Atrocities perpetrated by Muslims on indigenous black Africans


Atrocities perpetrated by Muslims on indigenous black Africans are an all too frequent occurrence, a recent example being earlier this month when over seventy men, women and children were barbarically killed in Niger. The event received scant coverage on western mainstream media relegated to the second page on the BBC’s teletext page of world news and item number seven of ten on the BBC’s World News website behind an item concerning an alleged sexual assault on a 1960’s Hollywood actress by her co-star.

Take a moment to review these facts. Scores of black Africans, slaughtered by Muslims in an African member country of the United Nations and the news surrounding this atrocity is of such little importance that it is given the absolute minimum of news exposure. Unsurprisingly when one ‘ Googles ‘ Deaths in Niger, numerous other incidents replicating the latest atrocity are identified. The victims are black African civilians and citizens of Niger and the perpetrators are Muslims, nationality unknown. There have been at least seven of these atrocities since the beginning of 2021 and more than one thousand people have been butchered, three times that number maimed with life changing injuries and tens of thousands ethnically cleansed. 2021 atrocities are listed below and if one were to include the preceding years the multiples would be times twenty.

October 8th, September 13th and 29th, August 25th, July 25th, June 29th, May 30th, April 18th, March 22nd, February 21st and January 2nd are just a few of the numerous dates when similar atrocities were undertaken by Muslims on black Africans. Now you would think that the western media would have the moral decency to expose and investigate these incidents. But no, they have no interest.

No protests by black groups such as Black Lives Matter; no spewing of outrage by black Members of Parliament, or any MP’s within the UK; no world condemnation in the United Nations or special sessions convened; no follow up reporting by any mainstream media network. Just a total acceptance by those globally responsible that Muslims kill black Africans and no one cares enough to make this an issue. Inertia, silence, acceptance and nauseating moral indecency permeates through the veins of all those I have noted, that is those with the power to do something to roll back the wave of suffering.

Now just take a moment to consider that had the victims been slaughtered not by Islamists but say, white South Africans during the apartheid period, would such atrocities have received a different level of reporting coverage. The parallel has been purposely exaggerated for comparative analysis for media bias. Paradoxically post-apartheid South Africa is domestically experiencing a dystopian, crime atrocity pandemic at COVID type proportions as we shall verify.

South Africa/reported crime is at such unprecedented levels that the country is one of the most crime infested countries in the world.

One murder every 25 minutes and 125 rapes a day and unreported crime as a multiple is probably three times that of reported crime. Abuse on children and women is literally out of control and the victims are almost exclusively indigenous blacks. Incestual behaviors and tribalism, Xhosa on Zulu and vice versa are the dominant factors. Mainstream media is oblivious to South African domestic crime as it was when the black South Africans committed their own form of apartheid against workers from neighboring Zimbabwe.

Again, one wonders what reporting differences would be exposed had the perpetrators of South Africa’s uncontrollable crime wave had been mainly white. It seems when blacks kill blacks or when Muslims kill blacks, the media is as disinterested as those media outlets Parliamentarians so quick to cry racism at every possible opportunity. A British Pakistani cricketer who cried racism has received more attention than the slaughter of thousands of indigenous Africans. A morally indecent, professionally incompetent and cowardly media and elite political class are to blame.

Another country in West Africa, Liberia has recently been experiencing a number of high-profile killings of politicians and family members of politicians. Only a meander through an African news website drew my attention to these regular occurrences. To my knowledge no western mainstream media outlet has covered these murders. Now just imagine if instead of being indigenous black African Liberians the victims had been Muslim Palestinians. Would mainstream media had been interested? Undoubtedly so, to the point where there would have been saturation coverage and every Jew hating politician, the UN and such organizations as Amnesty would be releasing statements. But black African, no one cares about. Total silence and silence are assent.

Similar to Niger, this year there have been numerous atrocities perpetrated in the DRC, the Democratic Republic of Congo resulting in the mass executions of thousands of indigenous black Africans, thousands more maimed and hundreds of thousands ethnically cleansed. Western mainstream media has no incentive to report in any depth on such atrocities nor on the plight of the victims. They take the attitude that black victims are trash, excrement on our cameras, microphones, websites and publications. After all Muslims are doing the killings and we really don’t want to be seen as Islamophobic. And really as the perpetrators are not Zionists, Jews nor Israelis and our reporters like to wallow in the nice beach hotels in Tel Aviv, we will not bother to expose the butchers nor their victims.

So once again we identify another country whose innocent civilians have suffered untold misery and atrocities perpetrated by Muslims and the western media act with inertia. What a shame for the indigenous black African victims in Niger, Liberia and the DRC that they are not Palestinians and the area where the atrocities took place were not called the Sheikh Jarra neighborhoods.

It’s not only Africa where civilians are targeted by Islamists and where mainstream media take little or no interest. A recent attack on civilians in Iraq went unreported. Again, I ask how the media would have reacted if those killed were Palestinians?  I trust that you are beginning to notice a tend here surely.

The Ethiopian, Tigrayan civil war is receiving the occasional report but for a conflict in which thousands have been killed and thousands more facing the threat of starvation, the conflict deserves more intense reporting. Alas, the media don’t believe so. Again, it is only black Africans killing each other. No Palestinians involved, nor Jews nor Zionists nor white racists and so the mainstream media barely cover the conflict.

Mali is another country, never on our news channels where human suffering is on a similar level to those described above. Since 2012 thousands of innocent, indigenous black African civilians have been butchered by Islamists; tens of thousands maimed and tens of thousands ethnically cleansed. Neither the European Union nor the United Nations debate, discuss, condone, investigate or question the unbelievable human suffering. Western media typically are silent and our politicians within the United Kingdom from all parties are disinterested as are the Congress and Senate in the USA. These Black Lives or deaths clearly do not matter to Black Lives Matter either.

The Muslim butchers and the indigenous black African victims are of little or no importance to western media nor western black and Muslim legislators. The imbecilic bigots within the Republic of Ireland Parliament for example never bother to debate any of the conflicts I have identified above. They only debate the one Jewish State in the world and making it a criminal offence to trade with that state. But debating atrocities inflicted by Muslims on black Africans is not on the Irish radar. Ireland is typical of the absolute moral indecency within our media and global political organizations.

To conclude with another example, let’s look at the recent atrocities carried out in the nation of Burkino Faso – most of the Irish wouldn’t know where it is let alone what happened there recently. Just more black Africans butchered by Muslims. Who cares?

The moral compass of the media, the United Nations, the European Union and organizations such as Amnesty needs resetting. The silent majority are all too aware of this but it is only publications like Weekly Blitz who expose the truth.


  1. Stop being disingenuous. Given more than 99% of Niger’s citizens are Muslim, it is Muslim on Muslim killing, by ISIS. Not that ISIS in West Africa is to be condoned – and most Muslims do not. Similarly, internecine conflict in across much of Africa is not to be condoned, and much if stems from weak statehood.

    Israel’s policies towards Palestinians are different. Israel holds itself up to be a democracy that upholds the rule of law. Don’t be surprised if people therefore judge you by that standard.

  2. Ah yes, Muslim invaders converting by the sword. The world knows it well as it has been repeated since its invention centuries ago (but not older than Christianity; certainly not Judaism).


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