Businessman Nasir Uddin Mahmood finally walks out of jail


Eminent businessman, politician and philanthropist, Nasir Uddin Mahmood has been finally set free after remaining in prison for almost fifteen days. Earlier, controversial actress Pori Moni filed a case accusing Nasir Uddin Mahmood of alleged attempt of rape and murder. But later, CCTV footages have evidently proved, the actress had lied to the law enforcement agencies, possibly with some ulterior motive. It was also rumored, a female drama director had hands behind Pori Moni’s scandalous false allegations and subsequent filing of cases.

According to reports, Dhaka Metropolitan Magistrate Mohammed Jashim granted the bail order in the case lodged under Narcotic Act against BDT 5 thousand bail bond. Subsequently, Nasir Uddin Mahmood, Lipi Akhter, Sumi Akhter and Nazma Amin Snigdha were released from the prison.

Following the arrest of Nasir Uddin Mahmood, BLiTZ has been at the forefront of exposing Pori Moni’s scandalous activities as well as her ridiculous charges brought against the businessman, politician and philanthropist. But some newspapers, being influenced by Pori Moni and her cohorts continued publishing false and defamatory reports against Nasir Uddin Mahmood.

Meanwhile, on June 14, 2021, a vernacular news portal named Bd24, published a report titled ‘Who is Nasir Mahmood, the man accused of trying to rape Pori Moni at Dhaka Boat Club?’. In this report, the news portal said: Identifying himself as a real estate businessman, Nasir is also one of the presidium members of the official opposition in parliament, Jatiya Party.   

Pori Moni accused the 50-year-old in a case of forcing her to drink liquor before assaulting and trying to rape her at Dhaka Boat Club in Birulia near Uttara on Jun 8.

Nasir, however, denied the allegations during his arrest at a home in Uttara. He said Pori Moni and the people accompanying her assaulted him when he tried to stop them from taking liquor at the club’s bar.

Benazir Ahmed, president of the boat club and the inspector general of police, said the executive members of the club expelled Nasir, Tuhin Siddique Omi and Shah S Alam on Monday over the incident involving Pori Moni.

A founding member of the club, Nasir sat on its committee of executives as the entertainment and cultural affairs secretary.

The Facebook profile of Nasir says he is the chairman of Kunjo Developers and managing director of Mahmood Builders and Associates.

According to information provided on Kunjo Developers’ website, Nasir was the president of the Uttara Club for three years from 2015.

The company took his profile down after the allegations against him surfaced.

The profile said Nasir was a member of the Bangladesh Association of Construction Industry as well.

He wrote in his Facebook profile that he was involved with the Lions Club and had played in Dhaka’s first division football league. 

According to the website, Nasir was elected general secretary of SM Hall Students’ Union when he was studying soil science at the Dhaka University. could not independently verify the information provided in his profiles.

GM Quader, chairman of the Jatiya Party, admitted that Nasir is a presidium member of the party.

“He became the president of Uttara Club three times. I’m also a member of the club,” Quader said.

Nasir has been involved with the party since its inception and he was made a presidium member when he expressed his wish in the last council to actively purse politics, according to the party chairman.

But, former military dictator Hussain Muhammed Ershad’s party showed no minimal decency when a senior leader of Jatiyo Party was facing harassments. Instead, General Ershad’s younger brother and current chairman of Jatiyo Party, GM Quader told BanglaNews24: “We hadn’t heard of such (misdemeanor) about him earlier. His fate as a presidium member will be decided in consultation with the senior leaders”.

Too much for a gentleman who has been associated with the party since its inception.

Following release of Nasir Uddin Mahmood from prison, he may now take decision whether he would continue with a party that has abandoned him during difficult time.

Meanwhile, hearing the news of Nasir Uddin Mahmood’s bail, Pori Moni and most of her close aides have reportedly turned nervous as they anticipate counter-legal actions for harassing this businessman with false allegations.


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