Rangpur Dairy & Food Products launches series of new brands


In Bangladesh, Rangpur Dairy & Food Products Limited, which is popularly known as ‘RD’ has launched a series of new products and brands through a colorful event organized at the Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel in Dhaka on September 27, 2021.

According to WSJ Markets, Rangpur Dairy & Food Products Ltd., engages in the manufacture and marketing of food products. Its products include ultra-high temperature, pasteurized and flavored milk, ghee, butter, different type of candy and milk products. The company was founded by S. M. Fakhar-uz-Zaman and Mohammad Abdul Kabir on March 6, 2004 and is headquartered in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

A Press Release issued by the company following its September 27 event said: For several years, Rangpur Dairy and Food Products Ltd. has been producing and marketing various consumer products, including various types of UHT milk, as well as gaining the trust of consumers.

RD’s new product and new brand ‘Aora’ was launched by the Managing Director of Rangpur Dairy and Food Products Ltd., M. A. Kabir.

During the ceremony, M. A. Kabir said: “RD Milk started its journey in 2007 and has become a popular brand all over Bangladesh. The world-renowned Danish brand is made with the touch of state-of-the-art technology, which ensures 100 percent purity. We produce milk and dairy products. Among these, mango milk, chocolate milk and strawberry milk are very popular. Kids usually don’t want to get used to fresh milk.

Brand launching program of Rangpur Dairy & Food Products Limited in Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

“RD Food has gained wide popularity among the consumers by making milk added drinks of different flavors in combination of different fruits with fresh milk. In addition to dairy products, RD Food produces mango, lychee, orange fruit drinks and beverage products.

“Rangpur Dairy and Food Products Ltd. has been awarded BSTI, ISO, HALAL, HACCP & GMP certificates for its expertise in production and quality control. We collect milk directly from marginal farmers in different districts of the northern region in Bangladesh under our own management. We have set up a factory in Rangpur for easy availability of raw materials. By setting up Rangpur Dairy in the northern region in Bangladesh, we have played a role in economic transformation at the marginal level of the village. Our company has about 54 products. With the addition of 16 more products, the company’s sales and marketing activities will be faster. That’s why we’re going to start a brand-new journey. RD products are currently being exported to Dubai, Qatar, India, Bhutan and various countries in Africa to meet the demand of the country. We have received a good response by marketing our newly added products and some brand-new products (on a trial basis). Rangpur Dairy is committed to expanding the dairy industry by unveiling new products and new brands and providing nutrition to the people of the country”.

Following the address of M. A. Kabir, local ramp models appeared on the stage holding newly-launched products.

RD’s new products are RD UHT Coffee Milk, RD UHT Banana Milk, RD Mango Fruit Drinks, RD Orange Fruit Drinks, RD Lychee Fruit Drinks and RD Carbonated Beverages. On the other hand, the products that the new brand ‘Aora’ has brought to the market are- Aora UHT Fresh Milk, Aora UHT Mango Milk, Aora UHT Chocolate Milk, Aora UHT Banana Milk, Aora UHT Strawberry Milk, Aora UHT Milk, Aora UHT Coffee Fruit Drinks, Aora Orange Fruit Drinks, Aora Lychee Fruit Drinks.

At the end of the program, Mr. Fahim Kabir, Director, Rangpur Dairy and Food Products Ltd. thanked all those present. Senior officials of the company were also present on the occasion.

Prominent Bangladeshi actress Nusrat Jannat Roohi anchored the program.

The event was managed by Crown Creations, a promising advertising and sales promotion company, which is a sister concern of Crown Entertainment, Bangladesh’s leading production company and content provider to television channels, OTT and digital platforms.


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