RAB detains controversial film actress Pori Moni


Following arrest of Faria Mahbub Piasha (Piyasha) and Moriam Akter Mou, both claiming to be models, who were running private brothels at their post apartments in Dhaka city and were also extorting millions of taka by blackmailing wealthy clients, Rapid Action Battalion (RAB), an elite force of Bangladesh Police conducted raid at the residence of controversial and scandalous film actress Pori Moni on August 4 afternoon. RAB sources told media that this raid was part of recent arrests of Helena Jahangir, faria Mahbub Piasha and Moriam Akter Mou as those arrested individuals have given names of a number of television and film actresses as well as models and several high-profile females, who either were visiting Piasha and Mou’s apartments to entertain clients or were running similar activities at their own apartments.

Meanwhile, based on confession of Faria Mahbub Piasha, Rapid Action Battalion has arrested two of her accomplices of from Dhaka. Names of these accomplices are Mishu Hassan and Jishan. Rapid Action Battalion has recovered a weapon, ammunitions, 13,500 pieces of yaba pills, counterfeit Indian currency notes, and other items during the raids.

Rapid Action Battalion arrested model Faria Mahbub Piasha’s accomplice Mishu Hassan and Jishan

After conducting raid for almost four hours, Rapid Action Battalion recovered huge quantity of liquors as well as drugs along with other illegal items, including foreign currency from the residence of film actress Pori Moni. Earlier, sensing presence of RAB, Pori Moni came on LIVE from her verified Facebook page and made frantic bids in misleading her fans as well as members of the local media stating some unknown people were trying to forcibly enter her apartment. She even tried to contact few of her friends and accomplices with the request of saving her from the “attack”. As no one responded to her ridiculous call, Pori Moni later opened the door of the apartment, allowing members of the Rapid Action Battalion enter. It is alleged that, keeping the RAB members outside the apartment, Pori Moni has destroyed large volume of drugs, documents as well as deleted several files in her laptop and mobile phones. Her domestic helps were also busy in flushing out contraceptives (including condoms).

Another source said, Pori Moni contacted a female drama maker and a leader of the youth front of the ruling party requesting them to save her from the raid. Although the drama maker has been one of the top accomplices of Pori Moni for years, this time she did not respond to Pori’s calls.

According to media reports, Rapid Action Battalion has conducted the raid at the residence of Pori Moni on the basis on specific allegations. She also is accused of extorting huge amount of money from various wealthy individuals through blackmailing.

According to media reports, Rapid Action Battalion has already got names of several drama and film actresses as well as models and high-society females in the country, who are involved in various types of criminal activities.

National Board of Revenue to investigate tax dodging cases

National Board of Revenue (NBR) as well as Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) are going to investigate allegations against several drama and film actors and actresses who are accused of dodging income tax amounting to millions of takas. Recently several newspapers reported a number of actors and actresses especially in Dhaka’s drama circle are dodging income tax on a regular basis. It may be mentioned here that, as per existing law dodging income tax is a serious offence. Anyone found of dodging income tax may face penalties as well as imprisonment, while ACC can also simultaneously initiate investigation in this regard.

Faria Mahbub Piasha’s crime network

According to online news portal Bangla Insider, arrested model Faria Mahbub Piasha and Moriam Akter Mou are giving lots of information to the interrogators. Meanwhile, Piasha has already started providing information on the brokers and pimps who were connected to her private brothel and illegal parties at her apartment. She and Mou are also giving names of dozens of females, many of who are members of Bangladesh showbiz, who were regularly visiting their apartments for selling sex to wealthy clients.


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