Biden-Harris romance comes to an end, finally


Immediately after Joe Biden took oath, White House officially started calling his presidency as “Biden-Harris administration”. But now, things have started changing. But only in less than a year, according to British newspaper the Daily Mail, there is ample evidence the relationship between the two principals at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has cooled considerably. Others say, the couple has already reached into the point of political divorce. America’s political sweethearts are drifting apart.

Joe Biden finally started realizing, his dream of re-running in the 2024 election is a mission impossible. He is quickly becoming too tired to retire due to numerous health issues. Being the president of the United States, the Old Joe even forgets the minimum courtesy and goes into publicly coughing in his hands.

Following entering the White House, Biden was having lunch together with Kamala Harris. But things started getting different when Harris is insisting on having more and more spicy Indian and African cousin on the table, which had on a number of times caused stomach upset to Biden. During evenings, Harris loves to get drunk, which is now a problem for her. She even cannot maintain “healthy” relations with the number of influential and wealthy individuals, as her communications are restricted or intercepted. Inside the White House, she is the only individual who is under eyes of suspicion by many. In the meantime, Kamala Harris reported had made attempts of establishing a “special relation” with Hunter Biden with the desire of using this Biden junior as her pawn in controlling the father. Hunter Biden did not respond to such indecent approaches. Otherwise, Kamala Harris would have by now emerged as the most powerful individual in the White House.

We need to remember; Kamala Harris has used sex as a prime tool in building her political career. She dated with numerous individuals during the past several years, and even she did not hesitate in going for a one-night-stand with some “special people”. Her entire life is filled with sexual scandals and indecent stories.

The Joe-Kamala story

Once upon a time, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were so close it was almost like they were co-presidents. In fact, the arc was almost like a bad rom-com. First, they met on a presidential debate stage in the summer of 2019, where then-Sen. Harris made national headlines for eviscerating Biden over his racial history, including his work with segregationist Dixiecrats on busing.

Then, her campaign collapsed in late 2019. If a New York Times deep-dive on her campaign was any indication, it’s because management on her presidential run was a dumpster conflagration of impressive proportions, even by the standards of the 2020 Democrat field — and the candidate the campaign was propping up was so feckless and self-contradictory in her messaging she stood for everything and nothing at the same time, anyway.

But in the summer of 2020, Joe Biden realized he needed Kamala. Granted, the reasons were a bit more mercenary than in a rom-com. On May 22, Biden managed to neatly sum up his shaky position with minority voters during an appearance on a black-centric radio show, in which he told the hosts, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black”. Three days later, George Floyd died in police custody, making race the other defining issue of the 2020 election aside from COVID-19.

The Daily Mail looked at data regarding Harris’ schedule compiled by the Los Angeles Times and found the president and vice president had appeared in public together just two times in the 55-day period ending Oct. 22.

In the month of September, Harris appeared with Biden once at the 20th anniversary commemoration of the 9/11 attacks. Thus far in October, she’s appeared with him once, at the anniversary of the dedication of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial.

Meanwhile, in the months of January and February — 38 days of the administration’s time, considering Inauguration Day was Jan. 20 — the two appeared together 27 times in public. There were a further 23 in March and April.

A similar pattern could be observed in announced events featuring the two, be they public or not. There were 20 of those in January and 38 each in both February and March. Meanwhile, there were only eight in September and seven in October, at least up to the 22nd.

One former Harris adviser said the president and vice president are divided over a lack of trust in one another, and said that Harris is unhappy “she hasn’t been given any all-star portfolio” to work with.

“Instead, a compilation of all of her publicly-announced events by the Times shows a more traditional vice presidency where she travels to promote her boss’s plans for the country rather than sitting in the board room shaping them”. the Daily Mail reported.

The White House disputed the Daily Mail’s conclusions, saying the president and vice president often meet at events not on the official calendar and that they meet weekly for lunch.

“The vice president keeps a busy schedule doing the work of the administration and always in support of the president”, Harris spokeswoman Sabrina Singh told the Daily Mail.

“Sometimes those events are together, other times apart, sometimes she is on the road amplifying the agenda of the administration and highlighting the importance of Build Back Better”.

Singh didn’t address whether Harris was frustrated over her portfolio, although one would venture a guess, she wouldn’t be venting the veep’s frustrations to the Daily Mail on the record even if the question had been broached.

To be fair, there’s probably plenty of mutual displeasure in the political marriage when it comes to Harris’ portfolio.

White House insiders believe, Kamala Harris is eagerly waiting for an early end of Joe Biden’s presidency, which would open the prospect for her to serve as the president-in-charge and create a path for her in becoming the first female president of the United States. Here again, she has many hurdles. For example, if Joe Biden tenure ends abruptly, Harris won’t be considered as the best Democratic candidate for 2024 elections. Instead, there would be many competitors, including Hillary Rodham Clinton and Michele Obama. Especially Michele Obama would be in Democratic Party’s priority list. So, things aren’t going to be smooth for Kamala Harris. Possibly realizing these facts, she has already started writing at least two books – one titled ‘The Betrayal’. Betrayal of whom? This can only be known when the book seeing the light.


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