Al Qaeda cohorts behind attempted abduction of Princess Latifa


In 2018, the main culprit behind the foiled abduction attempt of Princess Latifa was notorious terrorist outfit Al Qaeda. One of the abductors, Tiina Jauhiainen even had admitted to a foreign television channel, when Princess Latifa was rescued from the captivity of the abductors, Dubai authorities wanted to know Tiina’s connections with Al Qaeda.

How things happened?

A prominent AL Qaeda member Shahid Bolsen alias Shahid King Bolsen was assigned to implement the plan of abducting any of the members of the UAE royal family. Accordingly, Bolsen found his best confidante in Radha Stirling, a self-style human rights defender and a fake lawyer. Shahid Bolsen, born in Boulder, Colorado, USA was 43 years old, when he was named along with other Westerners, including the American citizens Anwar al-Awlaki and Samir Khan to have been involved with the terrorist group Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, and known as propagandists for various forms of Islamist violence. He was reported to have been responsible for the February 2015 bombings of KFC restaurants, banks, mobile phone shops and other corporate outposts in Cairo, Egypt. Writing from an online post in Istanbul, he allegedly called on Egyptians to start off-hour attacks and urged assaults on the military’s commercial interests instead of its security checkpoints, reported The New York Times.

Before his association with Al Qaeda, he had a seven-year stint in prison for manslaughter in the United Arab Emirates, in a bizarre case involving allegations of sex for sale and an overdose of chloroform.

Dubai authorities said, Bolsen planned to lure in German engineer Martin Herbert Steiner to kill him. Bolsen allegedly posing as his housemaid, agreed to meet Steiner on June 12, 2006. Court records showed that the victim had been told he would have a sexual encounter with an Emirati woman.

The day after the killing, police said Bolsen used Steiner’s credit cards to buy Dh20,000 worth of electronics. Bolsen later told The National that he intended to sell the items to buy his way out of the country.

Shahid Bolsen initially established contacts with Tiina Jauhiainen through Radha Stirling and discussed the plot of abducting Princess Latifa and later extort hundreds of millions of dollars from Sheikh Mohammed Rashid al Maktoum. They even had discussed of slaughtering Princess Latifa and distribute the video with the message warning UAE authorities to “stop un-Islamic activities” in Dubai. While Al Qaeda and its cohorts were making detailed planning about abducting Princess Latifa, Tiina Jauhiainen was regularly notifying Radha Stirling of the progress. Their initial plans were to abduct Princess Latifa from Oman and if that attempt failed, Tiina Jauhiainen was asked to approach for the “Plan-B”. During the planning, while Tiina Jauhiainen was continuing hiving instigation to Princess Latifa in “fleeing Dubai”, she came to know, the princess was corresponding with another individual named Hervé Jaubert, a French-US national and member of the French intelligence. According to media reports, Hervé Jaubert and Radha Stirling knew each other for years ever-since Jaubert wrote a book on Dubai.

An individual named Henri Abenis-Macahilo published a paid content on a website from the Philippines claimed, Hervé Jaubert and Tiina Jauhiainen were helping Princess Latifa get to India, where she would take flight to seek asylum in the United States. But, sources in India told Weekly Blitz that it was impossible for the Dubai princess to use Indian soil for fleeing to the US secretly as the Indian authorities would have notified Dubai immediately after she would show up in the airport. It said, India would never become a party in any such incident, where a member of a friendly nation’s royal family was fleeing.

But, Princess Latifa’s abductors were not having any real plan of letting her fly to the US and seek asylum. Their plan was to hand her over to a Al Qaeda-controlled Somalian vessel somewhere near Indian maritime border, wherefrom Princess Latifa would be either moved to Somalia or Karachi port and later moved to Afghanistan. This would be the end of her journey, wherefrom the terrorist group would use her as a pawn. Al Qaeda would also use Princess Latifa and setting dozens of their members released from a number of prisons in the world.

We are further investigating this case and will continue publishing several reports until the entire plot is exposed.


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