OTT platform will be the leader, no doubt, says Rakesh Basu


In Bangladesh entertainment industry, Rakesh Basu is seen as a director with tremendous potentialities and creativities. Basu has been regularly making television dramas as well as various types of contents both for the television channels as well as digital platforms. Recently, Rakesh Basu spoke to Blitz and shared his thoughts on various issues. Here are the excerpts:

Blitz: Media insiders say, tomorrow’s entertainment platform and even tomorrow’s cinema hall is OTT platform. What is your opinion?

Rakesh Basu: Waiting for the change! Last 2/3 years we have seen a lot of changes in media industry. OTT platform will be the leader, no doubt.

Blitz: Bangla is spoken by over 280 million people only in Bangladesh and India, while there also are large number of Bangla-speaking populace in the world. How big is the market for Bangla contents as far as OTT platforms are concerned?

Rakesh Basu: It’s just an analysis. Depends on their marketing and communication plan. Must be needed well content to reach high value of audience.

Blitz: What is the difference between a film director and a drama director? Do you think the director of drama will be able to make a movie or web content for OTT platform?

Rakesh Basu: All are fiction maker basically. Has deference between aspect. Technically and projection planning.  Deference with point of view. how he tells his story in broad aspect or TV medium. Also, I do believe the drama director can be a good movie or web content maker if he knows the deference between the platforms.

Blitz: In the recent times, Indian OTT platform Zee5 and HoiChoi are buying Bangla contents from Bangladesh. But critics are saying, for the sake of making a strong position for Bangla contents in the Indian and international OTT platforms, there should be better planning, better budget and OTT-patterned casting. What is your opinion?

Rakesh Basu: Same here. To reach the targeted highest expectations, one needs a proper planning with proper budget, various casting (new faces and no repetition), content variation and also proper making of the story.

Blitz: In your opinion, why should international OTT platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, Disney, Hulu etcetera focus on Bangla contents?

Rakesh Basu: First of all, because the market of Bangla-speaking population is massive. Secondly because of variations of contents. We have a rich history and culture combined with diversity of life, colorful events everywhere which is unavailable in others. So, those international OTT platforms definitely should consider Bangladesh and Bangla market.

Blitz: In Bangladesh, during the recent years, there has been a revolutionary rise in the number of digital platforms, particularly YouTube channels in Bangladesh. Do you think, YouTube channels are also becoming a solid place for Bangla dramas, web series and web films, especially when return of investment is concerned?

Rakesh Basu: YouTube is a temporary platform, I think. It’s basically personal blog rather than business.

Blitz: There are currently over 40 TV channels in Bangladesh. But the number of dramas produced for TV channels are still circling within only a hand-picked number of channels. What is the reason?

Rakesh Basu: Lack of proper program and marketing policy of TV Channels.

Blitz: You are a popular drama maker in Bangladesh. what is your goal in this sector?

Rakesh Basu: Wide screen. Wide Shots in worldwide cinema hall.

Blitz: Every maker has his or her own dream. Do you have a dream of one day making films in Hollywood or Bollywood?

Rakesh Basu: Waiting for that time!!

Blitz: While contents of many regional languages are becoming popular on OTT platforms, why Bangla contents are still lacking?

Rakesh Basu: Just wait a while. It will be blast also.

Blitz: You have already made some great content for Crown Entertainment. Media insider say, Crown Entertainment is one of the largest content providers in Bangladesh. Do you think they will be able to make content for the International OTT platforms?

Rakesh Basu: It’s my believe, that they will do better than other production companies in Bangladesh. They have a lot of experiences and resources for making a huge number of contents of multiple nature. This is a qualification of a production company, which is essential to provide contents to international market and platforms. Moreover, they always follow professionalism ensuring liberty to the makers. In brief, Crown Entertainment’s working patterns are fully professional.

Blitz: As a maker and writer, what are the secrets of Rakesh Basu’s success?

Rakesh Basu: Trying to tell a story with proper making. Focus on work with dedication with honesty. And my works are filled with emotions and lots of dreams.


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