Pharma mafias behind spread of COVID variants


It seems greedy pharma mafias are not willing to release the people in the world from their nefarious hostility. While the global economy is suffering since early 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, until now, pharma mafias have secretly spread several variants and the latest one of Omicron variant. According to experts, pharma mafias are not going to stop from spreading variant after variant until they have robbed-off billions and trillions of dollars from the people. Media outlets and medical experts are being purchased by the pharma mafias, which are enthusiastically spreading fear amongst the people.

Commenting on Omicron variant, Dr. Angelique Coetzee, a South African doctor who was one of the first to suspect a different coronavirus strain among patients said: “Symptoms at that stage was very much related to normal viral infection. And because we haven’t seen COVID-19 for the past eight to 10 weeks, we decided to test”, she said, adding that the patient and his family turned out to be positive.

Coetzee, who is also on the Ministerial Advisory Committee on Vaccines, said unlike the Delta so far patients have not reported loss of smell or taste and there has been no major drop in oxygen levels with the new variant.

Although, Dr. Angelique Coetzee said that symptoms of the Omicron variant were so far mild and could be treated at home, CNN, which has been at the forefront of scaring people with COVID stories said, as Omicron variant cases spread, countries rush to impose travel bans. The report said:

The Omicron variant has to be taken seriously, but it isn’t yet known whether it will outcompete the Delta variant in the United States, National Institutes for Health Director Dr. Francis Collins told CNN’s Jim Sciutto on Newsroom Monday.

“What we do know, it has a lot of mutations, more than 50, that’s a new record,” Collins said, when asked about what is currently known about the Omicron variant. “Some of those we’ve seen before and some we haven’t. So this certainly suggests that this is a new kind of virus that we have to take very seriously.

“We worry that if the spike protein is of a different shape, maybe the antibodies won’t stick quite as well,” he said. “That’s the reason for the concern.”

Collins did make the point that all the previous variants — which have all had differences in the spike protein — have responded to vaccines and boosters.

“That’s a very important message I want everybody to hear right now,” he said. “The boosters do in fact allow your immune system to have a wide range of capabilities against spike proteins it hasn’t even seen before. So, if you needed one more reason, if you’re eligible to get that booster right away, this would be it.”

When it comes to contagiousness, “I think it is clear from what’s happening in South Africa, that this Omicron variant does spread rapidly,” Collins said, noting that Covid-19 cases are relatively low in South Africa.

“What we don’t know is whether this Omicron variant will outcompete Delta in a country like ours, or whether Delta, because it’s been so successful, will basically just push it aside. That’s another unknown,” Collins said.


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