Yasser Arafat was not Palestinian but Egyptian


Yasser Arafat was not Palestinian but Egyptian. He referred to himself as a Palestinian refugee but spoke Arabic with an Egyptian accent. He was born in Cairo, studied at the University of Cairo lived in Cairo and served in the Egyptian army . His real name was Mohammed Abdel Rahman Abdel Raouf Arafat al – Qudwa al- Husseini. The name itself is from what is now Saudi Arabia and the family settled in Egypt. As Arafat himself wrote in his revealing autobiography.

“If there is any such thing as a Palestinian people, it is I, Yasser Arafat who created them”.

Abdullah al -Yafi, Prime Minister of Lebanon in the journal Al-Hayat , April 29th 1966.

“The day for the realization of the Arab hope for the return of the refugees to Palestine means the liquidation of Israel”.

In 1967 the Arab League at the Khartoum Conference determined that there should be “No negotiations with Israel, no recognition of Israel, and no peace treaty with Israel”.

Clearly these aspects of the Arab – Israel conflict have been purposely ignored by Israel’s enemies and not given exposure by Israel’s supporters. The former I understand, the latter remains a mystery. There was an absolute intensity over the airwaves by Arab leaders leading up to the Arab invasion of 1948 commanding the Arab population to leave Jewish areas or be treated like traitors after the expectation that the Arab armies would drive the Jews into the sea. Simultaneously there was a parallel intensity from the Jewish leadership pleading with that same population to remain.

The Economist, though at the time an anti-Zionist journal, reported on October 2nd 1948….”…there is but little doubt that the most potent of the factors were the announcements over the air by the Higher Arab Executive, urging the Arabs to quit. It was clearly intimated that those Arabs who remained …would be regarded as renegades”.

How has history been revised to determine that the Jews ethnically cleansed the Arab population of Palestine?

The Double Exodus Report noted that in terms of numbers the Arab refugees from Palestine ranked in thirteenth position of refugee’s movements between 1948 and 1970.

India, Pakistan, Germany, Korea, Nigeria, Vietnam, and Jews from Arab countries all experienced through warfare higher refugee numbers. The report noted that the Arab Palestinian refugee issue was notably different in that all the other countries had through moral decency, pragmatism and political necessity integrated their refugees. The Arab countries had purposely refused to integrate the Palestinian Arabs even though the vast majority originated from those very same Arab countries now denying them safe passage.

The report also noted that Jews ethnically cleansed from Arab countries, successfully integrated within the fledgling Jewish State was at least twice the number of Arabs being refused entry into Arab countries who were being left as political pawns and extremely useful idiots by their Arab leaders. To this very day this remains the position although as Israel’s relationships with Sunni Arab nations are on an unstoppable, upward trajectory the Palestinian cause is now in the hands of the extremist Shia block – Hezbollah, Iran and the duplicitous Hamas.

How can a multiracial democracy like Israel ever hope to achieve peace with neighbors who teach their children to hate during thrice daily repetition and learning of Charters, shown below which replicate the manifestos of 1930’s Nazi Germany?

The above synopsis provides sufficient evidence to verify that the overwhelming majority of today’s Palestinians are not indigenous to the landmass they claim but are descendants of Arabs who populated the area to improve their living standards brought about by Zionism.

Moreover, there is sufficient evidence to prove that the Palestinian refugee issue was created and maintained by an Arab leadership intent on Jew extermination and having failed in that objective used the Arab immigrants, or the renamed Palestinians, as useful idiots in a political strategy, still ongoing to claim more land.

In previous posts I have debunked both the religious and legal claims of the Palestinians to the land they wish to occupy. All this is still insufficient for Israel’s enemies, the political left, the far right, anti-Semites and the anti-Zionists. They have no need nor reason to educate themselves on the facts as age old Jew hatred takes precedence.

Let’s end with another bit of false narrative that has morphed into fact. According to any Palestinian output, duplicated over and over again by Palestinian supporters there are currently 7.2 million Palestinian refugees. The pamphlet ‘FAQ’s Abut Palestinian Refugees’ by the Al -Awda organization is the first document that appears if one googles this subject. The same source also indicates that there were originally 737,166 Palestinians as a result of ethnic cleansing and elimination and let us repeat that the current Palestinian population is 7.2 million. These statements can be found on Pages 1 and 2 of the documents. To a casual reader and not a disciplined researcher these numbers appear remarkable. Not only are they lies but they are impossible by any standards of human reproduction, even without the absurd contention of the ethnic elimination statistics. Let me explain.

The propaganda leaflet I refer to mathematically claims that the Palestinian refugee population has multiplied by a factor of nearly 10 during a seventy-year period starting in 1948. One assumes that had ‘ethnic elimination ‘ not been a factor the multiple would have been a factor of ten plus, twelve to fifteen times perhaps.

On the same basis, and without any ethnic cleansing, let’s review what the populations of other areas would be if the inhabitants were as abundantly reproductive as the Palestinians during the last seventy years .

New York city census in 1950 was 7.9 million so if Palestinians had inhabited NY it would now have a population of nearly eighty million people. The population is currently 8.42 million.

The population of the United Kingdom in 1948 was 49.4 million but if inhabited by Palestinians would be nearly 500 million. The current population is 66.5 million.

Let’s calculate similar population growth for an Arab country. Morocco in 1950 had a population of nine million and had the Morocco reproduced at a similar rate to the Palestinians their population would not be the current 37 million but ninety million.

The Palestinians in terms of human reproduction are certainly the masters of this particular craft and after all the suffering perpetrated upon them, they still have plenty of time for sex. One can only speculate how many Palestinians there would currently be had the invading Arab armies been victorious in 1948.

No matter the truth, the anti-Jewish mob will never see it but only use the lies and propaganda of those with a similar ideology to spread their antisemitism. Let’s also be clear by supporting the Palestinian cause and their objectives as identified in their Charters pro Palestinianism is de facto antisemitism and puppets Nazism.

Dear readers, Blitz is neither an Israeli State nor Jewish owned or sponsored publication. It is an independent journal which has been publishing the truth under extreme adversities since 2003 – Peter Baum

Next Installment: Where were the Palestinians between the first century and 1948?

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Peter Baum
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