Joe Biden eats prospects of his potential successors


Back in 2009, when Barack Obama needed to pick up his running mate, Joe Biden, then 36-year veteran who had months earlier ended his second White House run in a fast and deafening defeat became Obama’s choice. Now after many years, Biden realizes, for him, running again in 2024 for re-election is a mission impossible, as he already is facing terrible odds due to old age, health issues and above all – his inability of taking care of day-to-day activities of the president. Moreover, people in the White House already are too tired of Biden’s short temper and his attitude problems. They also are fed-up with his tendencies of granting scope to Hunter Biden in making tons of money through immoral practices, solely by using the banner of being the son of the US president.

Though some of the analysts say, Obama selected Biden as his running mater considering his as a reliable mind to challenge his assumptions and occasional hubris, in reality, Barack Obama was looking for a genuine duffer as his running mate, who would unconditionally obey all of his decisions. Obama also knew, Joe Biden was not a person with clean image and he would mostly keep himself busy in making fortune and enjoy the luxury of the White House, instead of paying much attention to the activities and decisions of the president. In plain words, Barack Obama was looking for a lapdog and he had found it in Joe Biden.

When Obama was at the end of his second term, he was worried seeing Joe Biden won’t be the next presidential frontrunner. In the 2016 cycle, the death of Beau Biden was still too raw, and Biden simply was not up for a tough race against Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. That is why, the battle for Democratic Party’s nomination was between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sander.

Now long after settling into private life again in early 2017, Joe Biden was teaching at the University of Pennsylvania, writing a book and out of elected office for the first time since 1971 – and he wanted back in the game. By 2020, he became the consensus candidate of the Democratic Party, largely on the bet he was the best contender to defeat President Donald Trump. This time, Democratic Party policymakers did not give nomination either to Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, as they knew, Clinton was already a disaster and Sanders was not the right person to be the US president. While majority of the policymakers of the Democratic Party too were not much happy in nominating Biden for presidency, they had no better option. Because of party’s four-year-long involvement mostly in anti-Trump and destructive activities as well as party’s involvement in countrywide anarchism, Democrats were actually not having great preparations for the 2020 presidential elections. While there was fear of Biden being defeated by Donald Trump, some of the key strategist were aware of some mysterious “arrangements” which can not be discussed in this article for obvious reason.

In 2020, when it was time for Joe Biden to choose his running mate, he chose a candidate and announced it would be a woman and then 77-year-old repeatedly described himself as a “transition candidate” implying that a second term is not in his game plan. In plain words, Joe Biden knows, this is his first and only tenure as the US president.

When Kamala Harris became Biden’s running mate and the administration was openly proclaimed as ‘Biden-Harris administration’, left-leaning media began competing in projecting Harris as a hero. They projected her as the “first person of Asian and Black descent to become the nominee. She worked for Biden in major ways, energizing a piece of the electorate that had, until then, been meh on Biden. It wasn’t an overstatement when The Atlantic said Biden made perhaps the most consequential VP selection in American political history”.

Other segment of the left-leaning media was, and even until are, seeing Joe Biden running for reelection in 2024, while others say, Biden is going to be another Lyndon Johnson, who could not run for the second term, although he had been on the job for five years by the time he was ready to make the decision because of John F. Kennedy’s assassination in the third year of his Presidency.

Some analysts say, Joe Biden is already unwilling to see Kamala Harris running for presidency in 2024 when he would quit from the race. Reason behind such decision is because of enthusiasm within Hillary Clinton and Michele Obama, who already are signaling of running for presidency. That is why, Biden gave Harris one of the thorniest portfolios ever handed to a Vice President – the crisis at the Southern border. Analysts say, Biden handed her a “nearly impossible task of getting the sprawling US government’s response to the flood of asylum seekers to heel. And, to put it bluntly, there are no good options at her fingertips. A crackdown could hurt her prospects down the line, especially with Hispanic voters who are increasingly a powerful force at the polls. Anything looking soft will ding her with law-and-order voters, especially suburban moms who may see the constant stream of stories on Fox News about migrants murdering Americans and invading the country. Put simply, this is a giant liability for her and everyone in Washington knows it”.

Biden also is killing the prospect of few other potential 2024 candidates. Pete Buttigieg is one of them.

Biden’s massive infrastructure package as Kamala Harris flew to France on an unrelated mission is another important point to consider. On the other, he is also the face of the supply-chain mess that could end up Grinching the holidays. Messing around with this much-anticipated Christmas, after last year’s holidays of isolation, isn’t a winning record to play up in the West Des Moines Whole Foods. His rivals will certainly seize on it.

Some of the Capitol Hill pundits say, Biden is following the footsteps of Obama and Bush in an important way: staying publicly neutral in the choice for his party’s next nominee. It’s hard to argue that Biden did either Harris or Buttigieg a favor in their tough assignments. Which means both Harris and Buttigieg need to make every effort to make their assignments work to get in pole position when Biden decides his time at the wheel is over. Here again, the reply is unclear as some of the White House insiders are regularly feeding the media with information exposing failures and incapability of Kamala Harris in particular, which means, Joe Biden is killing the prospects of some of his successors with the aim of creating path either for Hillary Clinton or Michele Obama.


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