Bollywood actress Veena Malik calls for killing all the Jews


Veena Malik, Pakistani scandalous actress in Bollywood seems to be feeling delighted at the recent rocket attacks by mega-terror outfit Hamas on Israel.

Veena has starred in over a dozen Pakistani and Bollywood films and shows, tweeted a series of incendiary remarks about the ongoing Israel-Gaza conflict, including a quote she attributed to Adolf Hitler about killing Jews.

“I would have killed all the Jews of the world … but I kept some to show the world why I killed them,” Malik tweeted.

She also tweeted “#IronDome is doomed” with a laughing emoji, referencing Israel’s missile defense system, which Palestinian terrorists in Gaza have been trying to overwhelm with massive rocket barrages.

By Wednesday afternoon, all of the tweets were gone from her account. The only remaining one about the conflict was a retweet of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan urging the “international community” to “take immediate action to protect the Palestinian people and their rights”.

Veena Malik was delighted seeing Israel hit by rain of Hamas rockets. She was also delighted seeing several Indian nationals in Israel dead. Moreover, the poison of anti-Semitism in her soul had prompted her in seeing a Pakistani hero in Hitler. Majority of the Pakistanis – in fact all of them are fans of Hitler, because he killed Jews. Pakistanis consider Jews and Christians – and Hindus as “enemies of Allah”.

In personal life, Veena Malik is not religious at all. But she is devotedly a Jew hater – an Israel hater.

Back in 2011, Veena was disowned by her father Malik Mohammad Aslam

for posing nude with a co-artist. According to media reports, Veena’s father disowned her and demanded that she be punished, after nude photos of her appeared on the cover of a men’s magazine.

Her father said, “I have severed all ties with her and I don’t want her to have any share in whatever meagre assets I have until she is cleared of the controversy and pledges not to visit India again”.

He went on to suggest that he hoped his daughter would be punished if found guilty of stripping off for the racy images “so that no other woman would think of doing such thing”.

“I can ignore if she disobeys me but I cannot tolerate anything against my country and my faith”.

But Veena Malik did not stop visiting India and Bollywood did not have any problem in casting her in films. No one knows if Bollywood or India will in future allow this pro-Hamas and Jew-hater actress in working in Indian movies.

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