Esports BAR to keynote at Cannes during October 13-15


Esports BAR, the world’s esports business arena, announces two of the sector’s leading women will feature in a packed program in Cannes, 13-15 October 2021.

The 9th edition of the Esports BAR series will bring together the whole esports community in one place to discuss the future of the industry, next month in Cannes. The event, returning to its home on the French Riviera for the first time since February 2020, will be hosted at the Palais des Festivals, at a time when the industry is looking ahead with great optimism in an atmosphere of continuing growth, despite the challenges of the last 18 months.

Within a program focusing on Monetisation, Innovation, Audiences, Investment and Society in esports, two of the industry’s leading women will address delegates in Cannes as headliners. Claire Hungate, recently announced as President and COO, Team Liquid, will present a keynote on the topic of the Evolution of Entertainment: What Traditional Media And Esports Can Learn From Each Other. Kim Phan, Co-Founder & COO, RTS and former executive at Blizzard and Endeavor, will speak on, Content Creating the Right Campaign, in her keynote. Hungate and Phan lead an Esports BAR conference itinerary featuring some of the sector’s most successful women, including Heather Blair (Cinema Esports), Jessica Stahlbom (Mastercard), Maria Carmen Fernández (MediaPro Group), Michelle Tierney (Guild Esports), and Zeynep Gencaga (Riot Games).

Claire Hungate, President & COO, Team Liquid, says, “This year’s speaker lineup features some of the brightest minds across multiple industry verticals. I appreciate the opportunity to join my counterparts and discuss esports’ continued evolution and how we can engage its growing audience of passionate and generational fans.”

Kim Phan, Co-Founder & COO, RTS, says, “We are at a pivotal point in both the esports and creator industry as we continue to refine the business model to create a win-win for brands and talent to build a stable and sustainable industry. I look forward to a gloves-off discussion on how brands and talent can strike the right chords together.”

Esports BAR Head of Content, Debora Atala adds, “We are so looking forward to reuniting the esports community back in Cannes in October. We’ll be celebrating an industry enjoying impressive growth and hearing from some of the esports world’s leading women. We’re honoured to have these powerhouse speakers on our stage at Esports BAR Cannes next month.”

This year’s edition will partly run alongside MIPCOM (11-14 October), the global market for entertainment content across all platforms. So the topic of esports as an ever-growing on-screen entertainment and its engagement with an evolving audience will be a resonating focus for visitors to next month’s event.

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