Joe Biden breaks heart of Kamala Harris


During 2020 presidential election, when Joe Biden was repeatedly mentioning his possible tenure as Biden-Harris administration, Kamala Harris was almost flying in the sky considering herself as the first female president of the United States. After the election, due to inability of Biden in running day-to-day activities of the president, Kamala Harris actually became the de facto president making her the strongest vice president in generations. He dedicated her full energy in learning and preparing herself to perform as the president at Biden’s demise much before 2024 (due to his old age). She thought, the Biden-Harris administration would pave her path to presidency for full two terms, from 2024 to 2032. But alas, her dreams and aspiration of becoming the first female president of the US possibly has a miscarriage with Joe Biden’s recent statement saying “My plan is to run for reelection”. Run for reelection? Kamala Harris could not even believe her own ears. “What this old haggard is saying”, she might have even mumbled. But still, in the Biden-Harris administration, Kamala has received a raft of importation and crucial assignments covering everything from illegal migration to election rigging, and the man at the top was suggesting that he might stay one term before stepping down for her. This was truly unbearable shock to Kamala. It seemed like she has been betrayed by her “better half”, the real president.

Before the election, Biden’s people were quoting him as saying, “I want to find a running mate I can turn things over to after four years”. But all on a sudden, what made Biden think Kamala is not that mate? Is he somehow unhappy on Kamala or he has changed his mind at the influence of any “outsider”? Was its Barack Hussain Obama or Hillary Clinton, as Michele Obama has lately become aspirant of becoming the president in 2024, while Hillary Clinton is thinking, she is a much competent candidate than Kamala Harris. Someone must have backstabbed the presidential aspiration of poor Kamala.

Meanwhile, poll numbers show that Kamala remains unpopular and administration officials keep leaking damaging materials about her to a media that appears curiously eager to run with them.

During the election campaign, Biden’s allies who have calculated that the more they weaken Kamala, the less likely their boss will face pressure to step down on her behalf. Kamala Harris went from embodying the woke cultural moment as the first black woman in the White House to recapitulating her humiliating primary race in which she raised $36 million and dropped out without even trying to compete in a single primary election while blaming racism.

Biden made a pledge to pick a black woman for the second spot. His advisors chose a political nemesis whom he had beaten before, not because she was strong, but because she was weak.

A black woman with strong ties to the black establishment or to the Left would have mobilized major political and cultural pressure on Biden to step aside in her favor. Even a black politician with a track record of likability and good poll numbers might have forced Biden to stand down.

So he picked Kamala who has few ties to the black establishment and is hated by the Left.

Black Democrats liked Biden a whole lot more than they liked Kamala which is why black voters ignored her busing debate stunt. Kamala tried to win over the Left by flip-flopping on socialized medicine even as lefty Twitter mocked her as an insincere phony who couldn’t be trusted.

Kamala’s opponents in the Democratic Party say, she does not have a constituency. Aside from a small base of social media fans, many of whom are probably paid bots, there is no part of the Democrat voting base that’s enthusiastic about her.

How could someone become a member of the Senate and then enter the White House without a constituency? To paraphrase Don King, “Only in California.” California politics were shaped by Willie Brown’s proteges like Kamala, Governor Gavin Newsom, and Mayor London Breed. Democrats consolidated control over much of the state while elevating officials through patronage, radical politics, and mega-donor money. This new breed of politicians had little to fear from elections that were effectively decided long before the votes were ever cast.

Critics say, Kamala Harris is representative of California Democrats who outside the hothouse of their one-party state don’t know how to actually campaign, debate, or do anything except pose for photos. Still some of Kamala’s PR agents tried to project her as the female version of Barack Obama or in their words a “new Obama”. But in reality, Kamala has no qualities to be compared with Barack Obama.

Obama built deep roots with the Chicago Democrat machine and with its activist Left. Obama worked hard in gaining confidence and support of the voters in his own Chicago. On the other hand, Kamala did not need that and even she never bothered to do things like that, because she never had to. California is every bit as corrupt as Chicago, but much less competitive. Kamala rose to political limelight in California by dating with influential men including her own Willie Brown and she got to Senate because she made the right connections with powerful donors and political bosses (read mafias) without ever learning to connect with voters or the factions whose passion drives turnout. She also knew, her road to Senate would be smooth as silk once she gives best pleasure to those important men such as Willie Brown. And in California, political candidates do not need turnout. Instead they need a ‘D’ nest to their name and some ballot harvesting.

During the 2020 presidential election primary, California donors shelled out millions expecting Kamala to perform like the new Obama without realizing that she lacked the activist base, the preparation, or the black voters.

Obama was able to win over black voters from the Clintons because he had invested time and energy into the Chicago black community through radicals like Jeremiah Wright. He dumped his white girlfriend and married Michelle because he was already preparing for a bigger political career.

Meanwhile, Kamala was shacking up in the white estates of Brentwood with her white lawyer entertainment husband and is officially a member of a San Francisco church that’s barely open.

That is why Obama stole black voters from Hillary (but not after a lot of work and resentment from the black establishment which continued to support the Clintons), but Kamala couldn’t steal black voters from Biden. It’s also why Biden picked her after proving he didn’t need her.

Kamala did not rise through the ranks because she was a pioneer shattering glass ceiling, but because she was a convenient cutout for a series of dirty men from Willie Brown to Joe Biden. They did not elevate her because she was good at anything, but because she posed no threat.

Finally, in Washington DC, Kamala is isolated from her donors and whatever supporters she has back home. And the Democrats who practice hardball politics there are working her over to keep her down. The smear campaigns will depress her poll numbers and the Biden administration will keep handing her thankless roles, like illegal migration, that can only hurt her to make sure she does not run.

Kamala, like much of this new elite, is vaguely diverse and very ambitious, the product of a black father she hardly knew and an Indian cancer researcher mother, but lacking any real community or meaningful religious connections, inculcated with leftist politics at an early age, she knows all the slogans, but like late-era Communist bosses does not really believe them.

After a long-wasted life in politics, Kamala has no religion, no family, and has become the embodiment of the Peter Principle, promoted vastly above her competence, looking at a job that she can almost touch with her manicured hands, but will never be allowed to possess. While Kamala Harris was almost sure of stepping into presidency much before 2024 at the death of Joe Biden and then run for the 2024 presidency has started feeling betrayed. Biden will run reelection, meaning, no hope for Kamala’s presidency in the near future. The only option left for her is possibly start leaking secrets of Biden administration to the media through her trusted people and pave the path to impeaching Joe Biden. That is the only option for Kamala. Will she turn this stone or leave it unturned?


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