United Nations instigates Mexicans to gain refugee status in the US


The United Nations and other governmental and non-governmental organizations are providing illegals with what is essentially a how-to manual for attaining refugee status in the United States, a report said.

Spanish-language pamphlets and materials from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the Mexican government, and other organizations were found discarded by migrants trekking toward the U.S. southern border, according to Wid Lyman of the immigration news aggregate website Border Hawk.

The report said, Border Hawk reporter Wid Lyman recently traveled to Acuña, Mexico, an entry point for illegal immigrants entering the United States, and discovered United Nations pamphlets among packets that instructed migrants how to make their way to the United States, then enter the the country under an often false claim of refugee status.

Lyman said most migrants do not fit the United States’ definition of a refugee.

Lyman told National File in an interview that he found the pamphlets near Acuña, Mexico, a key entry point for illegals.

“It was shocking, they’re coached, they’re well-funded, they’re well organized,” Lyman said.

“The UN Refugee Agency is promoting, helping, and funding a lot of these migrants to cross,” said Lyman, who said he recorded video as he discovered several UN pamphlets abandoned in piles of trash.

Also among the piles of trash, human waste, and discarded documents, Lyman said he found government identification cards from as far away as Haiti and Senegal.

“This was a small area, we did not cover a large square mile. To see that much in a small area was telling,” Lyman said.

National File editor-in-chief Tom Pappert interviewed Wid Lyman of immigration news aggregate website Border Hawk this week, and Lyman explained that the pamphlets were found in large piles of refuse discarded by illegal immigrants as they trek toward the United States.

“Then you notice on the ground, physically, the piles of trash, waste, human waste, animal waste, I mean it’s littered all across the Rio, which is a beautiful river,” said Lyman.

“It’s all kinds of trash, it’s documents, it’s paraphernalia that they need to cross, it’s shoes, it’s clothing, and it was truly shocking [to see] the volume.” He added, “I’ve been to a lot of U.S. cities, and I don’t think I’ve seen anything quite like that.”

When asked what sort of illegal immigrant crosses to the United States via Acuña, Lyman explained that while it is difficult to know, he and his team found at least one “packet” that contained information geared toward those seeking refugee status.

“In one of the packets we found was a way to communicate and what to say about how to be a refugee, what constitutes that [status].”

Lyman explained that the packets contained Spanish-language pamphlets and materials from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the Mexican government, and other governmental, international, or nongovernmental organizations aimed at helping would-be refugees enter the United States.

He added that most migrants do not fit the United States’ definition of a refugee, thus making the documents useless except to those seeking to illegally enter the United States under false pretenses.


  1. The parts to the puzzle all fit if we know what we are looking for.
    The U.N. is a component of the NWO globalists conspiracy.
    The New World Order is really the Western European Old World Order updated; in new clothes.
    The Old World Order of western Europe has largely been the center of world power for the last 500 years, overrunning; looting large parts of the world while building Empires.
    The financial system that had fueled these overseas adventures was; is, The Reserve Banking System.
    The Financial system is collapsing; if the collapse was allowed to continue the Old World Order would collapse with it.
    The Old World Order is represented in their conspiracies by the World Economic Forum which meets in Davos Switzerland!
    Their public organs are the UN; the EU.
    The Old World Order, to survive as they are as elites, are depending upon their ‘Great Reset’.
    Which is to take over the world; destroy the old nation states with a new financial, political order to reduce the world’s population by Billions.
    To succeed they must destroy America that brings us back to the original issue of millions of illegals crossing from Mexico into the USA.
    They seek to destroy America by flooding it with 3rd world people!


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