The ‘new Quad’, India plays double-standard in the Middle East


According to media reports, a new bloc comprising the United States, Israel, India and the United Arab Emirates has been formed, which is also known as a ‘new Quad’ by the analysts. The aim of this bloc is described is to focus on economic and development cooperation in healthcare, investment, climate, energy and other allied matters.

Indian analysts say, people are seeing the formation of ‘new Quad’ as India’s ambition of widening footprint in the Middle East, deepening partnership between the US and India in the region, and strengthening of Israel-UAE ties.

Deepening of Israel-UAE relations with the efforts of India, a country which has been diehard supporter of the Palestinians and had in most cases refrained from defending Israel in the United Nations? India’s intention of forming this new bloc would definitely not serve the purpose of any other country – except for the sole purpose of India. So, countries like the United States, Israel and the United Arab Emirates have only joined this bloc to empower India as well as extend support to US and India’s desire of checking China’s supremacy in the region and the world. Another key point here is – India being a trusted ally of the Iranian regime can never serve any purpose of Israel or the United Arab Emirates, when there is a question of combating security threats posed by terror-patron Iran or Palestinian Hamas and other Islamist terrorist entities there.

Indian policymakers are saying, the formation of new Quad is happening against the backdrop of the rising specter of Islamist violence in South Asia and rise of Taliban regime in Afghanistan. It said, at the end of war in Afghanistan, Taliban jihadists have freed many battle-hardened fighters ready to launch the next jihad, in the next destination, and their turn to South Asia – especially India is inevitable.

True! India will be the next target of Islamists and jihadists – be it Taliban terrorists or other jihadist groups such as Al Qaeda, Islamic State etcetera. Pakistan will make best use of its decade-long romance with the Taliban in further boosting terrorism and jihadist acts inside India.

But the most disturbing fact is a section of Indian media are engaged in projecting the isolated incidents of attacks on Hindu temples and properties in Bangladesh during the recent Durga Puja as a sign of the rise of jihadism in Muslim dominated Bangladesh. They say “The strategy behind the violence [on Hindus] cannot be more obvious — to create a rift between India and Bangladesh and open one more strategic front against India which is already confronting Pakistani and Chinese pressures across the Himalayan region, including Kashmir and Ladakh.

Meaning, India is trying to play the cards of recent isolated attacks on Hindu temples and properties in Bangladesh as part of its anti-China agenda. India wants Bangladesh to cease all forms of cooperation with China and join India’s anti-China agenda. If Bangladesh will not listen to India’s dictation, it may onwards use Biden administration and few of its allies against Bangladesh, and Delhi may even establish links with anti-Awami League bloc in Dhaka.

For Bangladesh, it is essential to remain aloof from Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (Quad) or the recently formed new-Quad for the sake of national interest. Dhaka needs Beijing’s continuous support in infrastructural and development projects. At the same time, Chinese leadership needs to sincerely increase its cooperation towards Bangladesh. And of course, for Awami League government, it is essential to immediately counter the ongoing anti-Bangladesh propaganda in the regional and global media. Unless such initiatives are taken forthwith, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her government may face cruel propaganda and undue pressure from the international community.


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