Joe Biden funders repent putting their money and image behind him


Joe Biden had made series of promises to his big donors who had put large amount of cash in his campaign. All of them were hoping of getting direct and indirect benefit from the US President once he was elected. But just within 10 months of Biden’s presidency, most of his donors are feeling repented for making a bad choice by putting their image and money behind a man, who is short-tempered, incapable, and above all, absolutely ungrateful. According to The New York Times commentary: As Joe Biden hopped from Manhattan high-rises to Silicon Valley mansions to gather campaign checks in 2019, he developed a certain way of thanking the well-heeled donors who invested in his presidential campaign.

The hardest part, Biden would say to them, was not just the money. It was putting their names and reputations on the line for him. And he would promise to “never, ever let you down,” as Biden told donors at the home of a Hollywood executive in late 2019.

Now, nearly 10 months into his presidency, some of Biden’s most loyal contributors and top fundraisers are feeling neglected, if not outright cast aside, according to more than 30 interviews with Democratic donors, fundraisers and the operatives who work with them. With the loss of the Virginia governorship this week making plain the darkening political climate for Democrats, the White House has accumulated precious little goodwill among some of the party’s most important financiers.

Their frustrations also include impatience with the pace of substantive policy changes: One of the party’s top donors is now signaling he is planning to withhold funds over the languishing of voting rights legislation.

The New York Times further said: Donor grousing is nearly as old a tradition as campaigning itself. Wealthy and entitled contributors always want more influence and access than they have. But the sheer breadth of complaints about the Biden White House’s operation is striking and a source of growing concern among allies and Democratic officials who fear it could cause a backlash among contributors that the party will need to mobilize soon for the 2022 midterm elections.

“There is a basic chorus, which is, ‘We’re forgotten and discarded,’” said John Morgan, a major bundler who hosted Biden at his home in Florida in May 2019. “It’s very discouraging. We don’t exist”.

Donors who have made suggestions or recommendations for lower-level jobs in the Biden administration complain they never heard back from anyone.

The typical courtesy thank-you cards or calls to people who raised hundreds of thousands of dollars, and even those who contributed US$1 million or more, have largely not arrived.

Commenting on Joe Biden’s abandoning his big donors and breaching promises he had made during the election campaign political analysts said: “Joe Biden has never been someone who can be trusted. During his years as Barack Obama’s presidency as the vice president, Joe Biden was busy in making millions of dollars through immoral and even illegal means by accepting indirect bribes from a number of foreign nations. He was even using his son – Hunter Biden in continuing financial scandals and numerous forms of illicit activities. Joe Biden is not a man of integrity. He has always been a liar, a money-hungry devil and a total corrupt soul. Those who have trusted him and spent hugely during his campaign have now started realizing their blunder, which will certainly have a bad impact for any of the Democratic Party candidates during the 2024 presidential election and also the 2023 midterm polls. To the Democratic Party, Joe Biden now is a huge burden and liability while to the Americans – he is an absolute disaster”.

According to The New York Times, for now one Democratic fundraiser has advised donors that “DNC” stands for “Do Not Contribute” — at least until the party figures out how it will be more responsive to its contributors. Still, the DNC continues to amass cash and has nearly US$75 million in its coffers.

As donors tracked the action on Capitol Hill and in the governor’s race in Virginia, there has been another, less pressing matter that some have also been watching: whether there will be holiday parties this year at the White House, which donors are typically invited to, along with a chance for a photo with the president.


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