Hefazat-e-Islam aligns with Hamas, Iran, Turkey and Pakistan


Finally, pro-Caliphate Hefazat-e-Islam has openly pronounced its ideological connections with Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, Iran, Turkey and Pakistan, clearly signaling its ambition of emerging as another jihadist player in the region and beyond.

Recently a sermon of Hefazat leader Luthfur Rahman on a YouTube channel named WAZ HD TV came to my attention. In this shocking video, Luthfur Rahman has not only made dangerous bid of giving anti-Semitic and jihadist instigation to the people, he also has said, Palestinian envoy in Bangladesh, Yousef Saleh Ramadan has asked Hefazat-e-Islam to provide donations during the recent Gaza war, while Hefazat has signaled of establishing connections with mega-terror outfit Hamas.

Luthfur Rahman in his sermon praised Adolph Hitler for killing six million Jews during the Holocaust. He even termed the Jews as “bastards”.

He praised Hamas for terrorizing Israel while he also praised Iran, Turkey and Muslim Brotherhood for extending support to Hamas. Luthfur said, “Iran’s presence and gaining further strength is important for Islam, as only Iran can topple-down the monarchs in the Middle Eastern nations with the help of Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, Houthis, and Hezbollah”.

This Hefazat leader also praised Turkish dictator Recep Tayyip Erdogan for his support towards jihadist groups.

According to our own research, hundreds of anti-Semitic and pro-jihadist contents of YouTube were uploaded during the recent Gaza conflict. These propaganda contents are similar to those of Islamic State, Al Qaeda and other radical Islamic jihadist outfits.

But interesting fact is an anti-Bangladesh individual named Pinaki Bhattacharya, a paid agent of Pakistani spy agency ISI, who currently is living in France on political asylum has been also publishing anti-Israel and anti-Semitic contents on YouTube. Being a Hindu, sitting in France, Pinaki Bhattacharya has been working under directives of Pakistani ISI in spreading radical Islam and religious hatred in the French society. He also reportedly has established connections with Iran during the recent months.

Pinaki Bhattacharya had to flee Bangladesh when his dubious and criminal activities came under the radar of country’s security agencies. While French President Emmanuel Macron has recently declared of outlawing anti-Semitism and jihadist activities, his government should immediately investigate dangerous activities of Pinaki Bhattacharya and send him back to Bangladesh.

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