while shielding this Administration from answering the tough questions,” the spokesperson told the Daily Caller.

In addition, according to the plan McCarthy has drawn up, Republicans will also target big tech and corporate America, both of which are seen “as attacking free speech, going woke, or cozying up to China.

“Joe Biden promised to unite the country, but instead he has done everything in his power to divide Americans, go after his political opponents, and cover-up for his failures – both at home with a costly economic policy that has grown deficits and inflation and abroad with the disastrous withdrawal in Afghanistan,” McCarthy told the Daily Caller.

The minority leader went on to rip the president over several other issues including an alleged unwillingness to address the spike in violent crime around the country, the ongoing border crisis, runaway inflation, and vaccine mandates.

“Furthermore, he’s ignored the origins of COVID and holding the Chinese government accountable while government-imposed mandates burden our economy and crush our way of life,” the California Republican continued.

“The American people deserve answers from an Administration that is not being held to account by one-party rule in Congress. A Republican majority would use every tool at our disposal for aggressive accountability of Biden’s failures because Americans need Washington to work for them, and not the other way around,” he noted further.

The Daily Caller also noted that under House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), Democrats are bending and breaking rules to protect Biden: “McCarthy’s office mentioned Democrats blocking Republicans’ ability to offer resolutions of inquiry, which is a procedural tool that goes back to the first Congress that can be used to get information from the Executive Branch. McCarthy’s office told the Caller that Democrats have used the blockade on this tool 17 times, to a total number of over 600 days now.”


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