Biden fears death of many Americans in Afghanistan


Finally, US President Joe Biden has publicly admitted his failure in handling Afghan affairs he now cannot guarantee the outcome of the emergency evacuation from Kabul, calling it one of the most difficult airlift operations ever.

Biden said in a televised address from the White House, “This is one of the largest, most difficult airlifts in history”, highlighting the dangerous elements of coordinating a mass evacuation while being surrounded by Taliban forces. Kamala Harris, the failed vice president of the United States and a funny member in Biden-Harris administration was standing right behind the president when he was admitting his failure and openly showing signs of total frustration.

In the televised speech, Joe Biden said, he cannot promise what final outcome will be and hinted, there would be death of many American citizen in Kabul.

“I cannot promise what the final outcome will be, or… that it will be without risk of loss”, Biden said.

Asked whether he could get all Americans out by that rapidly approaching date, Biden said he aimed to, but warned he would not second guess the judgment of military commanders on the ground.

“I think we can get it done by then, but we’re going to make that judgment as we go”, he said.

Meaning, Biden is hinting his inability of evacuating all American citizen from Afghanistan by August 31 deadline.

Biden said this week he had believed it was impossible to leave Afghanistan “without chaos ensuing” — a scenario that has played out in recent days with thousands of Afghans, including many who worked as translators or otherwise aided US operations, crowding outside the gates of Kabul airport.

Although Biden-Harris administration is now admitting, exit from Afghanistan was “chaotic”, it did not take the responsibility for pushing lives of hundreds of Americans and hundreds and thousands of Afghans towards extreme danger because of its inefficiency and lack of experience.

The chaotic situation in Afghanistan now clearly proves, Biden-Harris administration will be screwing-up the lives of millions of Americans during their 2024 tenure. According to analysts, while Afghans are held victims of the Taliban jihadists, Americans similarly are being held captive of a failed and rogue Biden-Harris administration.

Biden-Harris administration has already been proved totally disastrous which would cause lot more dangers, failures and catastrophes to the American people. Even those who supported Biden during 2020 elections have already started feeling extremely dismayed and totally frustrated. They even now want getting rid of Joe Biden and his administration.

With Joe Biden in the White House and his failed administration and the extremely controversial Kamala Harris, America is at risk.


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