Approval rating of Kamala Harris continues to fall


Kamala Harris is gradually becoming unpopular within and outside the White House with her approval rating falling steadily. Just one year ago, Harris was almost sure of becoming the “first female president” of the US, while after joining Joe Biden as his “running mate”, she was almost sure, due to Joe Biden’s physical illnesses, she would perform as the de facto president of the United States and even become the president much before 2024. But now, Democratic bigwigs are extremely concerned about Kamala Harris’ abysmal approval ratings that they are working overtime to address the reason nobody seems to like her “sexism”. Harris lost her face because of messy handling of the border crisis, where her inefficiency started getting exposed.

Kamala Harris felt terribly uncomfortable during interview with NBS television’s Lester Holt in which she could not offer a lucid explanation as to why illegal migrants continue to stream across the US border.

The next disaster for her was the funny speech in Guatemala in which she asked would-be migrants not to come to the United States, despite the wide-open border and months of Democratic Party’s policy of welcoming an illegal migrant flood.

Although Harris asked the illegal migrants not to come to the United States, those would-be migrants already knew, she and her party were in favor of allowing millions of illegal migrants into the US, as the Democratic Party considers this as an advantage thinking, this would enhance their vote bank. While too many failures of Harris has started surfacing the media, majority of the policymakers in the US now realize, Kamala Harris is unprepared, unqualified and a liability for Democrats in 2022 and 2024. In fact, they even think, Harris will be one of the key reasons for a disaster during the 2022 midterm polls and of course the 2024 presidential elections.

Another point of concern to the Democrats is the health issue of Joe Biden, which has already started getting public. Biden is unable to address day-to-day affairs of a president, while his physical illnesses are becoming more and more intense. It is already rumored in the US Capitol that for the first time they have a president who actually is physically fit for the post. Things might not have been that much complicated for Biden should he at least have a capable vice president. But with Kamala Harris, with whom Joe Biden terms his administration as Biden-Harris administration, things are totally messy which is not only ruining the political future of the Democratic Party, but equally is causing serious damage to America’s interest.

According to media reports, Kamala Harris runs an abusive office where staffers are routinely victimized by the California Democrat and her chief of staff, Clinton family ally Tina Flournoy. So it is no wonder that a recent Economist poll found that 48 percent of Americans disapprove of Harris, while the figure continues to grow.

Data provided by Real Clear Politics shows that Harris has seen her favorability slip steadily since February, when she topped out at a 57 percent approval rating less than one month into her term.

Real Clear Politics ‘s average right now reveals that only 44 percent of Americans view her in a positive light. According to Axios, with Harris’ ship gradually sinking, top Democrats, including former DNC officials and presidential advisers held a dinner in July 2021 to discuss ways to fight back against negative perceptions of the vice president.

While Harris has already become a burden to the Democrats, there also are few more issues which are damaging the prospect for the party during the 2022 midterm polls. One of these issues is Hunter Biden, who already has drawn numerous controversies, including the recent one centering sale of his “artworks”, which critics are seeing as a channel for bribing the US president. But critics or criticism may not succeed in stopping Hunter Biden as he has old habit of making cash by using the name of his father.


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