Conservative truck driver Edward Durr poised to upset NJ Democrat senate leader


Edward Durr is poised to win with huge margin. The message is loud and clear. People of the United States of America are totally fed up with politics of destruction of the Democratic Party and its socialist-Islamist cronies. Americans want to get liberated from the evil clutches of the Left and they also are looking for an end of Biden regime at best in 2024.

Edward Durr, a South Jersey furniture store truck driver, is poised to unseat the state’s longest-serving Senate president, Democrat Stephen Sweeney. Durr’s campaign ad features a pitch far from pretentious and is a departure from the big-budget productions we typically see in political races today. It’s been a tireless race for New Jersey’s District 3 that, he says, has even taken him by surprise.

“I’m just a truck driver”, Durr said Wednesday. “Am I really going to beat the longest-serving Senate president in the state of New Jersey? The second-most powerful guy”.

Durr told reporters, he got into the race after watching how democratic leaders handled the coronavirus and enforce lockdowns in his native New Jersey. As of Wednesday, Durr holds about a 2,000 vote lead over Sweeney, with more than 99 percent of precincts reporting.

“Clearly this means that there’s some serious disconnect between the Democratic Party and New Jersey voters”, said John Weingart, associate director at Rutgers University’s Eagleton Institute of Politics.

The closer-than-expected race comes after a disappointing night for Democrats. Virginia voters elected Republican Glenn Youngkin in a resounding blow to Democrats who had made recent gains in the state. Youngkin became the first Republican to hold a statewide office in more than a decade. New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy became the first Democratic governor in more than four decades to win reelection in the Garden State, narrowly surviving against Republican nominee Jack Ciattarelli.

NBC 10 in Philadelphia reported that, with 100 percent of the vote count in, Republican Durr leads by more than 2,200 votes over Democrat Steve Sweeney, the longest-running state Senate president. The Associated Press has not yet called the race.

State campaign finance records show Durr spent only $153.31 on his campaign: $66.64 at Dunkin to buy food and drinks for staff, and $86.67 for paper flyers and business cards.

“The funny thing is, whenever I went around door-to-door, the first words out of everybody’s mouth was ‘Good luck”, said Durr.

“I’m not against lawyers or doctors or business people but that’s not what we need, we need people who understand the adverse effects of what’s going on in this state”, Durr said.

Durr promises lower property taxes and the creation of a “friendly business environment”.

Americans are already feeling guilty of supporting Joe Biden and his Democratic Party, which they now believe was just an illusion. They now want to get rid of these poisonous faces. They want to make America great again.

In 2024, during the midterm elections, Americans will take revenge of Biden’s disastrous retreat from Afghanistan which had caused death of 13 American citizens and now over 439 Americans trapped into the grips of Taliban jihadists. An anti-Democrat, anti-left wave will possibly send the Democratic Party and its socialist-Islamist cronies into political exile soon.

Hello Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, think about your next profession. Hello Ilhan Omar, think about being tried for your immigration and marriage fraud. Hello Rashida Tlaib, get ready for your mad support towards jihadists and enemies of the US. And hello Kamala Harris, Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussain Obama, your real faces are already exposed. Time is coming for sending Hillary Clinton to prison. Punish Hunter Biden and his daddy. And Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris? What will happen to them?


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