In Pakistan, teenage Christian sisters forced to religious conversion


Jihadist groups are desperately pushing forward their dangerous agendas of Love Jihad and Sex Jihad, targeting non-Muslims, mainly Christians and Hindus. Almost on a regular basis, forceful religious conversions are taking place in most of the South Asian nations, particularly India and Pakistan.’

Recently we have heard the disturbing reports of two Christian sisters being abducted, raped and forcibly converted into Islam. According to Barnabas Fund, Arooj, 18 years old, and Kinza, 14, were kidnapped on June 29, 2021 from Lahore city in Pakistan, and taken to their captors’ home town of Mian Channu in the district of Khanewal.

Arooj, who was released on July 12, 2021, reported that their captors had threatened to kill her and her sister if they did not go through with the marriage and forced conversion. Kinza, who escaped in September, said that she too had been threatened.

Both girls are now in a safe custody, and the Centre for Legal Aid Assistance and Settlement have filed to have the marriages annulled.

Police have registered a case against two Muslim men, 21-year-old Abdul Rauf and 22-year-old Muhammad Shakir, who allegedly forced Arooj and Kinza to marry them. Other members of the family have also been charged.

Both men had a history of harassing the two girls when they and their family lived in Mian Channu, a situation which forced the Christian family to move to Lahore.

The abductors agreed to release Arooj after the girls’ father, Aslam Masih, asked local leaders in Mian Channu to put pressure on the family to hand them over; however, Kinza was kept in captivity and held for a further month before she had opportunity to escape.

Non-Muslim girls and young women in Pakistan are frequently kidnapped and forced to convert to Islam before being compelled to marry a Muslim, but the authorities do not always intervene.

In August another Christian, 16-year-old Muqadas Nadeem Masih, was abducted from her own home in Shorkot in Punjab and forced into marriage with a Muslim after being forced to convert to Islam.

Authorities in Islamist Pakistan avoid taking legal action against the abductors or the Muslims who force non-Muslim females towards religious conversion, as radical Muslim-dominated Pakistani society encourages such practices of religious conversion as well as Love Jihad and Sex Jihad. In Pakistan, every year, more than five hundred non-Muslim girls and women fall victim of rape, while in most cases, victims remain silent fearing social wrath.

It may be mentioned here that, Pakistani society encourages Muslim youths and men in luring non-Muslim women towards sexual relations and get them pregnant secretly. Majority of the victims in these cases are married females, who hide the incidents of rape or sexual relations with Muslim youth and men, as disclosing such incidents would result in divorce.


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