Traumatized Afghans fall under cruel axe of radical Islam


Afghans, especially those who were born after the defeat of the Taliban are now being totally traumatized as members of the radical Islamic group are storming into houses in search of young girls and women. Several photographs and videos have emerged from Afghanistan showing the plight of Afghans as the Taliban took over the country village by village and claimed the urban areas of the country by finally seizing Kabul. One photo, in particular, has shown how desperate Afghans are to leave. The photo obtained by US defence and security news site Defense One shows more than 600 people crowding into the US air force’s C-17 Globemaster III as they left their home country after Kabul fell to the Taliban.

Hundreds of thousands of Afghans rushed to the Kabul airport on Monday to flee the war-torn country under the fear that the Taliban will once again impose their brutal and repressive regime. People trying to flee after Taliban insurgents seized Kabul crowded the runway and several videos showed hundreds of them running alongside a military carrier as it travelled along the runway. Some were seen clinging to the side of moving military planes and at least two reportedly fell to their deaths from the undercarriage soon after takeoff.

Meanwhile, Taliban leaders have resorted to applying the Shi’ite practice of Taqiya (deception) by declaring “amnesty” across Afghanistan and urged women to join its government. In the statement, Enamullah Samangani, a member of the Taliban’s cultural commission said: “The Islamic Emirate doesn’t want women to be victims. They should be in government structure according to Shariah law”.

But for obvious reason, Afghans cannot believe in what these Taliban leaders say, as days before capturing Kabul, Taliban fighters had instructed imams in the mosques throughout the country to provide list of young girls and single women, who would be forced into sexual enslavement. Within minutes of capturing Kabul, Taliban fighters were seen forcing female bank employees leaving their jobs.

In Afghanistan, Taliban fighters are considering themselves as victors. In a press conference, spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid framed the Taliban’s seizure of power as a victory over imperialism, telling Afghans: “After 20 years of struggle to clear the occupation, that is our right and we are honored to have gotten this right”.

He insisted there would be “no violence against women” in Afghanistan, but said the international community should respect the Taliban’s “core values”.

Pressed on whether women could go to work, Zabihullah Mujahid said the rights of women would be determined within the framework of Sharia Law. This statement clearly indicates, under Taliban’s Sharia rule, there will be no rights for the girls and women.

Several female journalists are said to have received threatening calls from the Taliban. One prominent female journalist in Kabul told CNN, she had received a threatening call from the Taliban, telling her they “will come soon”.

In my opinion, US President Joe Biden and his entire team of intelligence officials have miserably failed in assessing the result of the abrupt withdrawal of US and NATO troops from Afghanistan. We need to remember, after nearly two decades of war, more than 6,000 American lives have been lost, 100,000 Afghans killed and over US$2 trillion spent by the US. Now the outlook for the country’s future is extremely grim, with regional experts assuming the Taliban would not only rebrand Afghanistan into an Islamic Emirate, they would also patronize radical Islamic militancy groups such as Al Qaeda, Islamic State (ISIS) etcetera, with the notorious agenda of further pushing forward their madness of Islamist conquest. With the Taliban in power, Afghanistan will become a hub of international terrorism. It will not only cause serious danger to the Afghan citizen – men and women, it also will pose serious threat to regional and international security.


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