Immigrant runs scamming activities in Thailand


While Thailand’s laws are very strict about financial activities and about any sort of crimes, a self-proclaimed immigrant has been running fraudulent activities in the country for years, thus deceiving large number of individuals, especially foreigners.

According to information, an individual named MD Rabiul Alam alias Rabiul Islam has been luring prospective investors with the false pretention of being a real-estate tycoon. He runs several virtual companies including one named ‘Retirement Home Public Company Limited’, which claims to have its head office at Suan Phueng, and branch offices at Huahin and Sukhumvit 13, Bangkok, Thailand. Its phone numbers are +66-99-1362777, +66-652-179222 while it has a website named Alisha Real Estate Thailand. Although the website claims to be offering “investment” opportunity in six high-sounding projects, in reality, these are totally fake. Although the website states the “investment” opportunity is open until February 2, 2021, the information still remains on it.

The website of Retirement Home Public Company Limited claims to having account with Siam Commercial Bank PLC (account number 9193004462).

The so-called Alisha Real Estate claims to have been registered in 2009 under registration number -115552005944 with its office at 199 Moo 9, Sukhumvit Road 107, Soi Bearing, T. Samrong-Nua, A. Muang Samutprakan, Samutprakan 10270, Bangkok, Thailand.

On another page of the website, the fraud racket claims to have its office at 399 Moo 1, Suan Phueng District, Ratchaburi 70180, Thailand.

In reality, these are no companies at all. Instead there are just one-man-show of MD Rabiul Alam, who has been cheating various individuals with high-sounding projects for years.

On investigation it was found that Rabiul Alam was expelled from a European country several years ago for dubious activities. Later he managed Thai immigration by marrying a local female. Since then, he has been running fraudulent activities by forming nexus with some immigrants in Thailand.

Thai authorities should immediately investigate the case of MD Rabiul Alam, while everyone should remain alert about fraudulent activities of this dangerous scammer.

Attention members of Thai print and electronic media

This scammer may make further attempts of luring various individuals in the world with false promises of business investments in Thailand. To alert everyone concerned, scam alerts should be included in every anti-scamming websites in the world. Moreover, we are calling upon the investigative journalists in Thailand and the members of the Thai print and electronic media to further investigate the case of this scammer Rabiul Alam, enabling the law enforcement agencies in expediting necessary legal action against this him.

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