Afghans get uninterrupted access into US and the West


Following Taliban’s victory in Afghanistan, millions of Afghan migrants may not head towards the United States and Europe, where at least one million Pakistani nationals will also enter those countries by pretending as Afghans. And, according to latest decision of the US, Britain and the European nations, any Afghan migrants reaching America or Europe cannot be deported.

The United Nations High Commissioner for refugees (UNHCR) estimates that every week at least 30,000 Afghans are fleeing Afghanistan. However, a report in British newspaper The Guardian, “30,000 Afghan citizens have left the country each day for the past 10 days”. Meaning, a third of a million Afghan migrants are already on their way to the US, Britain or any of the EU nations.

US President Joe Biden and his Biden-Harris administration are in favor of welcoming migrants with arms widely opened. They already have stopped Donald Trump’s wall project, which was initiated by the former president to stop flood of migrants from various countries. It is anticipated that Biden-Harris administration will welcome at least one million Afghans, who currently are fleeing the country fearing persecution by the Taliban regime.

According to immigration experts, while only a very small number of Afghans are trying to leaving the country by boarding into American aircrafts at Kabul airport, the massive majority have already started moving towards western destinations through land and sea routes via Pakistan and Iran. Some sources claim, while Iranian regime is enthusiastically encouraging Afghans in reaching the US and other western countries, in Pakistan, organized human trafficking rackets are making possible arrangements to facilitate the journey of the flood of Afghan migrants, while they also are mixing Pakistanis with the fake identity of being Afghans. It may be mentioned here that, the Shiite terror-patron Iran is the ideal gateway destination because it allows the migrants easy access to Turkey and then to Europe. Human trafficking rackets in Iran also are active in pushing as much as Afghans into the US, Britain and the EU nations.

Meanwhile, taking advantage of the situation, a large number of Taliban fighters as well as jihadists of Al Qaeda, Islamic State (ISIS) and other Sunni and Shiite terror groups would also succeed in entering the western nations.

Iran and Pakistan have done little to fortify their borders with Afghanistan. Pakistani and Iranian authorities profit from Afghanistan’s multi-billion-dollar drug trade. For Iran, allowing Afghan migrants access to the US and Europe would be considered by the policymakers in Tehran as a strategic advantage, as this would enable them in pushing massive size of Muslims into the western countries, where Iran always can mix its Shiite jihadists, alongside the Sunni jihadists.

American or European immigration authorities won’t be able to screen out Islamic terrorists from refugees. Nor will they be able to do very much except ask some very rudimentary questions.

The United States currently hosts around 100,000 Afghans. The number of SIV visas for Afghans who worked for the United States in some capacity alone was estimated to eventually top 100,000 when accounting for family members. As the Taliban advanced, new lenient regulations were rolled out that put nearly every Afghan who worked for any American organization in just about any capacity eligible as a priority for refugee status in America.

The Afghans being transported out of Kabul airport to U.S. bases will move somewhere and it won’t be the Arab countries that are hosting those bases. They will most likely end up here. Plans are already underway to house them at bases in Texas and Wisconsin.

Before too long the Afghan population in this country could double practically overnight.

And then go on doubling for as long as the refugee flow continues and our border stays open.

According to experts, as the flow of Afghan migrants is just beginning and with as many as a third of a million already underway, it is possible that Europe, America and other western nations will see even more Afghan than Syrian migrants. The United Nations already lists 2.5 million officially registered refugees, but that is only a fraction. Iran alone previously claimed that it had around 3 million Afghan refugees inside its borders, while Pakistan holds at least 1.5 million officially, and unofficially a total of as much as 3 million. As neither Muslim country has been willing to permanently resettle these Afghan refugees, it is highly anticipated that taking advantage of the current situation, Iran and Pakistan would prefer helping over 6 million Afghan refugees migrate to the US and other western countries.

Meanwhile, terror-patron Pakistan, that backs the Taliban has created two generations of refugee crises in Afghanistan, but is strongly demanding that western government take these refugees. The Islamist terror state which harbored Osama Bin Laden and has been harboring jihadist groups in the region has asked the United Nations to fund refugee camps inside Afghanistan. The UN refugee camps inside Afghanistan would only be able to operate with the approval of the Taliban and would lead to the United States funding the jihadist group. Pakistan wants to help the Taliban regime in best of its capacities, as Islamabad considers the Taliban as one of the most effective means of spreading jihadism throughout the world.

It may be mentioned here that, the refugee crisis is a trojan horse of political opportunities for the radical Islamic Pakistani, Iranian and Turkish regimes. All of these nations want to push as many as Islamist trojan horse within the western countries, as part of their agenda of Islamist conquest. So, in brief, the Muslim migrants from Syria and Rohingya migrants from Myanmar and now Afghans from Afghanistan would ultimately turn into jihadist timebombs.


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