Drama maker Chayanika Chowdhury detained


Detective Branch of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) has detained drama and film maker Chayanika Chowhdury for interrogation on Friday evening. Meanwhile, English newspaper The Daily Star, quoting Hafiz Akter, Additional Police Commissioner (DMP) said it is not yet decided if Chayanika Chowdhury would be arrested. He said, since the drama and film director has intimacy with controversial film actress Pori Moni, she has been brought to DB office for interrogation.

Earlier, a team of DB police in plainclothes intercepted her car at Dhaka’s Panthopoth area around 6:40 pm after she attended a talk show on a private television channel.

They asked her for more than 20 minutes to get off the car but she did not comply. Later, a female constable got in the car and sat beside Chayanika.

At that time, Chayanika said: “I don’t know anything. There is no allegation against me. They didn’t tell me anything”.

Earlier in the day, DB Joint Commissioner Harun Ur Rashid told reporters that one of Pori Moni’s female associates, without mentioning any name, and her costume designer Jimmy would be arrested soon for being involved in illegal activities.

Chayanika Chowdhury was present when Dhalywood actor Pori Moni alleged torture and attempted rape from a press conference at her home in June. She directed the latest film of Pori Moni “Bishwa Shundori”, released in December.

Members of Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) arrested Pori Moni and her friend, producer-director Nazrul Islam Raz, among others on Wednesday.

A mini bar was found at Pori Moni’s Banani residence where she regularly arranged parties, according to RAB.

They seized 33 bottles of different types of foreign liquor, more than 150 used foreign liquor bottles, yaba tablets, LSD and “ice” from Pori Moni’s home.

According to RAB, the syndicate run by Raz used to host DJ parties in several upscale areas, including Gulshan and Banani, and supply illegal drugs, using the parties as a cover.

Meanwhile, vernacular tabloid daily Manabzamin, quoting a police source said, Chayanika Chowdhury has been playing the role of introducing controversial film actress Pori Moni as well as model Faria Mahbub Piasha, Mariam Akter Mou and other females from the entertainment industry to various businessmen. She is also being accused of playing role in supplying of drugs. Manabzamin also claimed, police has found connections of Chayanika Chowdhury with the allegations brought against detained film actress Pori Moni.

Police source said, Chayanika Chowdhury has been under the radar of law enforcement agencies for long.

Piasha-Mou placed on fresh remand

Dhaka courts on Friday placed models Marium Akter Mou and Faria Mahabub Piasha on fresh remand in separate cases.

Metropolitan Magistrate Satyabrata Sikder placed Mou on a fresh four-day remand in a case filed under the narcotics control act after the Detective Branch of Dhaka Metropolitan Police produced her before the court with a petition for 10 more days in remand.

Meanwhile, Metropolitan Magistrate Rajesh Chowdhury granted a total eight days of additional remand for Piasha in connection with three cases filed with Gulshan, Vatara and Khilkhet police stations. The investigating officers of the cases had sought a total 27 days of additional remand for interrogation.

On August 1, the DMP Detective Branch arrested Mou and Piasha from different parts of Dhaka on charges of blackmailing people with objectionable photos. Later, narcotics cases were filed against the accused over drugs and liquor allegedly recovered from their residences.

Chayanika Chowdhury emerged as a drama maker through her debut drama titled ‘Shesh Belay’ on September 18, 2001. Last year she also enrolled her name as a film director through a full-length Bangla feature film named ‘Bishwa Sundari’. Through this film Chayanika established intimacy with Pori Moni, who played lead role in ‘Bishwa Sundari’. Onwards, Pori Moni used to call Chayanika her ‘mom’. Onwards they have been seen together on several occasions.


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