Buy the Israelis, sell the Palestinians


If Israel and the Palestinians were equities traded on the financial exchanges, financial analysts and investment managers would be agreed that Israel’s share price would be going very much higher whilst the Palestinian share price would experience a continued steepening decline. They would describe Israel’s balance sheet as healthy and strengthening and the Palestinian balance sheet weak and nearing collapse. Recent events confirm as much.

The Trump initiated Abraham Accords were truly metaphorical in global and Middle Eastern politics. These pragmatic initiatives, combined with a newly elected Israeli Government including Arab parties and the growing anti-Iranian caucus within the Arab Sunni block of nations endorsed the unalterable, growing political, military and commercial relationships between the Jewish State of Israel and some of her former enemies.

Trade between Israel and the UAE, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco and Bahrain is at an all-time high and growing exponentially, ratified by the recent Dubai Expo exhibition where the Israel stand received a tumultuous reception from current and potentially new Arab partners. Following on from this there was the first ever commercial flight between Israel and Saudi Arabia and the majority Muslim country of Comoros is now originating relationships with Israel. African nations too, making use of Israeli agricultural innovations such as water irrigation and technically improved harvesting methodology, are dramatically expanding ties with the only democracy in the Middle East and the only Jewish State in the world.

Other recent encouraging developments were the protests and calls for normalizing ties with Israel in Iraq where over three hundred prominent, Iraqi tribal leaders recently met in Irbil demanding formation of diplomatic ties with Israel.  In Lebanon too given the assistance Israelis have been giving to Lebanese farmers on the Israeli Lebanese borders there have been demands from politicians to normalize ties with Israel. Naturally none of these positive event changing dynamics were reported by any western, mainstream media network.

This relationship development is on an unstoppable upward trajectory which is bad news for the Palestinians and their supporters such as the racist BDS movement and the Jew haters in the Republic of Ireland Parliament.

BDS is a racist organization seeking to delegitimize and ultimately eliminate the Jewish State whilst the Republic of Ireland legislators have re-energized their historical Nazi roots by trying to pass legislation that would criminalize trading with Israel. Let me remind you that this excremental backwater was the only country in the world to offer condolences on the death of Hitler and still have numerous memorials on public display to Nazi collaborators. They saved scores of wanted, Nazi war criminals helping them either escape or to live in open society within their country.  The Butcher of the Balkans, Andrija Artukovic responsible for the deaths of nearly one million innocents, Pieter Mentens and Albert Folens are just three of many such individuals allowed to freely wallow in Ireland’s pro-Nazi filth. Nauseatingly, Ireland were the only country in the world to punish those few of their fellow countrymen who fought for the allies in WW2 and survived. Those few brave souls lost their rights to Irish Government pensions and were not permitted to work for Irish Government suppliers or contractors. A grassroots campaign gaining global momentum called #BROIGAS, which stands for Boycott Republic Of Ireland Goods And Services is having dire negative consequences on the Irish economy .  Long may it continue.

BDS and the Republic of Ireland choose just one country for punishment and unsurprisingly that is also the only Jewish State in the world. This fits well with Palestinian Nazi ideology as both the Palestinian Charters (PA Charter of 1968 and Palestinian Charter of 1988) demand Jew extermination. Nazi ideology unites all three, the BDS, the Republic of Ireland and the Palestinians. Apart from these Jew haters just identified, former support for the Palestinians is rapidly decreasing.

Politics at the UN aside, the Palestinian cause has never had the full support of their fellow coreligionists. Islamic countries have however successfully used the Palestinians as a diversionary tactic to deflect media attention from domestic and regional issues and the media have been compliant as have ‘The Theatre Of The Absurd ‘ commonly referred to as the United Nations. Given the new regional dynamics, the Palestinian issue is moving down the list of importance to such an extent that the Arab media are openly exposing and mocking the Palestinian leadership for decades of corruption, financial mismanagement and Hamas’s subservience to non-Arab Iran.

The Palestinian relationship with their fellow Arabs has always been confrontational as we shall verify but as long as Israel was identified as a common enemy, Arab – Palestinian hostility created little attention.  Not now. Israel’s stock is growing within the Arab and Muslim world and the Palestinians will have to change tactics in order to maintain any semblance of respect and importance.  Sunni Arab countries together with several countries forming an anti-Iranian block within the EU, are demanding the Palestinians cut off ties with Iran. The Iranian nuclear activity and Iran’s meddling in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Lebanon are opposed by the Gulf States supported by Iranian and Iraqi opposition groups.

The Palestinian leadership especially in Gaza are under pressure never previously encountered. Opposing that pressure is ensuring the Palestinian issue goes further down the list of Arab priorities.

Other developments coming into play concern Syria and the role she and her allies, Russia and Iran, are having on the Palestinians.

Though ignored by western media, hundreds of Palestinians have been killed and tortured in Syrian prisons because of the Palestinian support for those groups opposed to President Assad. Naturally it would take only one Palestinian to die in an Israeli prison and the major journals, the BBC and CNN would send teams of reporters to cover such a story. Hundreds of Palestinian deaths in Syrian prisons are however ignored. Palestinian supporters on social media are silent as are their numerous supporters in the UK and European Parliaments and the Gang of Four in the USA Congress. Silence is assent or in reality those pro Palestinians are anything but pro-Palestinian – just anti-Semites.

Moreover, is it not a paradox that Russia and Iran who supposedly support the Palestinians at the UN are at the military forefront of assisting Assad who has been so effective at killing Palestinians? Surely a story worthy of coverage in the western press? Apparently not.

The Iraq / Iran Shia relationship with the Palestinians exposes the detestation of the Shias for the Palestinians which resulted in previous atrocities and the current contempt that Iran has for the Palestinians as ratified by their support for Assad’s policies. When President Saddam was trying to cement his leadership position in the Arab world by his support for the Palestinians, Shia Iraqis suffered under these tactics. After his fall in 2003 , Iranian backed Shia militias went on anti-Palestinian rampages resulting in the deaths of hundreds in the Palestinian neighborhoods of al -Doura, al- Hourriya and al-Baladiyyat. Never reported in the western media hundreds more were killed and ethnically cleansed after the 2006 bombing of the Al-Askari Mosque in Samarra blamed on Palestinians. Other punitive measures were enacted by the Iraqis such as disinheritance and confining Palestinians to living in segregated areas, the Iraqi form of apartheid.

Thousands of Palestinians left Iraq for Jordan, despised by the Shias who had suffered atrocities under Saddam whilst the Palestinians leveraged up on the Shia suffering. The Shia are still mindful of the inertia and contempt displayed by the Palestinians towards them under Saddam Hussein. The Palestinians are reaping what they sewed as their death toll mounts under Assad’s barbaric Syria. Previous Palestinian duplicity, financial greed, moral corruption and contempt for their fellow Arab Muslims has come back to haunt them as it did in Iraq and now in Syria.

The history of animosity between the ‘Palestinians’ and Arab / Muslim countries was again exposed when Jordan called in Pakistan to help defeat the Palestinians during Black September of 1970. In this episode, which again went unreported in the western mainstream media, thousands of Palestinians were killed by a combination of Jordanian and Pakistani troops and thousands more expelled to Tunisia.

It is very easy to forget that the Palestinians are a very recent construct of Arabs who migrated to Israel as a direct result of the economic benefits of Zionism. The Palestinians are not a people, race, culture nor nation – they are simply a political organization formed in the mid 1960’s, whose sole objective is the elimination of the Jewish State as defined in their Charters.

Hence when Jordan called upon Pakistan to assist them in defeating the Palestinians, King Hussein knew only too well the enemy he was confronting – an Arab militant, political organization. Pakistan under Imran Khan today spews pro-Palestinian garbage but this is due to fearing the close ties between Pakistan’s arch enemy, India and Israel. The Palestinian issue other than for appealing to the militant Islamists in Pakistan is of no consequence to Pakistan’s economic, political or global development.

Readers will undoubtedly notice a pattern emerging which clearly exposes the previous hostility towards the Palestinians from supposed friendly countries but more recently the warming political and economic ties between Israel and those countries. Lebanon is yet another nation state that makes no secret of its hostility towards the Palestinians living in Lebanon. The Palestinians are treated with contempt and derision based partly on the Christian v Muslim divide which resulted in mutual atrocities. The Sabra Shatila massacre of 1982 was a result of the Palestinian massacre of Lebanese Christians in 1976.

The Lebanese realize only too well that their once beautiful and economically vibrant country has been ruined by the Iranian controlled totalitarian theocracy of Hezbollah whose agenda is to eliminate Israel having first achieved absolute control of Lebanon and imposing extreme Shia ideology. The Lebanese are challenging these religious fanatics militarily and politically as is demonstrated virtually every day within Lebanon.

It is obvious to all that former enemies are now friends and the Palestinians once reliant on absolute support from Arab nations are rapidly losing that support. Israel’s stock is on a steepening upward trajectory and gaining momentum whilst the Palestinian stock is heading for bankruptcy and liquidation. All except the western media, BDS and the Irish are aware of these historical changes in regional dynamics.

As the share tipsters say, Buy the Israelis, sell the Palestinians.


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