Bangladeshi film actress Pori Moni attempts to malign IG Police


Bangladeshi film actress Pori Moni made nefarious attempt of maligning the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Dr. Benazir Ahmed by publishing a statement, in which she made claims of being attempted of being raped and murdered by an individual named Nasiruddin Mahmud. She published an open letter to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on her verified Facebook Page, which has over nine million followers.

The actress claims to have asked law enforcement agencies for help. However, according to the post, no one has been able to provide assistance.

“I have asked for help from so many people. They always listen and comment that they’ll ‘look into it’. But no one has helped me yet,” wrote Pori Moni.

“I haven’t found justice in the last three or four days. I feel helpless right now.”

The actress addressed Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina as “mother”, writing, “I was about 2 and a half years old when my mother died. Today, I need a mother. Please save me,” she wrote.

Hours after publishing the post on Facebook, Pori Moni hurriedly went for a press conference and alleged Nasiruddin Mahmud claimed to be a friend and brother of Dr. Benazir Ahmed. During this fishy press conference, drama director Chayanika Chowdhury was seen standing next to Pori Moni and whispering. It is assumed, Ms. Chowdhury might have advised Pori Moni to mention the name of the Inspector General of Police as “friend and brother” of Nasiruddin Mahmud, who allegedly tried to rape and murder her.

Pori Moni also told reporters that Nasiruddin Mahmud invited her in a local club under the pretense of discussing a film project, although Mr. Mahmud has no connection with Bangladesh film industry. As she went to meet Nasiruddin Mahmud, he reportedly had asked Porimoni to drink alcohol and as she declined, Mahmud started physically assaulting her.

It may be mentioned here that, several weeks ago, Pori Moni had published several posts on Facebook with extremely derogatory remarks about journalists. She neither withdrew such posts nor sought apology for making such unacceptable remarks about the members of the Bangladeshi media.

Drama director Chayanika Chowdhury’s presence and her whispering to Pori Moni before she had uttered the name of the Inspector General of Police has already generated serious doubts about the real motive behind Pori Moni’s hurriedly called press conference.

It may be mentioned here that, under existing Digital Security Act and cyber law in Bangladesh, attempt of maligning any individual through electronic media is punishable offense.

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