MEK marks the start of its 57th founding anniversary, reelects Zahra Merrikhi as Secretary-General


In its biennial session, held simultaneously in Ashraf-3 (Albania), Paris, Berlin, Stockholm, London, The Hague, and Zurich, on the 57th anniversary of its founding on September 5, 2021, the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) re-elected Zahra Merrikhi, as its Secretary-General for another two years.

Zohreh Akhyani, the head of the MEK’s Central Council, chaired the session, in which she provided a report on the September 3 session of the Central Council. The Council had approved Merrikhi’s re-election and the renewal of her term as the Secretary-General in its session and proposed the ratification of its decision to the MEK as a whole.

Merrikhi congratulated the start of the MEK’s 57th founding anniversary, noting that the Organization’s longevity reflects the failure of the dictatorships of the Shah and the Sheikh (the mullahs) to annihilate the Mujahedin-e Khalq and heralds the triumph of the enchained people of Iran.

In reading parts of her letter last month to the heads of the MEK’s various departments, Merrikhi underscored that there were many women among those present at the session, such as Narges Azdanlou and Badri Pour-Tabbakh, who were fully capable and qualified to become the MEK’s Secretary-General and that she had put their names forward as candidates for the position.

She added that the position of Secretary-General and assuming other responsibilities in the Organization are rooted in a half-century of sacrifice and suffering in the face-off against the Monarchic dictatorship, the religious fascism, and a multitude of reactionary and colonialist conspiracies. It is the story of a movement that has advanced while making constant choices and paying the necessary price. As the Iranian Resistance’s Leader Massoud Rajavi had said previously, it is the only example that has survived and risen to prominence while subject to such intense physical, psychological, and political onslaughts. It is the only movement whose successive generations have endured the greatest, most dangerous, ferocious, and most extended test in Iran’s history.

After several hours of discussion and deliberations about the election of the Secretary-General and the proposed candidates, those present at the MEK session voted to re-elect Merrikhi as the Secretary-General for another two-year term.

Subsequently, Merrikhi introduced Mahnaz Meimanat (62), Narges Azdanlou (40), and Rabi’ah Mofidi (39) as the new Co-Secretaries General and Sepideh Pourtaghi (40), Azar Akbarzadegan (39), Ashraf Abrishamchi (39), Shiva Mamaghani (40), Maryam Rezaei (30) and Vahideh Nabavi (34) as the new Deputy Secretaries-General.

Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance (NCRI), also attended the MEK session. In congratulating the re-election of Merrikhi as the MEK Secretary-General, she added: The clerical regime engaged in relentless suppression and massacre as well as a continuing campaign of demonization in the past four decades in an attempt to destroy this movement. But it failed, and the MEK, steadfast and committed to its ideals, more prepared and stronger than ever, has organized a nationwide Resistance. Now, all signs point to the certainty of the clerical regime’s overthrow.

Rajavi underlined: Our nation needs to put an end to tyranny under the cloak of religion and establish a democratic republic based on the separation of religion and state, where its oppressed nationalities can achieve their violated rights, including autonomy within Iran’s unity and territorial integrity. Our society needs to achieve justice and equality and to eradicate poverty and discrimination. Fortunately, these needs and necessities have found their proper answer: the NCRI and the MEK.

Dozens of MEK members and officials spoke about the qualifications and competence of the newly elected Secretary-General, co-Secretaries, Deputy Secretaries-General, and the MEK’s advances in various fields and the readiness of different departments in the struggle to overthrow the ruling theocracy.


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