Some Arab countries are nauseated and tired of the Palestinian lies


Before the formation of Israel in 1948 almost one million Jews lived in Arab countries but ethnic cleansing of those Jews has reduced that number to less than ten thousand. Compare this to the number of Arabs estimated to have been in Israel in 1948 which was 160,000 and today in 2021 there are in excess of two million of whom approximately 1.5 million are Muslims. The term ‘Nakba’ has developed as a propaganda weapon against Jews and the Jewish State of Israel about an event that never actually happened. Nakba, or catastrophe does not apply to the mythical Palestinians but certainly applies to those Jews persecuted and forcibly removed from Arab countries post 1948 as the caption below clearly identifies. These Jews had all their property and possessions stolen by Arab governments just because Israel had been legally created as a nation state.

Decades of propaganda waged by Israel’s enemies and mainstream media, conveniently ignores the history of Jews ethnically cleansed from Arab countries and concentrates exclusively on those Palestinians supposedly ethnically cleansed from Israel. The truth tells a very different story and let’s remember that those Arabs who found themselves in Israel/Palestine in 1948 were immigrants from Arab countries who came into the area directly resulting from the economic benefits that Zionism had created.

The Peel Commission Report of 1937 recognized this and noted thus.

“….illegal Arab immigration was not only going on from the Sinai but also from Transjordan and Syria”.

In May 1939 in the House of Commons, Winston Churchill also alluded to mass Arab immigration into the area.

“So far from being persecuted the Arabs have crowded into Palestine and multiplied until their population has increased more than even all of world Jewry”.

Mass Arab immigration into Palestine was a concern for Arab countries. The Governor of Houran Province, South West Syria in an interview with the French Syrian paper, Le Syne in August 1934 complained that over thirty thousand of his community had left to find work in Palestine creating an agricultural labor shortage.

Robert Kennedy in an interview with the Boston Post, June 3 1948, stated.

“The Jews point with pride to the fact that over 500,000 Arabs in the twelve years between 1932 – 1944 came into Palestine to take advantage of living conditions existing in no other Arab state”.

Palestinians were not indigenous to the geography as the vast majority were immigrants looking for better paid jobs. Unfortunately, the myth that today’s Palestinians were the original inhabitants, has morphed into fact and needs to be challenged.

Another myth that has never been challenged is that of Israeli ‘ethnic cleansing and apartheid’. Again, revisionist history has become accepted as the truth that also needs to be challenged and corrected. The statistics below may assist in this effort.

Islam in Israel – Facts and Figures (various sources including Israel Ministry for Foreign Affairs)

Freedom of religion is a core value of the Israeli democracy

  •   Israel is home to 1,454,000 Muslim citizens who enjoy full civil liberty and political freedom.
  •   Hebrew and Arabic are the official languages of the State of Israel.
  •   Most Arab citizens of Israel are Muslims, mainly Sunnis. Other branches of Islam in Israel include: Shia, Alawite, Ahmadiyeh, Sufi and Shazaliyeh. Islam is the second biggest religion in Israel after Judaism.
  •   Jews account for 75.4 percent of the population, Muslims make up 16.9 percent, Christians 2.10 percent, Druze 1.70 percent and the rest of the population identifies otherwise, including a small Baha’i community.

Religious affiliation in Israel:

  •   The Muslim population of Israel has increased about ten-fold since the State was established; from some 156,000 in 1949 to over 1,454,000 today.

Muslim Population Growth

  •   There are over 400 mosques in Israel, of which some 73 are located in Jerusalem. The number of mosques in Israel has increased about five-fold since 1988, when there were 80 mosques.
  •   Approximately 300 imams and muezzins receive their salaries from the Israeli government. Israel provides the Korans used in mosques and funds Arab schools and many Islamic schools and colleges. Such schools teach Islamic studies and Arabic, as well as the Israel Ministry of Education’s general curriculum.
  •   In 2015, the Israeli government approved a 10-15 billion NIS budget (about 2.6-4 billion USD) for a five-year plan to develop the Arab sector in Israel and this has been increased in line with domestic inflation.
  •   The Muslim community regulates its own unique court system and handles marriage and divorce under Islamic law. Eight regional Islamic law courts and one national appeals court operate in Israel, under the supervision of Israel’s Ministry of Justice.
  •   Muslims are highly involved in Israeli academia, with some 26,000 Muslim students enrolled in Israeli academic institutions. In 2014, about 21 percent of the undergraduate students at the prestigious Technion – Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa were Arabs, up from 11 percent in 2001. This is roughly the same proportion of Arabs as in Israel’s overall population of 8.3 million.
  •   Some Muslims also serve in the Israel Defense Forces; approximately 1,700 Muslims served in 2015, mostly from Bedouin tribes.
  •   Most of Israel’s Muslim citizens, some 69 percent, live in the northern part of the country, i.e. the Galilee and Haifa. About 20 percent live in and around Jerusalem and 11 percent of Israel’s Muslims are Bedouins that live mostly in the south of Israel, near Be’er Sheva in the Negev.
  •   Each year the Jerusalem municipality decorates the streets of the city in celebration of the Muslim holiday of Ramadan, and hosts dozens of festivities and events for the public.
  •   The municipality also marks the holiday with a traditional ceremony in which a shot is fired from a historical cannon in East Jerusalem each day at sunrise and sunset to mark the beginning and end of the daily fast.
  •   Muslim employees can take days off work during Ramadan, and working conditions are tailored to their needs while fasting during the month. The Israel Defense Forces also adjust Muslim soldiers’ training regimes during the month of Ramadan.

Ethnic cleansing and apartheid have been undertaken in the Middle East not by Israel as the media, Israel’s enemies and the United Nations have promoted, but by Arab and non-Arab Muslim countries. Atrocities committed on those of the Jewish faith by those of the Islamic faith is nothing new as is evidenced by the list of historical events noted below. Paradoxically, not one of those atrocities were perpetrated by the indigenous Palestinians in an effort to regain their land and rid the Jewish population from their lands. Where were the indigenous Palestinians during the period between 622 and 1967?  Perhaps they were living in harmony with the Jews unlike their Islamic neighbors or perhaps, as is the truth, they never existed.

History provides no evidence of any war, battle or conflict fought by those identifying themselves as Palestinian against any foreign or domestic invader. Is that not strange or just further proof of the mythical Palestinian.  Pogroms, or organized killings and the spontaneous massacres of Jews were a regular occurrence however. The list is comprehensive but undoubtedly not absolute and is subject to update by various compilers too many to individually acknowledge.

622 – 627: ethnic cleansing of Jews from Mecca and Medina, (Jewish boys publicly inspected for pubic hair. if they had any, they were executed)

629: 1st Alexandria massacres, Egypt

622 – 634: extermination of the 14 Arabian Jewish tribes

822 – 861: Islamic empire passes law that Jews must wear yellow stars, (a lot like Nazi Germany), Caliph al-Mutawakkil

1106: Ali Ibn Yousef Ibn Tashifin of Marakesh decrees death penalty for any local Jew, including his Jewish Physician, and Military general.

1033: 1st Fez pogrom, Morocco

1148: Almohadin of Morocco gives Jews the choice of converting to Islam, or expulsion

1066: Granada massacre, Muslim occupied Spain

1165 – 1178: Jews nationwide were given the choice (under new constitution) convert to Islam or die, Yemen

1165: chief Rabbi of the Maghreb burnt alive. the Rambam flees for Egypt.

1220: 10s of thousands of Jews killed by Muslims after being blamed for Mongol invasion, Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Egypt

1270: Sultan Baybars of Egypt resolved to burn all the Jews, a ditch having been dug for that purpose; but at the last moment he repented, and instead exacted a heavy tribute, during the collection of which many perished.

1276: 2nd Fez pogrom, Morocco

1385: Khorasan massacres, Iran

1438: 1st Mellah Ghetto massacres, North Africa

1465: 3rd Fez pogrom, Morocco (11 Jews left alive)

1517: 1st Safed pogrom, Ottoman Palestine

1517: 1st Hebron pogrom, Ottoman Palestine

1517-Marsa ibn Ghazi massacre, Ottoman Libya

1577: Passover massacre, Ottoman empire

1588 – 1629: Mahalay pogroms, Iran

1630 – 1700: Yemenite Jews were considered “impure” and thus forbidden to touch a Muslim or a Muslim’s food. They were obliged to humble themselves before a Muslim, to walk to the left side, and greet him first.

They could not build houses higher than a Muslim’s or ride a camel or horse, and when riding on a mule or a donkey, they had to sit sideways. Upon entering the Muslim quarter, a Jew had to take off his foot-gear and walk barefoot. If attacked with stones or fists by Islamic youth, a Jew was not allowed to defend himself.

1660:  2nd Safed pogrom, Ottoman Palestine

1670: Mawza expulsion Yemen

1679 – 1680: Sanaa massacres, Yemen

1747: Mashhad massacres Iran

1785: Tripoli pogrom, Ottoman Libya

1790 – 92: Tetouan  pogrom. Morocco (Jews of Tetouan stripped naked, and lined up for Muslim perverts)

1800: new decree passed in Yemen, that Jews forbidden to wear new clothing, or good clothing. Jews forbidden to ride mules or donkeys, and were occasionally rounded up for long marches , naked through the Roob al Khali dessert.

1805: 1st Algiers pogrom, Ottoman Algeria

1808 2nd 1438: 1st Mellah Ghetto massacres, North Africa

1815: 2nd Algeris pogrom, Ottoman Algeria

1820: Sahalu Lobiant massacres, Ottoman Syria

1828: Baghdad pogrom, Ottoman Iraq

1830: 3rd Algiers pogrom, Ottoman Algeria

1830: Ethnic cleansing of Jews in Tabriz, Iran

1834: 2nd Hebron Pogrom, Ottoman Palestine

1834: Safed Pogrom, Ottoman Palestine

1839: Massacre of the Mashadi Jews, Iran

1840: Damascus, ritual killings (Muslims, along with French Christians kidnapped, tortured, and killed Jewish Children for entertainment), Ottoman Syria

1840: blood libels introduced to the Muslim world from Europe.

1844: 1st Cairo massacres, Ottoman Egypt

1847: Dayr al-Qamar pogrom, Ottoman Lebanon

1847: ethnic cleansing of the Jews in Jerusalem, Ottoman Palestine

1848: 1st Damascus pogrom, Syria

1850: 1st Aleppo pogrom, Ottoman Syria

1860: 2nd Damascus pogrom, Ottoman Syria

1862: 1st Beirut pogrom, Ottoman Lebanon

1866: Kuzguncuk pogrom, Ottoman Turkey

1867: Barfurush massacre, Ottoman Turkey

1868: Eyub pogrom, Ottoman Turkey

1869: Tunis massacre, Ottoman Tunisia

1869: Sfax massacre, Ottoman Tunisia

1864 – 1880: Marrakesh massacre, Morocco

1870: 2nd Alexandria massacres, Ottoman Egypt

1870: 1st Istanbul pogrom, Ottoman Turkey

1871: 1st Damanhur massacres,Ottoman Egypt

1872: Edrine massacres, Ottoman Turkey

1872: 1st Izmir pogrom, Ottoman Turkey

1873: 2nd Damanhur massacres, Ottoman Egypt

1874: 2nd Izmir pogrom, Ottoman Turkey

1874: 2nd Istanbul pogrom, Ottoman Turkey

1874: 2nd Beirut pogrom,Ottoman  Lebanon

1875: 2nd Aleppo pogrom, Ottoman Syria

1875: Djerba Island massacre, Ottoman Tunisia

1877: 3rd Damanhur massacres, Ottoman  Egypt

1877: Mansura pogrom, Ottoman Egypt

1882: Homs massacre, Ottoman Syria

1882: 3rd Alexandria massacres, Ottoman Egypt

1890: 2nd Cairo massacres, Ottoman Egypt

1890, 3rd Damascus Pogrom, Ottoman Syria

1891: 4th Damanhour massacres, Ottoman Egypt

1897: Tripolitania killings, Ottoman Libya

1903&1907: Taza & Settat, pogroms, Morocco

1890: Tunis Massacres, Ottoman Tunisia

1901 – 1902: 3rd Cairo massacres, Ottoman Egypt

1901 – 1907: 4th Alexandria massacres, Ottoman Egypt

1903: 1st Port Sa’id massacres, Ottoman Egypt

1903 – 1940: pogroms of Taza and Settat, Morocco

1907: Casablanca, pogrom, Morocco

1908: 2nd Port Said massacres, Ottoman Egypt

1910: Shiraz blood libel

1911: Shiraz pogrom

1912: 4th Fez , pogrom, Morocco

1917: Baghdadi Jewish Inquisition, Ottoman empire

1918 – 1948: law passed making it illegal to raise an orphan Jewish, Yemen

1920: Irbid massacres: British mandate Palestine

1920 – 1930: Arab riots, British mandate Palestine

1921: 1st Jaffa riots, British mandate Palestine

1922: Djerba massacres, Tunisia

1928: Ikhwan massacres Egypt, and British mandate Palestine.

1928: Jewish orphans sold into slavery, and forced to convert t Islam by Muslim Brotherhood, Yemen

1929: 3rd Hebron pogrom British mandate Palestine.

1929  3rd Safed pogrom, British mandate Palestine.

1933: 2nd Jaffa riots, British mandate Palestine.

1934: Thrace pogroms, Turkey

1934: 1st Farhud massacres, Iraq

1936: 3rd Jaffa riots, British mandate Palestine

1936: 2nd Farhud massacres, Iraq

1941: 3rd Farhud massacres, Iraq

1942: Mufti collaboration with the Nazis. plays a part in the final solution

1942: Struma disaster, Turkey

1942: Nile delta Pogroms, Egypt

1938 – 1945: Arab collaboration with the Nazis

1945: 4th Cairo massacres, Egypt

1945: Tripolitania pogrom, Libya

1947: Aden pogroms

1947: 3rd Aleppo pogrom, Syria

1948: “emptying” of the Jewish quarter of Damascus, Syria

1948: 1st Arab Israeli war (1 out of every 100 Jew was killed)

1948: Oujda & Jerada pogroms, Morocco

1948: 1st Libyan inquisition of Jews

1951: 2nd Libyan inquisition of Jews

1955: 3rd Istanbul pogrom, Turkey

1956: 1st Egyptian inquisition of Jews

1965: 5th Fez pogrom, Morocco

1967:  2nd Egyptian Inquisition of Jews

1967: Tunis riots, Tunisia

History does not lie – only liars attempt to revise history. Jews, as history testifies, and not Palestinians were subject to ethnic cleansing.

Given the divisions within the Islamic world which has created so much havoc and destruction, pragmatism driven by political, military and economic necessities are creating connections between Israel and Arab countries. Originated by President Trump via the Abraham Accords, Israel’s relationships with former Arab nation state enemies is on an unstoppable upward trajectory. The Palestinian leaders in the West Bank and Gaza however are still calling for Israel’s extermination as per their Nazi Palestinian National Council Charters of 1964 and 1968 and the Hamas Palestinian Charter of 1988. The Palestinians are becoming increasingly isolated and unpopular and their ultimate objectives as stated in their Charters are morally indecent, puppet Nazism and thanks to the establishment of Israel, will fail.

Joseph Farah, Arab writer and journalist in ‘Myths Of The Middle East’.

“There has never been a land known as Palestine governed by Palestinians.

Palestinians are Arabs, indistinguishable from Jordanians (another recent invention), Syrians, Iraqis etc. Keep in mind that the Arabs control 99.9 percent of the Middle East lands. Israel represents one – tenth of one percent of the landmass. But that’s too much for the Arabs. They want it all. And that is ultimately what the fighting in Israel is about today. No matter how many land concessions the Israelis make, it will never be enough”.

Israel is the only Jewish state in the world and is surrounded by 22 Islamic countries which are 640 times the size of Israel and 60 times Israel’s population. Some Arab countries are nauseated and tired of the Palestinian lies that have cost so much despair and kept their flock in poverty, fanned by hatred and without hope. The Palestinian lies must be challenged as must their disgraceful connection to Nazism.


  1. I have a few comments about the facts stated in this Open. It states that 160,000 Arabs were displaced during the claimed Nakba. The so called Palestinians claim the figure is around 800,000 and the UN says around 600,000. I have never heard the 160,000 figure before, where did it come from? Also it states that the Peal Commission recognised that many Arabs illegally migrated to Israel from Trans Jordan. Trans Jordan wasn’t established until after WW2. At the time of the Peal Commission, it was part of British Mandate of Palestine, so how could they be illegal if they were residents of the same territory? I agree with everything else in this article, these few points just need some clarification by the Author.

  2. The demographic expansion of millions of Arabs in Palestine can be stopped and even reversed only if Jews stop giving Arabs work, benefits, health service, education, judicial protection, representation in the Knesset.
    The winner in a war does not give his land and citizenship to the defeated enemy.
    120 years of residence of Jews and Arabs in constant conflict on a strip of land 70 km wide – proved that two peoples cannot live in one country and must disperse.
    This decision was made at the UN in 1947.
    To date, only Arabs have complied with this decision and expelled Jews from many Palestinian cities.
    It’s time for ALL 6.5 million Arabs of Palestine to obtain the citizenship of the Palestinian National Autonomy.
    Only then will begin economical, political and physical separation between Jews and Arabs. Without this, peace in Palestine is impossible.

  3. Mark has a point. The aftermaths of the Balkan Wars, WWI and WWI witnessed a continuous exchange of populations among the newly created countries. Besides that, there is the occupation of strategic zones regardless of the ethnic majority such as Hatay (Syrian zone occupied by Turkey) or the recent occupation of a strip in Northeastern Syria.
    Arabs have not cared about Hatay. Why should they care about Samaria?
    Palestinians should get rid of religion and its ruling mafia, stop voting for Islamic parties, embrace secular thought (equal rights for every citizen with equal responsibilities) and focus on the economy, the environments and the institutions.


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