Ultra Media & Entertainment releases 6th Sufi music video


The 6th Music Video “Qayamat Qayamat” from “Sufi Rock Season I “ sung by well-known singer and musician Harmaan Nazim was released by Ultra Media & Entertainment on 3rd September. This beautiful rendition depicts the total submission of a soul of a true worshipper, whose primarily lover is God. Blitz and its affiliated newspapers are media partners of Ultra Media & Entertainment in Bangladesh.

“Sufi Rock Season I “is an ensemble series of melodious music videos of 6 Sufi songs composed and sung with a fusion of rock music. Each video is a unique blend of Sufi verses with soulful melodies, contemporized using electronic equipment and modern technique. The Videos will be released at regular intervals on “Ultra Bollywood” YouTube channel and across all leading music streaming apps.

These music videos are a devotional ode to the divine Sufi songs. Starting from 13th August, 5 different Sufi song videos from this music video album were released at regular intervals. They were videos Karam Ho Karam, Ye Faasle, Marhaba Mere Manpasand and Mere Tanaha Raate.

All the videos were  released on Ultra Bollywood You Tube channel and simultaneously on : Gaana, Spotify, JioSaavn, Amazon Music, iTunes, Wynk Music and other leading platforms.

“Sufi Rock Season 1” is a wonderfully conceived music video collection by a team of young musicians and singers. The Songs are beautifully written by the lyricist S Faheem Ahmed and set to music by the young and promising composer and the director of all the videos Nitesh Tiwari. These songs are sung by Lav Poddar, Naeem Ahmed, Faheem Ahmed, Nitesh Tiwari and Harmaan Nazim,

Shot and presented on the lines of “Coke Studio”, all these videos are very entertaining and melodic. It focuses on the historical, religious and spiritual element of the Sufi music, in its original sense. With lyrics and imagery inspired by traditional Sufi poets, these videos will replace the original Sufi instruments such as Dhol, Tabla and Sitar with the traditional rock band format built around electric and bass guitars & drums. The videos blends Sufi and hard rock to create a genre-transcending composition

It has hymns sung for the almighty, pains of separation of a lover, a melodious rendition of a lover singing praises for his love who is troubling him in his dreams, a song depicting total submission of the soul to the almighty God and a beautiful interpretation of an anguished lover waiting to meet his beloved

The band’s main essence lies in Sufism. Their music is a mixture of various rock genres, which they blended with Indian classical ragas and tunes. Sufi rock is a subgenre of rock music that combines rock with classical Islamic Sufi music traditions. It emerged in the early 1990s in Asian and Middle East countries and was further popularized by bands like Junoon, Fuzon and Mekaal Hasan and carried its popularity into the new millennium both locally and abroad. The term “Sufi Rock” was coined in 1993 by writer Nadeem F. This genre has been a mainstay in many Bollywood soundtracks

Nitesh Tiwari from Ethelbari, Siliguri is an Indian film director, music composer and writer known for his critically acclaimed directorial debut film Machaan. He has composed more than 70 music albums and released in T-Series, Zee Music, Venus, Yellow and Red Music, Gaana, iTunes, Hungama and many more well-known platforms. He also has directed some parts of the film Ek Ashaa, (a Kinnar) which received more than 22 awards nationally and internationally.

Sushilkumar Agrawal, CEO, Ultra Media & Entertainment Group added “Ultra has always been looking out for opportunities to work with young talented artists and promote various genres of Music. Sufi as a genre expresses harmony, peace and love, we liked the idea of fusion of Sufi and rock. We thought this is the perfect way to make the young audiences listen to this genre in a manner and format which is more relatable and consumable to them, like a rock. This way they will connect with the divine love and knowledge of the almighty in an entertaining way. Going ahead, we will be launching many more seasons of Sufi rock with new singers and musicians”.


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