Supporting Palestine statehood goes against Islam and Koran


In numerous Suras within the Koran, the geographical area claimed by those identifying themselves as Palestinians is bestowed, bequeathed and promised, not to Palestinians but very clearly to the Jewish people.

The paradox of all paradoxes? Perhaps. Nevertheless, the subject title is not only true as we shall verify by reference to sources but is considered by many and a growing group of religious scholars and researchers to be the fundamental cause of the turmoil currently engulfing Islam and her followers.

In numerous Suras within the Koran, the geographical area claimed by those identifying themselves as Palestinians is bestowed, bequeathed and promised, not to Palestinians but very clearly to the Jewish people. Up until  the mid-thirteenth century , the collective terminology used for the Jewish people was the either Israelites,  the Chosen People or  Children of Israel ( sometimes Jacob ) and the area now called Israel  was known by various descriptions such as the Promised Land , the Holy Land,  Israel or the Land of Milk and Honey. Most of us with any schoolchild education of Religious Studies would confirm as such.

When debating the current Israel – Palestine dispute, historical terminology is extremely important as facts have morphed into fiction and herein lies a little-known fact. The collective term ‘Jews’ was not the collective term associated with the totality of the Jewish people but was the description applied to those Jews who came from the area known as Judea (which included Jerusalem) and were the renegades or militants of the Jewish faith. during the rebellion against Rome in the second century. It was the Romans who originated the common use of the term ‘ Jews ‘ specifically with negative connotations to segregate and identify the Jewish militants from the majority.

Jesus was known as the King of the Jews, not the King of the Children of Israel or King of the Chosen People. Why? Simply because Jesus lead those Jews who protested against the status quo and coming from Judea the negative description of Jews was applied. This accounts and explains for the many insults and offences within the Koran when using the term Jews. Children of Israel, Israelites or Chosen People are the usual Koranic descriptions for those of the Jewish faith who were the silent majority at the time and Jews was applied only when the Koran wished to identify the militants mimicking Roman influence. The negative term Jew also morphed into European culture as in Shakespeare’s Shylock ( The Merchant of Venice ) or in Dicken’s Fagin ( Oliver Twist ) and is still used as an insult in modern parlance.

It is also astounding and relevant to note that there are no Suras within the Koran identifying the group we call Palestinians let alone them having any claim on any part of the geographical area. Furthermore, and perhaps perversely Jerusalem is never, not once, ever mentioned in the Koran. Thus any claim or link the Palestinians have to any part of the landscape has no Islamic religious support. Jerusalem’s importance to Islam, Muslims and Palestinians is a very recent construct based on politics, military opportunity and a good old-fashioned land grab. From a purely religious perspective Jerusalem historically had little if any significance to Islam and to deny this fact is to mock the Koran, Allah and the prophet Mohammed.

Let’s just pause for a moment and repeat this quite incredible fact given that Palestinians and their supporters attach such importance to the geography including Jerusalem.  As I stated previously Palestinians are a recent construct as it is only during the last eight decades that Palestinians have gone to war numerous times to achieve their supposed religious claims over Jerusalem. Research verifies that during the period 12000 BC to 1947 AD no Palestinians had ever fought to claim the land from any domestic nor foreign occupier. I cannot find through my disciplined research the name or place of any war, battle or conflict fought by any indigenous Palestinians nor the name of the indigenous Palestinian leader during the period I allude to. I am willing to be corrected.


Nevertheless, those we know today as Palestinians have managed to attract global support to their cause claiming they are the rightful inheritors of the land.  How can this be given that neither Jerusalem nor Palestinians nor any Islamic claim to Jerusalem or the geography is ever noted within the Koran. According to the Koran only the Jewish people are the rightful inheritors of the Land of Israel and yet today’s Muslim Palestinians and the Islamists globally who support them are in total defiance of the book they swear their allegiance and lives too.  Ignorance and hypocrisy? Defiance and mocking their religion? Deliberate or misguided interpretation? Jew hatred? Whatever the logic, support for Palestinian claims over any part of the region known as Israel is in total defiance of the Koran, Allah and Mohammed and indeed makes a mockery of so called Palestinian Islamic belief. They are religious charlatans.

Within numerous Suras, Allah asserts repeatedly, unambiguously and literally that the Promised Land belongs only to the children and descendants of Abraham through parental bloodlines of Isaac and Jacob (later called Israel), known as the Children of Israel, Israelites or the Chosen People. All this is evidenced within the Koran and Allah conveys this in his own words. Support for any people other than the Jewish people for the rights to the described geographical area is to disobey, disrespect and mock the Koran , Allah and the prophet Mohammed.

Below are just a few of the many Suras which beyond any shadow of doubt verify that the Jewish people alone according to the Koran, Allah and Mohammed are the only people promised, bestowed and bequeathed the geographical area claimed currently by those identifying as Palestinians. Support for the Palestinian political cause is to challenge and defy the most sacred foundations of Islamic tenets. Such support is in total defiance of the Koran to the point of being diametrically in opposition to Allah and surely is absolutely Islamophobic in the truest sense.

Al Baqara  2:40 , 2:47 , 2:63, 2:65, 2:85, 2:87, 2:121 and 2:122

Al Imran    3:187

Al Maida    5:12, 5:20, 5:21 and 5:70

Al Aaraf    7:137 , 7:138 and 7:159

Yunus        10:93

Ibrahim    14:6 and 14:7

Al Israa      17:2 and 17:104

Ta Ha        20:80

Al Qasas    28:3

Al Sajdah  32:22

Al Mu’min  40:53

Al Dukhan  44;32

Al Jathiyah  45:16 and 45:17

Al Hadid    57:26

Now given the numerical sequences it is an absolute that the Koran throughout is ensuring the message not only has continuity but is repetitiously commanding to followers of Islam. A one off Sura could be identified as an error or having a meaning that could be deciphered ambiguously or in a different way but the number of Suras with the same message throughout the Koran clearly indicates Allah’s intent. Such intent of bequeathing the whole of the area to the Jewish people is further exacerbated by the intensity and passion of his words. For example, in Al Baqara 2:40

” O Children of Israel call to mind the special favour I Allah bestowed upon you and fulfil your covenant with Me as I fulfil My covenant with you ”

or in Al Baqara 2:47

” O Children of Israel call to mind the special favour which I , Allah bestowed upon You and that I preferred You above the universe .”

Al Baqara  Sura 2:122

” O Children of Israel call to mind the special favour which I, Allah bestowed upon you and that I , Allah preferred you to all other nations. ”

AL Maida 5:12

”….Allah has raised up prophets among you , made you kings and given you the Torah and the Land of Israel which he has given to no other Nation .”

In Al Israa 17:104 similar intensity and obvious meaning applies.

” And We Allah, said thereafter to the Children of Israel Dwell securely in your Land of Promise.”

In all of these Suras the message of the Koran, Allah and Mohammed is clear, plain and simple and beyond any other possible meaning or explanation. Furthermore, given that as stated above, neither Jerusalem nor the Palestinians are ever mentioned in the Koran let alone bequeathed any square inch of the land mass they claim, any such modern claims to the geography are religious fiction. What could be more anti Islam than to mock the Koran, Allah and the holy prophet Mohammed? Clearly support for the Palestinians and their false claims based on religion is the ultimate in anti-Islamic sentiment. There is not one Hadith that overturns nor negates the Suras we have identified. Certain Korans published after 1985, have been politically and religiously revised to include the Palestinians but these are simply further exacerbating the current mockery aimed at Allah and Mohammed.

No rational , religious follower of Islam can be in any doubt that the religion of Islam as exposed in the Koran is dedicated to ensuring for time immemorial that the current geography claimed by Palestinians and supported by millions of Muslims globally is in fact the ultimate defiance of the very principles they claim to adhere to.

Is it any wonder that only a minority of those adherents understand that the turmoil currently enveloping Islam globally is as a direct result of mocking their religion? The Koran predicts and establishes beyond question that the Jewish people will inherit for time immemorial the land we call Israel. Surely defiance of these obvious tenets by Muslims has resulted in Yemen, Libya, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Iraq, Lebanon and other Islamic countries, where famine, civil war, inter Islamist atrocities  and numerous other conflicts  between Shia and Sunni continue to devastate, orphan , ethnically cleanse , kill and maim Muslims.

Until the political leaders of Islam, such as Erdogan of Turkey, the Shiite Mullahs in Iran, the Arab League and the Palestinian leadership follow the teachings of their faith by allowing the Jewish people to live peacefully in the Land of Israel, such turmoil will continue.

Moreover, how absurdly hypocritical that those calling others Islamophobic are in reality the true Islamophobes.

One may also enquire as to the content of both Palestinian Charters, the 1968 Palestinian National Council Charter and the 1988 Hamas Palestinian Charter. Article 15 of the former and article 17of the latter both demand the extermination of  the Jewish people and given Allah’s command that the Jewish people are His Chosen People among all others then surely this is further proof of the Palestinian disdain , disrespect and mockery for the Koran, Allah and the prophet Mohammed.

With special acknowledgement to J. Katz and Q al Rassooli

Blitz is neither an Israeli State nor Jewish owned or sponsored publication. It is an independent journal which has been publishing the truth under extreme adversities since 2003. Editor of this newspaper, Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury served seven-years rigorous imprisonment for the ‘crimes’ of confronting anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial; for confronting radical Islam and militancy; for promoting interfaith harmony; and for defending the State of Israel


  1. Thank you for an absolutely BRILLIANT piece. I have heard of this over the years many times but this is the first time I have seen it so concisely and clearly explained.

    Every word a winner ????????????????

  2. Very interesting and illuminating, but some major errors. The term “Jew” most emphatically did NOT begin with the Romans. It is an anglicised form of “Yehudi”, meaning “Judean”, connoting of the Tribe of Judah. In the later Books of the Bible, the appellation “Yehudi” was used more loosely, denoting all Israelites from any of the Tribes (vide 2 Kings 25:28, Jeremiah 32:12, 38:19, Zechariah 8:23, Esther 2:5, 3:6, Nehemiah 3:34, 6:6, et al.). For the same reason, the Bible refers to the Hebrew language as “Yehudit”, meaning the language of the Judeans (vide 2 Kings 18:26, Isaiah 36:11, Nehemiah 13:24, 2 Chronicles 32:18). So the appellation “Jew” for the entire Children of Israel begins with the Hebrew Bible, and continues ever since, both in Jewish and in non-Jewish literature (Mishnah, Talmud, Midrash, New Testament, Josephus, Pliny, Chaucer, Shakespeare, etc.).

  3. Excellent article from Peter Baum his grasp of the facts are amazing and his knowledge of the Koran is admirable.

    Thank you to your publication for publishing this article

  4. Most of the Quran Surahs are not about land, sadly. I was hoping that I could check the suras and see that land is mentioned. You need to be 100% honest to be believed, one Surah that has nothing to do with land debunks this entire article, unfortunately.


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