Film actress Tanha Tasnia sees huge prospect in OTT platforms


Tahha Tasnia, an emerging film and drama actress in Bangladesh is known for her dedication, skill and glamour in the entertainment industry in the country. Several years ago, Tanha Tasnia Islam, who is known in the media as Tanha Tasnia began her journey through her debut movie Bhola to Jayna Tare, which was directed by Rafiq Sikder. On her initial success, she also was cast in Shafiq Hassan’s film Dhumketu and popular filmmaker Zakir Hossain Raju’s Bhalo Theko. Now this film actress has also started working in dramas, while she is also getting offers for web films and web series, which are being made for local, regional and international OTT platforms. She is looking for her regular presence in films, dramas and OTT contents.

Being a film actress, Tanha Tasnia thinks, Bangladeshi film industry has a bright future, with the rise of OTT platforms, where a large number of film producers from Hollywood and Bollywood are already releasing their movies and experiencing good return. She said, while Bangladeshi film industry requires lots of cineplexes throughout the country, the film industry can also focus on releasing movies on local and international OTT platforms.

She said, “Bangladeshi films need to get wider market in the international arena and I believe, Bangla movies have a great potential, once those are released on OTT platforms with multi-lingual sub-titles”.

She said, “While local OTT platforms are gradually becoming popular amongst the movie, web film and web series spectators in particular, several Indian OTT platforms such as Zee5 and HoiChoi are gaining popularity in this country. I have heard, few more Indian platforms as well as international OTT platforms such as Netflix, Amazon etcetera are actively considering buying contents from Bangladesh. This is truly a praiseworthy initiative and a very positive news particularly for our film industry”.

It may be mentioned here that, a number of leading production companies in Bangladesh have already modernized their technical facilities eyeing on the local and international OTT platforms. Bangladesh’s pioneer production company and content provider Crown Entertainment has acquired sophisticated cameras, editing panels, technical equipment, while it has also modernized its existing dubbing and sound recording studios to cope with the demand of the OTT platforms. The company already has entered into technical collaboration with foreign experts for offering color-grading and coloring services especially to the local film industry and OTT platforms. The company in a statement said, during 2022, it is taking preparations for producing hundreds of dramas along side large number of web series, web films and full-length feature films. It may be mentioned here that, during 2020-2021, Crown has produced more than 500 Bangla dramas, which had been aired on leading television channels and released on YouTube channels.

When asked, if Tanha Tasnia’s current engagements in drama may keep her aloof from the films, she said, “Currently there isn’t much things to do in the film industry. So, I want to keep myself busy in the drama industry. Moreover, I believe, an actress should not just stick to any particular segment of the showbiz. We need to remember; this is the age of OTT platforms and YouTubes channels.  We need to cope with this advancement of technology. Just what we need is – to give our best efforts in whichever segment of the showbiz we do engage ourselves. Most importantly, I don’t believe, a film actress should not work in drama”.


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