Palestinian ISIS Hamas, modern day’s barbaric Nazi force


Despite ceasefire following 11-day’s notorious rocket attacks on Israel, Palestinian ISIS Hamas seems to be determined in never ending its barbaric attacks on targets inside Israel. According to analysts, mega-terror outfit Hamas apparently believed its own propaganda, and remains under the illusion that it was the “victor” in the recent war with the Jewish State in Gaza. It has already forgotten how, in the last week of the war, it — Hamas — was desperate for a ceasefire, and it was the IDF that wanted to keep going, and only reluctantly agreed to a ceasefire after pressure from President Biden. The US president had publicly declared that he wanted the ceasefire to begin on May 19; the Israelis managed to ignore that demand and kept delivering punishing blows against Hamas for two more days, before Prime Minister Netanyahu and his security cabinet decided it would be politically prudent to call a halt on May 21.

Another reason behind recharged energy of Hamas in continuing its terrorist activities is – this was for the first time it had successfully branded its notorious acts being legitimate and even had succeeded in fooling majority of the nations in general as well as those Palestine or jihad sympathizer Muslim nations in granting considering Hamas actions as being actions of the Palestinians. In the Muslim world and even several non-Muslim nations, including India and Britain, politicians were seen copying Iranian statements by branding Hamas as “oppressed” while terming Israel and Jews as “oppressors”. Some ministers of the Muslim nations even went further by saying, they don’t believe in the existence of Israel. Meaning, they want Israel to be wiped-off the global map and Jews to be driven out of Middle Eastern nations. Such statements were dangerous though, there has not been any visible reaction from the Jewish world.

Meanwhile, Hamas has chosen in mid-June to break the ceasefire in an alternative way by launching dozens of incendiary balloons set Israeli farms and forests alight.

According to Algemeiner report, Israeli aircraft struck Hamas sites in Gaza after incendiary balloons were launched from the Palestinian enclave in the first such terrorist attacks since a fragile ceasefire ended 11 days of deadly fighting in May. This fresh violence poses an early test for the government of new Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, whose patchwork coalition came to power last week on a pledge to focus on socioeconomic issues and avoid sensitive policy choices towards the Palestinians.

Unfortunately, it’s not up to Israel if it can put relations with the Palestinians on the back burner while the new government deals with “socioeconomic issues”. When Hamas violates the ceasefire of May 21, and tries to set thousands of dunams of Israel land on fire, Israel has no choice: it must respond to make sure that Hamas discontinues this renewal of aggression. And that’s exactly what Israel did: a carefully measured response, consisting only of a handful of airstrikes on Hamas compounds. Not a pummeling of Hamas, but a stern warning to it. Next time, the response will be very different.

According to Israeli military, its aircraft attacked Hamas armed compounds in Gaza and the southern town of Khan Younis and was “ready for all scenarios, including renewed fighting in the face of continued terrorist acts emanating from Gaza”.

Israeli military was compelled to launch strikes in response to Hamas’s balloon laden incendiary attacks, which caused 20 blazes in open fields in communities near the Gaza border.

Meanwhile, Hamas spokesman, confirming the Israeli attacks said Palestinians would continue to pursue their “brave resistance and defend their rights and sacred sites” in Jerusalem.

Questioning Hamas’s statement, writer Hugh Fitzgerald said, “What “rights and sacred sites” in Jerusalem does Hamas need to defend? The sacred sites of all three monotheisms are scrupulously protected by the Israelis (as they never were when Jordan held East Jerusalem and the Old City from 1948 to 1967); there is complete freedom of worship. Israeli police on the Temple Mount are not there to harass Palestinian worshippers, but instead, to ensure that peace is maintained. That means they are there, in case of murderous rioting by Palestinians hurling rocks at Jewish worshippers at the Western Wall some 70 feet below, or at the police themselves, to suppress the rioters. And they are also there – which is never mentioned by Arab propagandists or by the Western media — to prevent Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism, from saying prayers or even silently mouthing them, lest that offend Muslims on the site. That is how Israel bends over backwards, denying Jews their rights to say prayers at their holiest site, so as to accommodate Muslim sensibilities.

“Hamas no doubt felt it had to do something to signal its opposition to the Flag March, even though some changes had been made to the march’s route to lessen tensions, including making the marchers avoid walking straight through the Muslim Quarter. Instead, they had to hug the border of the Quarter, by walking through the Muslim Market. Hamas figured the dozens of incendiary balloons it let loose were enough to satisfy the Palestinians; desire that some damage be inflicted on the Zionists for holding the march at all. So “Hamas is standing tall against the Zionists” by letting incendiary bombs loose over Israel, in order to set Israeli farmland on fire”.

In my opinion, Joe Biden has saved Hamas by calling for a ceasefire on May 19, a call that Israel ignored so as to deliver two more days of devastating blows to Hamas. Since then Hamas has declared its “great victory” over the Zionists; the mountains of rubble in Gaza City and Khan Younis, the killings of 25 senior Hamas commanders, the destruction wrought on Hamas’ billion-dollar tunnel network, tell a different story.

I do believe, Israel’s patience with mega-terror outfit Hamas is at an end. If even a handful of rockets launched from Gaza land in Israel, or if there are more incendiary bombs let loose over Israel to set more farmland aflame, Israel should respond to those terrorist acts with great ferocity. Meanwhile, Jewish community in Israel and the world should actively consider ceasing business relations with those Hamas darling nations in the world and economically punish them for not echoing the notion of Iranian regime by stating, they do not recognize the existence of the State of Israel.


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