Laurence Fox refrains from naming the foes of free speech


Laurence Fox hosted a free speech rally in Batley on June 24. The by-elections in that area are coming up, and Fox, together with George Galloway, wanted to force or shame any of the candidates from the main political parties to raise their voices in support of the schoolteacher from that area who is still in hiding together with his wife and four children after showing an image of Muhammad in class. Writes Joshua Winston

Laurence Fox is an actor who ran for the role of London mayor. He’s defending the freedom of speech and he is protesting the masks. He loves multiculturalism, and won’t address the problems with multiculturalism. People are saying he let Sadiq Khan win the mayoral race because Fox got around 10,000 votes, and if he hadn’t run for mayor then Khan might have lost, since he won by a tiny margin.

Fox hosted a free speech rally in Batley on June 24. The by-elections in that area are coming up, and Fox, together with George Galloway, wanted to force or shame any of the candidates from the main political parties to raise their voices in support of the schoolteacher from that area who is still in hiding together with his wife and four children after showing an image of Muhammad in class. The charges being levelled at the candidates is that they are cowards who are bowing down to the will of the Muslim mindset and its demands. The talks given centered around cancel culture and the need to have differing opinions without resorting to violence. No members of the main political parties chose to attend or to speak at the event. This could be for any reason, but fear of being tainted by association with someone who is too lazily, though falsely, labelled “far-right” is probably what caused their absence. Their presence, they no doubt think, would have legitimized Fox and his concerns. If they don’t participate, the problem doesn’t exist. It’s the fingers in the ears and the “la, la, la, la, I can’t hear you” syndrome that too many politicians adopt when it comes to anything Islamic.

When it came to talking about the situation with the schoolteacher, Fox couldn’t bring himself to utter the words “Islam” or “Muslims” as he addressed the small crowd of people who had gathered. He was cancelling his own language, as he instead chose to refer to “the intolerant minority” who bullied the teacher and who sent death threats and who intimidated women and children at the school gates. You can’t fix a problem if you can’t name it. Laurence labours under the delusion that we are all good at heart and we all aspire after the same things in the long run and that every human life is sacred to everyone else. “The intolerant minority” has a suggestion that there are people other than Muslims who are among those who sent the teacher into hiding. Laurence’s assumption is that the majority of Muslims think that drawings of Muhammad should be shown in schools, even though 80% of UK Muslims find the notion deeply offensive. Laurence’s fear of Islam forces him to find any other word or phrase to use than “Muslims” as the place to lay blame.

I’ve written about Batley before. There’s a problem in that town that extends beyond what’s happening to the teacher, and which proves it’s not “an intolerant minority” who are the problem. This isn’t surprising when you look at who is the head of Batley West council: a Muslim named Shabir Pandor, the man who sent out a warning, or who at least approved it, to Laurence Fox and co. advising them not to come to his town for the gathering. A little-known fact is that the imam who led the charge at the school gates happens to be Shabir’s brother, Muhammad Amin Pandor. Fox made no mention of this, even though he was allegedly there to stand up for the rights of the teacher. How could he not tell the crowd and the rolling cameras that there was an imam in their midst who was mentoring and leading the Muslim majority in that town, and that it was all being done with the approval of the council, and that things could only get worse and more extreme the longer those two brothers were allowed to be in positions of authority in Batley?

Fox also neglected to cover the fact that Batley has the highest number of arrests for Muslim child rapists in England, and here I was thinking schoolgirls’ lives mattered to him. Ninety-nine arrests in total, all within a three-and-a-half-mile radius of councilor Pandor’s house. Pandor seems to be an epicenter of corruption and vice. Also, keep in mind that thirty-two Pakistani Muslim rapists from the Kirklees area of Batley are appearing in court charged with raping girls as young as thirteen. The reader won’t be surprised at this. Everywhere these Pakistani Muslims settle, rape gangs flourish and the town’s children get groomed and exploited for the gratification of the monstrous Muslim libido. If you scroll down the list of the rapists’ names in the article, you’ll see an Ebrahim Pandor. Relative of the councillor’s? More than likely, given how inbred so many of them are.

Laurence Fox’s talk at the free speech event will achieve absolutely nothing other than to keep him in the press. He’s trying hard to be a free speech advocate, and to fly the Union Jack with pride, and to stand up for and defend “UK values”, whatever they might be these days, but he’s falling way short of the mark. In his naivete, he doesn’t realize that many Muslims are political animals and that they move in a pack of groupthink. He doesn’t see that they vote in an Islamic bloc for whatever Muslim candidate is running for any kind of office, and the more extreme the candidate’s views, the better. Batley is what Pakistani politics and Muslims produce when they settle in an area.

It’s not even that Muslims are the majority in that town, although they do comprise a substantial part of it. The 2021 census shows us that “Other than the UK, Pakistan was the top country of birth, with Panjabi the most popular language other than English or Welsh.” It’s simply that they have made such deep inroads in relation to their positions in the local council, mosque, and the pressure and fear they are able to exert over the police and the media and every other institution in the name of being a “marginalized minority.”

The Pakistani politics are embedded so deeply that the non-Muslim candidates have to pander to the Islamic mindset if they want to be elected, with at least one candidate saying she’ll be a voice on the international stage for the constituents who support Palestine. What does Palestine have to do with fixing potholes in the roads, funding for parks and libraries, or getting more refuse collected off the streets?

Already you get a feel for Batley. Politicians are whores who will promise anything to get a vote, and in Batley they know they need to appeal to Muslims more than anyone else in order to be in with a chance of being elected, even if it means supporting regimes who are guilty of human rights’ violations

In researching this article, I did an Internet search for “Batley news,” and I found that the overwhelming majority of stories and images about that town are about Pakistani Muslims. There’s rape, drug arrests and drug debts, torture, exploitation of the elderly, attempts to join ISIS, backhanders, corruption, rape and grooming gangs, death threats to non-Muslims, voter fraud, intimidation and much, much more. It’s a town with major problems that need fixed. But with Pakistani politics and sharia being what they are, the problems will only continue so long as we keep thinking of Muslims as being poor little helpless peaceful individuals that get a bad name because of “an intolerant minority”. It’s time to recognize the fact that Islam has got no place in Western civilization. Batley is a town that it might be too late to save, and sadly too many other UK towns and cities are going the same way. Batley would seem to be a blueprint for our future.


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