Rebranding Al Qaeda cannot fool the world


Maram Susli, also known in international journalist and blogger community as “Syrian Girl” just issued a new short movie about situation in Syria. In her new investigation “Syrian Girl” breaks down the recent rebranding of Al Qaeda. The young blogger shows the situation in Syria without embellishment and she even present several official documents proving the ambiguous connections of the Syrian terrorists.

Courage and open-mindedness have always characterized the work of “Syrian Girl.” Susli constantly speaks about the war in Syria since 2011. One of her videos on YouTube was viewed over 50.000 times. Despite “conspiracy theory” arguments may appear questionable to many, but facts and facts and documents that she shows make you look at the situation from a different angle.

Susli aka “Syrian Girl” uses a variety of platforms to disseminate her ideas. Several times she was blocked but she always finds new ways to deliver news: “It became my duty as a Syrian to inform the world of the true nature of terrorism. Rebranding Al Qaeda’s Syrian branch to HTS is the step to get support from the West, get new weapons and continue to tear Syria apart.

“It is of importance that we use all means to spread these facts. The global audience must be aware of what is going on. Freedom of information is a basic right we should all fight for”.

The new film is available on the Syrian Girl YouTube channel.


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