Con analyst of DGFI tries to defame Bangabandhu and Sheikh Hasina


A notorious criminal named Raino Aryan Khan alias Mir Asaduzzaman Aryan and the members of his gang has shown extreme audacity by making announcement of a fake film named ‘Crack Platoon’ showing the photographs of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in it. According to a October 12, 2021 at 12:24 PM Facebook post by an individual named K.A. Rahaman Sujan, this film is supposed to be screened on December 16, 2021. In the post, K.A. Rahaman Sujan wrote: “Exciting project!Film: Pongta Party, Filmmaker: Raino Aryan Khan, Amazon Prime Video”.

Dhaka’s English daily Asian Age on June 28, 2021 gave coverage to K.A. Rahaman Sujan stating: “Two films by two producers of the Sreemangal Cholocchitro Sangsad in the tea capital are to be screened at the Antarjal Film Festival organized by Sylhet Agricultural University (SAU). SAU’s Film Sangsad organizes “Antarjal Film Festival 2.2″ which is due to start on July 1.Officially 13 films were selected for the festival. Among them, two films of Sreemangal Cholocchitro Sangsad were officially selected. SFS Founder K. A. Rahman Sujan’s ‘Nishchayata’  and SFS Co-founder Kazi A. R. Shuvo’s ‘Mudra’ will be on exhibition at the festival”.

It may be mentioned here that, Asian Age has been regularly publishing article by an individual named Richard Benkin, who is infamous for his anti-Bangladesh propaganda activities. For years, Benkin has been writing against Bangladesh with false claim of Hindu repressions.

The poster of this so-called film says:

“Yash Raj Films proudly presents 1st ever Bengali movie CRACK PLATOON, story, screenplay, dialogues & directed by Raino Aryan Khan, Dec 16th, 2021, Celebrating 50 glorious independent years”.

These criminals tried to give a false impression in the same poster of as if it was going to be premiered on Amazon Prime Video.

Meanwhile a source told this correspondent that Raino Aryan Khan alias Mir Asaduzzaman Aryan and his cohorts were planning to organize a orgy party named “Pongta Party” in Dhaka and were going to sell tickets to wealthy individuals. Dozens of high-profile call girls were supposed to attend this illegal program.

When contacted, Bangladesh Film Directors Association said, according to its records Raino Aryan Khan alias Mir Asaduzzaman Aryan is not a filmmaker in Bangladesh. It also said, although it is mandatory for every film to be registered with Bangladesh Film Directors Association, Raino Aryan’s so-called film ‘Crack Platoon’ is not in that list. Meaning, the entire announcement using the photographs of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is false.

Meanwhile, our Mumbai correspondent said, Yash Raj Films has no representation or branch in Bangladesh, hence Raino Aryan Khan alias Mir Asaduzzaman Aryan’s claim to be the head of ‘Yash Raj Films’ in Bangladesh is utterly false.

This correspondent has also found number of suspicious activities on the Facebook ID of K.A. Rahaman Sujan, where he claims to be Assistant Creative Designer at Hummingbird International Film Festival, former intern at International MUN etcetera.

In the Facebook page of Hummingbird International Film Festival, it is said: “The smallest migratory bird in the world can travel up to 500 miles at a time. The energy of a bird inspires us to fly long through the whole world sharing different culture with each other. Recognizing that short film is a unique and valuable art form, the Hummingbird Film Festival aims to seek out original, unusual, and entertaining short films from around the world and make them available to the general public. We are planning to build the festival program with a wide variety of short films, and explore the wonderful world of short films as their own art form. we plan talks, masterclasses to encourage young filmmakers to develop their skills and art and work with different partners who help us create and curate great programs”.

According to website of Hummingbird International Film Festival, office of it is located at Sonarpur, Kolkata 700 150, West Bengal, India, Phone +91-9836-154072.

Meanwhile, from the early morning of October 2, 2021, Facebook IDs of Raino Aryan Khan alias Mir Asaduzzaman Aryan, a man who had been falsely claiming as the ‘Founder’ of Amazon Prime Bangladesh as well as ‘Bangladesh Head’ of Yash Raj Films, and his gang members began going inactive. This culprit had last used his mobile phone number 018-187-00500 on October 31, 2021 and was last available on WhatsApp using the same number at 4:55 pm on November 3, 2021.

Commenting on this, a computer expert told this correspondent, no one actually can get rid of crimes committed on social media even by deleting or editing the posts as such information can be easily retrieved from the ‘HISTORY’ file of the account.

Knowing about reports published in Blitz exposing criminal activities of Raino Aryan Khan, several members of Dhaka’s entertainment industry have started coming up with series of allegation against this man and other members of his racket.

According to information, a female named Joya alias Joyu, a key accomplice of Raino Aryan Khan alias Mir Asaduzzaman Aryan, who was proclaimed as the CEO of Amazon Prime Video Bangladesh was openly proclaiming herself as the niece of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Raino and Joya were reportedly claiming that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has consented their film ‘Crack Platoon.

Shayla Hoq, a model openly claimed on a Facebook that Raino Aryan has given her “indecent proposal”.

Lorin Khan (Habijabi), who has been seen in a number of photographs with Raino Aryan Khan said, she was offered to work in a web series project titled ‘Truth of Dear’ of this man, where actor Arfan Nisho was supposed to be signed in the lead role. Raino Aryan Khan had claimed this project to be a joint production of Yash Raj Films Bangladesh and Amazon Prime Video Bangladesh. But later, sensing Raino Aryan’s suspicious behavior, Lorin Khan stopped contacting him.

When contacted, Yash Raj Films and Amazon Prime Video said, they have no such project in Bangladesh. They also said, the companies have no representative or office in Bangladesh and termed Raino Aryan Khan as a Fraud.

More allegations against Raino Aryan Khan

Raino Arian Khan alias Mir Asaduzzaman Aryan was running a sex racket which was supplying film and drama actresses as well as models to various wealthy and influential individuals in the country. A senior film actress was working with Raino as his key accomplice in running this sex racket. At the same time, Raino Arian was also running a drug racket selling Yaba and Ice Pill in particular by using drama and film actresses and models.

Raino Aryan Khan and members of Dhaka’s showbiz

Another source said, Raino Aryan also was patronized by a controversial female film producer of Dhaka’s film circle, who was taking Raino’s help in getting actresses and models for various influential people. This controversial female film producer is infamous for her lobbyist activities inside Bangladesh Secretariat as well as other government offices.

According to an exclusive report published in Blitz on November 1, 2021, a man named Raino Arian Khan alias Mir Asaduzzaman Aryan was tracked by the investigative reporter of the newspaper of falsely proclaiming as being the Information System Analyst (IT Analyst) at the Directorate General of Forces Intelligence (DGFI), the apex intelligence agency of the country. This scammer also has been falsely proclaiming as being the ‘Founder & Creative Director of Amazon Prime Bangladesh’, while there is no existence of any office of Amazon Prime, an internationally reputed OTT platform in the country.

Raino Arian Khan alias Mir Asaduzzaman Aryan in his Facebook profile also proclaimed to be a film director, writer, editor, graphics designer at Indian film industry; a former student at NFDC India (National Film Development Corporation, India); former System Engineer at SATV (a satellite TV channel in Bangladesh); Former IT assistant at Desh TV (a satellite TV channel in Bangladesh); student of Rifles Public School & College (RPSC); and a student of the College of Development Alternative (CODA).

According to information, Raino’s claim of being a student of the National Film Development Corporation in India is also false. The responsibility of National Film Development Corporation (NFDC) is providing technological and logistics support to filmmakers and film production companies, training individuals is not in their purview.

Sources inside Dhaka’s entertainment industry said, Raino Arian Khan alias Mir Asaduzzaman Aryan has been cheating various individuals with false claims for years. Two years ago, he published some photoshopped photograph on his Facebook ID stating he was working with Bollywood film director Yash Chopra and actress Rani Mukherjee while he also falsely claimed to be heading the Bangladesh office of Yash Raj Films.

Another source said, Raino Arian Khan alias Mir Asaduzzaman Aryan has been openly introducing himself as an official of the Directorate General of Forces Intelligence (DGFI) and even claiming to be a Major of Bangladesh Army.

Screenshot of Facebook post dated October 12, 2021 by KA Rahaman Sujan


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