Palestinians and their supporters get high on black American grief


Like drug addicts need their regular fix to satisfy their highs, Palestinians and their supporters require news items linked to human tragedy in order to achieve similar objectives. The Palestinian support base obtain their orgasms from human tragedy entirely disconnected to their geopolitics.

Provided the cameras are rolling and publicity can be globally guaranteed, the Palestinian mob and their puppet supporters will be out in force. They care nothing about the grief of their victims nor the tragic events to which they link their Nazi type ideology, just as long as they can leverage on the emotional grief of others. In a crude and obvious strategy Palestinian supporters planned that Palestinian flags ubiquitously smothered media coverage of both the Floyd and Rittenhouse cases.

What had the death of George Floyd and the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse to do with Islamic fundamentalism or the demonization of the Jewish State of Israel? The simple and truthful answers are absolutely nothing at all. Palestinian supporters however recognized an opportunity to use both individuals, their families and victims as propaganda pawns.  Attempting to connect domestic American events with geopolitical issues of little or of no interest to the majority of the American public was typical of the excremental standards we have come to associate with the Palestinian support base.

By all accounts George Floyd and his family were from a church going, Christian background where gospel music was a daily ritual. And herein lies the irony, the paradox and the nauseating hypocrisy of the flag waving Palestinian supporters which was neither recognized by the media nor either through ignorance or inertia. The Palestinian ideology is totally supportive of Islamists inflicting atrocities on indigenous black Africans and this needs explanation.

We could not help but follow the George Floyd trial given the saturation reporting mainstream media devoted to the videoed events leading up to his death and the subsequent trial. Undoubtedly the issue resonated with the British public although much of the commentary and reporting from British journalists and commentators was puerile, unintelligent and uninformed. The British press, especially the BBC mostly are lacking in comprehension and sensitivity regarding domestic US issues . The standout photographical reporting was the waving of Palestinian flags which were absurdly unconnected, inappropriate and mocking the American public especially black Americans. On this ever-present feature mainstream media were silent, unable to comprehend the dysfunctional immorality of the flag waving mob. Social media was different, debating the pros and cons of how the racist Palestinians had been so egregiously opportunistic.

There are times and places where unlinked protests to a specific event occur but are still morally unacceptable and this usually happens at a counter demonstration .The numerous Palestinian flags identified during news reports of the Floyd trial mocked both the victim and his family and was a calculated, crude effort to deflect from a US domestic issue to an issue the vast majority of Americans have no knowledge of and more importantly do not want to know about.

Much has been penned and debated about the events immediately prior to and after his death but no attention if any paid to his early life and how Christianity was very much a part of it. The semi biographies and articles I have read regarding Mr. Floyd make it abundantly clear that Christianity was an ever present within Floyd family life. Although he morphed into unchristian activity was indeed a personal and disappointing failure as victims of his crimes could validate. However, usurping his Christian upbringing in the nauseating characterization that Palestinian Islamic extremism is an obvious alternative was to mock American values especially of those born into Christianity as a source of hope and religious conscience.

How sickening, how disgusting, how typical and how morally indecent then that the death of George Floyd has been used as a propaganda weapon to promote Islamic terrorism, fundamentalism and Jew hatred by a minority group of Americans supporting Palestinian Nazism as identified within their Charters.

There are two Palestinian Charters, the Palestinian National Charter of 1968 and the Palestinian Hamas Charter of 1988. Both are still current and included within the daily Palestinian school curriculum forming a major part of the education narrative which perversely is funded by Congress. Naturally both charters demand Jew extermination but also subservience to Islam, or death, of all other races and religions. I don’t think Mr. Floyd and his family ever contemplated being killed if they did not comply with the Palestinian interpretation of Sharia law.

Now I assume George Floyd’s family have neither converted nor are currently subservient to Islam and therefore according to the Palestinian Charters their fate is that of all of us who are ethnically non-Palestinian and refuse to be cowered into Palestinian Islamic ideology.

Dressing and identifying Mr. Floyd in a Kefiah , a Yasser Arafat type scarf on murals and  cartoons , exposes Mr. Floyd as a Palestinian Muslim and his death has been used by Palestinians as an unsubtle, mocking, untruthful characterization  connecting him with an ideology which demands death for any not converting to Islam . Maybe Mr. Floyd’s supporters should protest at this despicable caricature that the Palestinian supporters have depicted of him in their propaganda exercise.  Incredibly mainstream media, through ignorance, inertia or both have not commented on the absurd Palestinian Islamic characterization of a black, non-Muslim American

George Floyd was born into a black Christian family, given a church service at The Fountain of Praise Church and buried at the Houston Memorial Gardens. Islamic, Palestinian fundamentalism is diametrically opposite to the Floyd family traditions and the attempt to connect this black family’s grief to the grotesque Palestinian cause should be challenged.

The perseverance to link this man’s death with an unchristian let alone an Islamic cause is the height of moral indecency and just exposes the basest levels that Palestinians and their supporters will stoop to promote their propaganda.

The paradox regarding the Floyd reporting is that Islamic extremism has been the enemy of black Americans as evidenced by the genocide, slavery, apartheid and racism still being practiced in African Muslim countries on indigenous, non-Muslim black Africans. I have written many articles about the atrocities committed on Africans in the name of Islam. As the Palestinian Charters are determined to maintain this barbarity, isn’t it about time the black American community made their voices heard and challenged the Palestinians and their supporters so intent on killing non-Muslim, black Africans and thus mocking black Americans? Will the Black Lives Matter movement finally react against those who are perpetrating such atrocities on those of similar ethnicity or will political cowardice ensure their silence is maintained? And silence is assent.

Similarly, we here in the UK have been following the events leading up to the trial and the events after the verdict of Kyle Rittenhouse. As in the George Floyd case, the UK media once again exposed their professional incompetence by having no feel nor sensitivity about US domestic issues. Ignorance paralleled by childish bigotry was spewed like vomit over our screens and radio broadcasts by imbecilic journalists. One had to tune in to non-UK broadcasters to ascertain any true sense of context and content. That aside, yet again, like vultures seeking prey or parasites sucking blood, the Palestinians used this tragedy to unashamedly advertise their racist propaganda and ideology. Continuous screen shots on mainstream media appeared to be focused exclusively on the Palestinian flags.

As a non-US citizen, I do not feel I should opine on either the Floyd nor Rittenhouse verdicts as these are solely the remit of those with the right to vote domestically. News outlets and their presenters, US politicians and civilians seem split on the outcomes and there is outrage from one side and satisfaction on the other. But surely all should agree that there is no room for politicizing propaganda from groups with agendas entirely unrelated to both the Floyd and Rittenhouse issues. Moreover, as noted above how perverse of those groups who support racist, Islamic terrorism practiced by Palestinians to subvert reality and promote the absolute Nazism they supposedly challenge. This Orwellian dystopia appears to function without challenge by interested parties.

It is a truth that the British mainstream media, justified or not, maintains a superiority complex over their US journalistic colleagues and I can opine on this. UK journalists as I noted above were nowhere near the standards of their US counterparts on the detailed reporting of the Floyd and Rittenhouse cases. Unfortunately, on both sides of the Atlantic the media failed to recognize the way the Palestinians had usurped the issue and successfully mocked all interested parties including the families of their victims and black Americans. The media were silent and I repeat that silence is assent.

Such extraordinary and insulting behavior by Palestinian supporters was also exposed at the recent COP26 summit in Scotland when similar tactics were used. Unfortunately for the Palestinians they shot themselves in both feet as we say here in the UK. Their protests were exposed on social media for their total and absolute hypocrisy although that did not deter the blind fanatical Jew haters. Starting wildfires to destroy agricultural and natural forestation is a major part of the Palestinian strategy and weaponry used against Israel. The Palestinians care nothing for the environmental pollution created nor the destruction of forestation and the unnecessary killing of wildlife. Another strategy is tyre burning in their numerous ‘ days of rage’ causing sadistic air pollution again evidencing the Palestinians as environmental criminals. Their flag waving at a climate change summit was nauseatingly hypocritical and insulting to all climate change activists and the general public. Palestinians are per head of population are undoubtedly the largest air polluting demographic globally.

The Palestinian Charters demand subservience to Islam or death of all races and religions. African American Christians like the Floyd family and white American Christians like Kyle Rittenhouse family are not excluded. The Palestinian flag waving supporters should be challenged by the American press, politicians and all morally decent individuals.


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