Palestinian summer camps train children for jihad


While all the academics who sign statements of solidarity with Palestinian’s claim to have been doing this out of deep respect for human rights should note, mega-terror outfit Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad are encouraging children in participating in jihad against Israel, Jews and non-Muslims. Meanwhile A.J. Caschetta, a principal lecturer at the Rochester Institute of Technology in a recent article said: Teachers’ unions should have an especially keen interest in matters of child safety. Will any of the teachers who have pledged solidarity with “Palestine” also reprimand the child abusers of Hamas and PIJ?

Psychologists should be even more attuned to child abuse. Yet a group called Psychologists for Social Responsibility, whose mission statement boasts of “the ethical use of psychological knowledge, research, and practice,” issued a declaration of solidarity with “Palestine.” It should denounce just as unequivocally the psychological abuse of Palestinian children at the Hamas and PIJ camps.

Scholars of Palestinian descent may be the most culpable. From the safety of her tenured position at Rutgers University, Noura Erakat, assistant professor of Africana studies and criminal justice, is always willing to overlook Palestinian violence and slander Israel. Hers is the third signature on the Rutgers statement, and she knows firsthand the consequences of child abuse in the Palestinian territories, as her cousin Ahmed Erekat was killed after he rammed his car into a group of IDF soldiers at a checkpoint near Jerusalem on June 23, 2020. He spent his formative years imbibing the normalization of violence as dozens of Palestinians used vehicles to attack Israelis, while his uncle, PLO chief negotiator Saeb Erekat, rewarded their families and justified their attacks as “self-defense”.

Every one of the thousands of virtue-signaling academics who signed a petition or letter expressing solidarity with “Palestine” should watch the MEMRI videos and look at the pictures from the Hamas and PIJ summer camps. Those who have children should contemplate the disparity of sending their own children off for a week or two to sing around the campfire and play “Capture the Flag” while the children of Gaza will sing songs of martyrdom and play “Butcher the Jews”.

I call on all the institutions and individuals that wrote, circulated, or signed a petition or letter of solidarity with “Palestine” to condemn with equal fervor the children’s summer camps run by Hamas and PIJ. I challenge them to prove that their solidarity amounts to something more than hatred of Israel.

Mr. A.J. Caschetta’s observations and call are important as we know, every summer since the Oslo Accords, reports have come out of Gaza about the summer camps for children, and every year the reportage gets more elaborate. According to MEMRI report, the 2021 summer camps, which are run by Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, are terrorist training camps for children. Should those supporters of Palestinians now start realizing, their tacit supports are actually encouraging indoctrination and weaponization of child terrorists. These heavily brainwashed kid jihadists will ultimately pose gravest threat to the humanity, more precisely to Israel, Jews, Muslim world and enemies of Iran. In the nearest future, a Palestinian kid walking on the streets of, for example, the US, Britain, European nations and even Saudi Arabia, may silently be thinking of causing optimum damage, through jihadist acts and suicide attacks. Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad are transforming their children into jihadist nuclear bombs. Can the world really afford combating the challenges posed by these jihadist kids?

This year’s theme at Hamas summer camps is “Sword of Jerusalem”, while the theme of Palestinian Islamic Jihad’s summer camp is – “Sword of Jerusalem – the Promise Draws Near”. Children are being taught to kill Israelis and Jews and die.


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