Hillary Clinton predicts Donald Trump will win in 2024


Hillary Clinton predicts that former President Donald Trump will again seek the White House in 2024 and will win the election. “He seems to be setting himself up to do that”, she told the ‘Sunday Today’ host Willie Geist.

Hillary Clinton — in an NBC interview that was released in its entirety Sunday — predicted that former President Donald Trump would seek the presidency in 2024 and said victory by him “could be the end” of US democracy.

Donald Trump defeated Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, winning the Electoral College 304-227.

Hillary Clinton, who lost the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008 to Barack Obama before becoming the party’s nominee in 2016, was defeated by Trump, although much ahead of the election day, Hillary and her supporters began celebrating her “victory”.

Clinton expressed frustration about Donald Trump running for presidency in 2024 as she and her Democratic Party colleagues believe, with the massive failures of Joe Biden and sinking approval ratings of him and Kamala Harris, Donald Trump is gradually emerging as the must winner in 2024.

Another source said, Hillary Clinton herself is expressing eagerness of running for presidency in 2024 with nomination from the Democratic Party, while majority of the key policymakers of the party believe, Hillary Clinton is not a real competitor to Donald Trump. Others say, Bernie Sanders may be rather a better choice as the Democratic Party nominee, although according to practice, Joe Biden should re-run for presidency in 2024 if his health condition does not further deteriorate.

A shameless Hillary Clinton is not willing to admit the failures of Joe Biden and his administration. Instead, she has started spreading self-cooked scare-crow stories about the next presidency of Donald Trump or any other candidate from the GOP.

While Hillary Clinton is trying to emerge as Democratic Party’s political pundit and one of the strongest-possible candidates for 2024, should Joe Biden’s tenure abruptly end, no one is talking about her email scandals as well as her indirect bribery through the controversial and fraudulent Clinton Foundation.


  1. But Trump said for no Republicans to vote in 2024. What a joke. Does anyone believe a word that comes out of Killary’s mouth?


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