Donald Trump says, Christmas is for everyone


While Donald Trump says, Christmas is for everyone – Christians, Jews and Muslims, Indonesian popular Muslim cleric’s Instagram site publishes poster blaming Christmas for “natural disaster”.

In an interview by US TV presenter Mike Huckabee former President Donald Trump claimed he brought back saying “Merry Christmas” and that Jewish and Muslim people love the holiday as much as Christians.

The interview, which aired on the Trump-friendly right-wing cable channel Newsmax, focused on Huckabee lavishing praise on Trump for getting people to say “Merry Christmas” again after an alleged period of time when people supposedly did not.

At the start of the clip, Huckabee says people stopped saying “Merry Christmas” as a greeting – probably a reference to major corporations and some individuals choosing to use “happy holidays” as a more inclusive greeting for people who are not religious or are not Christian – and then congratulates Trump for allegedly convincing people to say it again.

Donald Trump agrees that “the country had started with this woke” idea that he claims stopped people and corporations from using the Christmas greeting.

“It was embarrassing for these stores to say Merry Christmas, you’d have these big chains that want your money but they don’t want to say Merry Christmas,” Trump says.

Meanwhile, in January 2021, a poster is circulating on social media that is claimed to have originated from the preacher Imam Syuhada Al Iskandar Binmadhi, alluding to the Christmas celebration and a number of natural disasters occurring in Indonesia.

The post allegedly originating from Imam Syuhada was also shared by social media activist Permadi Arya, or as he is familiarly known, Abu Janda.

In a tweet on Twitter, Tuesday, January 19, 2021, Abu Janda gave his comments on the contents of the poster.

According to him, the poster, allegedly uploaded by the Instagram account Imamsyuhada official, had hurt non-Muslims.

In addition, Abu Janda considered Imam Syuhada’s studies often hurt others and attacked other religions.

“I don’t accept being called radical, but Islam has always been used to attack other religions. I don’t accept being called intolerant, but his studies always hurt other people. I do not accept being called a terrorist, but his hobby is terrorizing other people. Are people called the source of a disaster during religious holidays?” Tweeted Abu Janda.

In the contents of the poster distributed by Abu Janda, you can see the name Imamsyuhada official Instagram and Youtube Imam Syuhada Official.

“Why are there so many natural disasters after Christmas?,” read the contents of the poster.

At the bottom of the poster, the prayers and hopes of Instagram user Imam Syuhada Official are written regarding the natural disasters that are currently assailing parts of Indonesia.

“O Allah, keep us above the Hidayah Tauhid & Sunnah. Save us in this World and the Hereafter. Amen,” wrote Imam Syuhada Official.

Palestinian mega-terror outfit Hamas opposes Christmas

More Islamic supremacist bigotry and intolerance, as Leftists continue to ignore this global scourge, and focus instead on their obsession about “white supremacy.”

Kulab says that divisions have developed in Muslim countries over Christmas: “This culture has entered our Muslim countries and erases Islamic identity and faith. It changes the behavior of our children and contaminates their immaculate faith. In addition, the Holy Quran encourages us to dissent against the dwellers of Hellfire, the Jews and the Christians.”

Dedicated jihadists and Islamic supremacist condemn the Christian tradition and often escalate violence against Christians during the Christmas season, viewing Christmas as a threat. Yet Christmas festivities have now reached Saudi Arabia, despite clerics such as Kulab.

In a December 19, 2020 broadcast on Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas-Gaza), Ahmad Kulab, the Head of the Department for Training of Preachers in Hamas’ Ministry of Religious Endowments, warned against Muslim participation in Christmas celebrations. He said that it is forbidden for Muslims to congratulate Christians on their holidays, explaining that this would be denial of Islamic faith. Kulab added that Christian holiday celebrations must be restricted to Christian homes or places of worship. He also said that the image of Santa Claus constitutes an invasion of Muslim countries, and that it glorifies early Christian missionaries.

According to media report, notorious Islamist preacher and jihad promoter Zakir Naik, who is on run from the law enforcement authorities in India has recently made a bizarre commentary stating any Muslim withing Merry Christmas would rot in hell. But of course, moderate Muslim nations such as Bangladesh are not paying any heed to such nefarious remarks. Instead in Bangladesh, Christmas is a public holiday and is celebrated by people of every faith.


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