Modi magic continues to vanish in India


In fact, the magic of personality of Modi has been gradually vanishing after coming into power second time because of his boisterous deeds being carried out by him. Writes Rohit Sharma Vishwakarma 

The result of 5 assembly elections in the country clearly indicate steep fall of graph of popularity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi as not even a single state of Modi could be able to get installed his party government on its own. In these assembly elections the image of Modi has been badly damaged too which is beyond to be repaired. The reason is that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi took the rein of election campaigning in his hand and aggressively held election rallies in above all 5 states. The 5 states where assembly elections were held are West Bengal, Assam, Kerala, Puducherry and Tamil Nadu. As far as the 3 Southern Indian states Puducherry, Tamil Nadu and Kerala are concerned Modi could not succeed in showing magic of his personality in these states. On the other hand, in Assam and West Bengal too, he totally failed in winnings the heart of the people of these two states as in Assam Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) could not win in full majority for making his government in the state and in West Bengal. He has to see humiliating defeat by the hand of ruling Trinamool Congress Party (TMC).

In fact, the magic of personality of Modi has been gradually vanishing after coming into power second time because of his boisterous deeds being carried out by him. Besides many anti-people act got passed by Modi government and his arrogance attitude adopted by him on many important issues has stolen the shine of his personality resulting in his taller political personality has turned into pygmy one. The elections results of West Bengal assembly polls have been indicating towards his dark political future, he has been inching onwards speedily. His boisterous deeds for which he has being vehemently criticized are his decision of getting constructed of new Parliament Building along with new PM house costing about Rs 13 thousand crore. The Purchase of two aircrafts costing 8,477 crore each for the purpose of his travel in and outside the country. The boisterous deeds of Modi have played a big role in making him unpopular among people of the country. The anti-people actions such as 3 agricultural laws have created his image as a well-wisher of a few business houses of the country, because Farmers of the country have been strongly opposing these 3 agricultural laws calling them disasters for themselves. On the other hand, Modi government has been strongly advocating for these 3 agricultural laws presenting them as very-very beneficial for the farmers of the country. As far as the farmers of the country are concerned, they have been demanding for complete roll back of the 3 agricultural laws. But Modi government have not been budging in before the demands of the farmers. Many rounds of talks between farmers organizations and government delegates headed by agricultural ministers have been taken place, But no results acceptable to farmers came out. Modi government is ready only for amending the 3 agricultural laws. While farmers want that these laws must be declared null and void. The attitude of Modi government about not repelling the 3 agricultural laws as unmasked the face of Modi as a protector of interest and well-wisher of a few business houses of the country. As far as farmers agitation is concerned, it has been decided by farmer leaders not to end it till the acceptance of the demand of repelling the 3 agricultural laws. There agitation is continued on Delhi border. Now after the shameful election defeat of BJP in West Bengal it embolden the courage of the agitating farmers making there belief stronger that they will win their fight against the 3 agricultural laws and now they are also thinking it that their demand of repelling the 3 agricultural laws will not be ignored longer. The confrontation on this issue between the agitating farmers and Modi government has reached at climax. The time will show the result of this confrontation. If Modi government do not repel the 3 agricultural laws, the farmers agitation will be turned into a nationwide agitation certainly, endangering the existence of Modi government which would be fall before completing its 5 years term.

The magic of personality of Modi has been disappearing in the country is also the indication of his dismal performance in assembly elections of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Puducherry. More than 1 year ago before holding assembly elections in Kerala. Modi tried his best to communalize the atmosphere of Kerala, so that he could reap the crops of communal hatred in the coming assembly elections. He has been raising the issue of atrocity of Hindus of the state continuously by the hands of Muslim organizations there. This propaganda campaign carried by Modi and the BJP with the help of media in the whole country that the Hindus of Kerala were not safe. Their lives turn into hell, if atrocities on them will be continued. But the elections result of Kerala clears the misunderstanding created by the propaganda of Modi & BJP. The Hindus of Kerala kicked Modi and BJP out in the assembly elections and communicated the countrymen by their behavior of supporting fully the ruling left front alliance in the state that lives of Hindus of Kerala were not in danger. They are as safe as other citizens of the state.

In Tamil Nadu Modi jumped into the election arena of the state making alliance with the ruling party AIDMK believing it that his magic of his personality will help in returning the AIDMK again in power. But here also the magic of his personality did not work resulting in the AIDMK and the BJP had to face crushing election defeat in the state. It would have build feeling of dejection in Modi. The son of very-very popular DMK leader Lt. Karunanidhi of the state is able to dislodge the 10 years long ruling AIDMK government in the state with big majority. While DMK got 159 assembly seats out of total 234 seats. On the other hand AIDMK succeeded in getting only 75 seats.

In Puducherry assembly elections result are also uncomfortable for Modi and BJP as in this Union Territory assembly elections. AINRC party (formed by rebel congress leader N. Rangaswamy in 2011), got emerged as a single largest party by getting 10 seats out of total 30 seats. The BJP got only 6 seats and became second partner of AINRC for forming the government there.

In Assam too Modi had used all resources of the government for winning the assembly election in the state as he did in West Bengal. He and Amit Shah both held a number of election rallies in the state and tried their best to communalized the atmosphere there. In spite of it Modi failed in getting won simple majority for forming the BJP government in the state on its own. This is also a very humiliation position for the Modi and BJP both. As the BJP got only 60 seats out of total 126 assembly seats in the state for forming government here. Any party must got 64 seats which is mark of simple majority in the state. For forming his party government in the state again, Modi has to compel for taking help from ‘Assam Gan Parishad’ which has won 9 assembly seats in the election. Here also Modi totally failed in fascinating people of Assam for getting their full support for his party. While Modi was cent percent sure about spelling the people of Assam.

After the results of assembly elections in 5 states recently held have changed the scenario of the country because majority of people of the country had begun to think that Modi is visionless and failure Prime Minister unable to tackle the problems of the country. The Corona Pandemic in the country has exposed inability of Modi in effectively tackling it. Therefore, he has been alleged from all corners that he totally responsible for the spread of second wave of Corona in the country causing death of large number of Corona patients. Some people are calling him pillar of Corona patients because of his inability in managing sufficient number of oxygen cylinders and other medical equipment and medicines for Corona patients. All the above negative things of Modi indicate that he is a worthless Prime Minister who is a Tea Seller not having any vision except to sell tea. Since the country has been facing the curse of the Corona Pandemic, so the countrymen focusing their full attention on efforts for saving themselves from the killer Corona Pandemic. It is the reason that the anger of people against Modi has not been physically appearing. But on social media strong campaign against Modi has been carrying out. Its indicate towards the hatred against Modi found in the heart of people. The campaign of demanding of resignation from Modi carried out by near about 16 crores social media users also clearly tells the fact of simmering anger against Modi which can be broken out on the suitable time. It seems that the time of anger of people against Modi simmering up is not very far away. The agitation of farmers, crushing defeat of BJP in assembly elections, inability of Modi in effective battling the Corona Pandemic and his boisterous deeds of Narendra Modi will combinedly hasten the process of breaking out the simmering anger of the people against him.

Rohit Sharma Vishwakarma is the editor of Vishwadharma Times

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