Scammers run Amazon Prime fake office in Bangladesh


An individual using dubious locked profile on Facebook recently published a post stating she has joined ‘Amazon Prime Bangladesh’, a non-existent entity as its ‘HR & Admin Executive’. In the post, dated October 31, 2021, it is said: “Thank you so much Team Amazon India, CEO of Amazon Prime India, Aparna Purohit Mam, CEO of Amazon Prime Bangladesh, Zoyu apu, My Cool Abba Creative Head Raino Aryan sir, My Mummy, Papa, My all Wishers, My Friends, Fans, Followers, Among all My Almighty Allah. Get Ready Bangladesh for the Next Gen entertainment”. This post gives a link to another Facebook Page named ‘Amazon Prime Video Bangladesh’ with no description of any office, contact phone number or names of individuals running the so-called Amazon Prime Video Bangladesh office. Most interestingly, this page has its last post, dated April 2, 2017, meaning, for the last four years, no one ever touched this page. The Page was created on April 6, 2015, while only 96 people are following this until now. Most interestingly, this Facebook Page does not have any link to original websites of Amazon Inc or Amazon Prime Video, which clearly proves – this is an act of fraudsters.

We have also detected another Facebook Page titled Amazon Prime Video Bangladesh, with 2,167 followers. This page states, Amazon Prime Video Bangladesh is a “Film Production & Broadcasting House”, while there is no link to the Amazon Inc or Amazon Prime Video websites from it. This page was created on April 9, 2019, with last post on October 24, 2021.

Although the above-mentioned post claims Aparna Purohit as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Amazon Prime Bangladesh, according to Aparna’s LinkedIn profile, she is Head of India Originals at Amazon Prime Video in India.

When contacted, Registrar of Joint Stock Companies in Bangladesh told this correspondent that there is no existence of Amazon Prime’s office in Bangladesh.

Dubious post of Facebook by an individual claiming to have joined Amazon

Seeking anonymity, a highly-placed source told Blitz, “Someone might be attempting to lure people with job offer at the non-existent office of Amazon Prime Video in Bangladesh. The entire matter is highly dubious and it seems that a group of scammers are using the name of Amazon in swindling money from job-seekers by offering them various positions in the company.

Commenting about the Facebook post, experts said, the very reason behind such suspicious post would be to lure people with job offers in Amazon and cheat them. Amazon should immediately look into this matter and request Bangladesh authorities to take legal actions.

Bangladesh Police and its units such as Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) as well as Cybercrime units may initiate in investigation into the matter of fake office of Amazon Prime Video in Bangladesh and take stern legal action against the culprits.

Frauds using the good name of Amazon

According to Detroit Free Press, the Amazon scammers are sickeningly good at what they’re doing — and they’re stealing a bunch of money and creating a ton of headaches this year.

The West Bloomfield police issued a scam alert in June stating: “Scammers are posing as Amazon employees and requesting payments or fees to keep accounts active”. [Also read: Dubious man claims to be founder of Amazon Prime Bangladesh, IT analyst of DGFI]

Fake job offers from Amazon

Getting a job offer from a reputed company like Amazon is a dream come true. Amazon is the largest e-commerce marketplace and cloud computing platform in the world. As Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce marketplace, the number of people working there is rising. The company is recruiting a lot of people each day for various departments. But, the sad part is not all job offers you receive in the name of Amazon are genuine. There is a new scam which is targeting job seekers in the name of Amazon. In this blog, we will discuss everything you need to know on fake Amazon job offers which target job seekers.

Here is how the Job scam takes place:

Job seekers receive an email from fraudsters who claim to be contacting them from the Amazon HR team. The email states that the resume of the recipient has been selected online for Amazon’s direct recruitment for a new plant. The email further mentions that the company has selected 17 candidates for IT, Administration and Production Departments.

To continue with the procedure, the job seeker will be asked to fill up the employment application form and send it to the given email id. In the application, the candidate will be asked to provide information like name, phone number, email id, education details, references, employment details and a lot of other things. The application looks so real that candidates have no doubts on the authenticity.

Once the application is forwarded to the respective email Id, the candidate will receive a call from a person who claims to be calling from the Amazon HR team.  The caller conducts a telephonic interview where the candidate will be asked certain questions.

After the telephonic interview, the candidate will receive a fake offer letter from the fraudsters. The offer letter contains information like the date of commencement of employment, job title, salary, place of posting, hours of work, leave/holidays, nature of duties, termination, notice period and so on. The Fake offer letter will be drafted exactly like an original offer letter provided by any company.

After the offer letter is sent, the candidate will receive one more mail asking him to deposit uniform charges of Rs 1,650 in favor of the company Senior Recruitment Officer’s account. The email will further mention that the amount would be refunded after 7 days of training. The mail will also state that after receiving the uniform charges, the Company will dispatch the company gate pass with user identification code and joining schedule details.

After the candidate deposits money, there will be no trace of the fraudsters. The job offer is just a trick played by fraudsters to make quick money.

How to avoid this fraud?

  1. Avoid telephonic interviews

Don’t simply rely on telephonic interviews. Try for a face to face interaction with the employer. Fraudsters normally prefer to have only telephonic interviews.

  1. Never make a payment

No reputed company will ask you to make payment for jobs in their company. In case you are asked to make a payment, this is a definite fake.

Beware of fake job offers from Amazon

Having a job is very important. Your job gives you money and helps you enjoy peace of mind. Many people strive hard to get the dream job. Unfortunately, fraudsters use the need or desperation of a job, to trick innocent job seekers.

Recently in Pakistan, a 21-year-old unemployed man duped many job seekers by creating fake Facebook Page using the name of Amazon. He cheated job aspirants by introducing himself as a Senior Official of Amazon and promising naïve youth that he would provide jobs with attractive salaries.

The fraudster used to earn good income as he was collecting money from job seekers.

Later the racket was busted by the law enforcement agency.


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