Sheikh Hasina, the lighthouse for people of Bangladesh


Undoubtedly, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina already has emerged as one of the most prominent leaders in the world for her bold statesmanship and dedication to the people of the country and global peace. She also is considered as a key ally in global community’s war against terrorism and religious extremism. In the eyes of global policymakers, Sheikh Hasina is seen as a crusader who has been tirelessly fighting to revive the values lost through the mayhem and murder of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. While military dictators such as General Ziaur Rahman and General Hussain Muhammed Ershad were conspiring in transforming Bangladesh into an Islamic state, it was Sheikh Hasina’s commitment and struggle, which had saved the country from being slipped into the grips of radical and political Islam. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina upholds the spirit of a secular Bangladesh thus ensuring religious harmony amongst people of various faiths.

Back in May 1981, when Sheikh Hasina returned to Bangladesh, her first task was to reunify a fragmented Awami League, which he has succeeded because of her magnanimous leadership qualities. As she assumed the mantle of leadership in the party, the path lay open for Sheikh Hasina to broaden her campaign for a restoration of the values underscored by the War of Liberation of the country. It was a concerted, brilliant campaign she waged in her tortuous struggle against the Ershad dictatorship, enough to cause endless headaches for the second military dictatorship which had seized the country. The times were tough, with the regime, guided as it was by everything that militated against the spirit of Bangabandhu’s politics, constantly hounding her through arrests, home incarceration and restrictions on her political activities. It is to Sheikh Hasina’s credit that more than anything else, it was her determination to send the regime packing which eventually opened up the possibilities of a new era for Bangladesh in December 1990.

When Sheikh Hasina formed government in June 1996 through a huge victory in the general elections, her government annulled the notorious Indemnity Ordinance, which has earlier granted indemnity to the self-proclaimed killed of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. This was one of the earliest priorities of her administration, which remains a particular reader why Sheikh Hasina’s place in history remains assured is the determination with which she went into doing away with the ordinance and bringing Bangabandhu’s killers to justice. The trial of the killers was a slap in the face of the enemies of Bangladesh and those who had kept the state in their grip for twenty-one years. Of course, this had made many of the enemies of Bangladesh and the Islamist forces in the country totally mad at Sheikh Hasina. They resorted into fresh conspiracies, and the August 21, 2004 grenade attacks on the rally of Awami League with the nefarious agenda of blowing her up along with her party colleagues – was a part of the broader conspiracies of the enemies of Bangladesh. There were too the dark elements who even took potshots at 32 Dhanmondi in a sinister bid to re-enact the darkness of August 1975. As of September 28, 2021, Sheikh Hasina completed seventy-four years of life and stepped into the seventy-fifth, it cannot be said with certainty that the threats which have regularly pursued her are there no more.

Everyone believes, Sheikh Hasina speaks with conviction, just as Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman did in his time. She has shown the rarest example of humanity by sheltering over 1.20 million Rohingyas, who fled Myanmar amid genocide perpetrated by the military forces and religious extremists.

As a nation, we definitely are eternally indebted to Sheikh Hasina for transforming an economically struggling Bangladesh into the fastest growing economies in the world. Under Sheikh Hasina’s magnanimous leadership, Bangladesh is gradually advancing towards a prosperous and peaceful nation. She truly is the lighthouse of the people of Bangladesh.


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