Michelle Obama rants like an aspiring dictator


In the latest bulletin from her ‘When We All Vote’ organization, Michelle Obama rants stating “we must give Congress no choice”, after Democrats, the house of Islamists, socialists and fascists spuriously warned of a “threat to democracy” from Republicans. But in reality, it is Democrats who are the real threat to democracy and even America’s sovereignty.

Michelle Obama’s letter threatens to “organize at least 100,000” people to “contact their Senators, calling on them to do everything they can to pass the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act”. Commenting on such threats from Michelle Obama, political analysts said, considering the violent results of past leftist pressure campaigns on the Senate and House, leading to surges of death threats, and the aggressive harassment of even moderate Senate Dems like Manchin and Synema during the recent coup efforts, there’s little doubt that mobilizing 100,000 leftist extremists for a campaign that falsely accuses opponents of being a threat to democracy risks more death threats, harassments, and even possible acts of violence.

Michelle also promises that her organization and its radical allies will register more than a million new voters and “recruit thousands of lawyers to protect voters in the states where the freedom to vote is threatened”.

The Freedom to Vote Act would be a federal coup against federalism, overriding local voters and putting the power in the hands of federal judges to draw their own electoral maps.

The FVA coup would allow leftist activists to quickly appeal maps to federal judges and then instruct courts to put their own maps “temporarily” into place. Just to make sure that the maps would go their way, the appeals would go through the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Meaning, the FVA would also enable massive amounts of voter fraud by outlawing voter ID, forcing same-day voter registration, and mandating ‘no excuse’ mail ballots that could be counted up to a week after the election was over.

Michelle Obama and the Dems keep invoking John Lewis and segregation, but as the Supreme Court found in the decision that struck down the permanent civil rights emergency in which states had to get approval to run their own elections from the feds after, “data from the most recent election indicate that African-American voter turnout exceeded white voter turnout in five of the six States… with a gap in the sixth State of less than one half of one percent”.

So, Michelle Obama and her Democratic Party cronies are not actually talking about the “right to vote”, instead they want exclusive and unstoppable right to blatantly commit voter fraud while suppressing any statewide efforts to maintain voter integrity. Through this statement, Michelle Obama has proved, Democrats are not willing to accept defeats this November when a large number of Congressional seats will go in favor of Republican candidates. They also are plotting high-conspiracy to steal the 2024 election and remain in power eternally.


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